Jennifer Aniston SmartWater Ad Is Simple Yet Powerful

June 16, 2014 | By TheSpreadit More

Jennifer Aniston SmartWater

Jennifer Aniston SmartWater ad has people wondering: can this woman do any wrong when it comes to style and fashion?

We’re the Millers actress Jennifer Aniston is casually dressed with a pair of blue jeans and white tank top in the latest ad for SmartWater.

The company that belongs to Coca-Cola has been partnering with the movie star since 2007. The new advertisement campaign is called “Look Up.” It seems to embody simple traditional American values when it comes to style.

Nothing fancy to be seen here, Hollywood glamor is very far, it conveys one direct message, Aniston is just like you or your neighbor. It also reads:

“It’s amazing what can happen when your head’s in the clouds. We looked up and saw a different way to purify water by vapor-distilling it, so it’s pure and crisp like from a cloud, then adding electrolytes for a distinct taste. What will you see when you look up?”

It is very hard to go against something so carefully crafted and well orchestrated, Aniston and her bottle of SmartWater dare people looking at the ad to look beyond their day-to-day routines and find depth and meaning in the simplicity of a pair of blue jeans, a white top and a bottle of water of course.

That’s very powerful stuff right there that the average Joe or Jane could not make up even if they wanted to. After witnessing the whole thing, you say, Summer is here, it’s hot outside and I am getting thirsty now. It worked like a charm, thanks Jen!

Some will be quick to judge her sincerity, but Jennifer Aniston practices what she preaches. An adept of meditation and yoga, she often shares her healthy lifestyle tips in interviews additionally the “Friends” actress is in a relationship with the awesomely fit Justin Theroux.

Haters say that it’s time for her to change her style a bit and dump the blue jeans and white top but we doubt she will ever listen to them.

The new SmartWater “Look Up” campaign coincides with the relaunch of the brand’s website.


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