Jason Derulo Plane Drama: Singer Kicked Off Plane, Wants To Buy A Private One

August 18, 2015 | By Garrett Montgomery More

A Jason Derulo plane drama has gone viral and is putting the R&B singer in a bad light, prompting him to address the situation. Mr. Derulo and his large entourage were kicked off a Southwest Airlines plane from Nevada To California for their behavior, forcing the star to rent a private jet and fire his travel agent.

Jason Derulo plane

It appears that some people have no idea how to behave on a plane, Jason Derulo might be one of those people. Over the weekend, Derulo was in Reno, Nevada for a concert and was supposed to board a Southwest Airlines flight to attend the 2015 Teen Choice Awards held at the Galen Center in Los Angeles, California.

However, things did not go as planned, according to both parties, but to the question, what did really happen? It is a case of he said, they said.

According to the Bubblegum singer, a Southwest Airlines employee got into an altercation with one of his security guards after he was told that he was not eligible for A-List or A-List Preferred Priority Boarding.

The man refused to accept the staff’s decision, and voices were raised prompting the pilot to remove the entire crew from the plane. Mr. Jason Derulo, who was already sitting in first class along with few members of his team, was told that he could stay on the flight, but he declined.

Instead, Derulo, who has sold over 50 million singles since launching his career in 2006, decided to charter a private jet to get back to L.A. and pay for it from his own pocket. While on the private jet, the singer and dancer uploaded a video and shared his side of the story.

He claimed that he fired his travel agent for booking the flight:

“I had to fire my travel agent for booking me somewhere I wasn’t supposed to be. But now we’re here, we’re good.”

He later added that the airline company’s employees were rude to his entourage. He said:

“It was a little mishap. Basically, there was a little confrontation with the people that work at the front. They weren’t being very accommodating … One of the guys (Southwest employees) came on the plane, and one of my people were like, ‘You’re full of shit. They were like, ‘You guys got to get out of the plane. They kicked us all off the plane. I had nothing to do with it. I didn’t say anything to anybody. So they kicked me off a plane. Southwest, you got some problems! But it’s all good. I learned from the experience. And I’m getting myself a jet so I won’t have that problem.”

Here is the company’s take on this fiasco:

“According to our employees, the group refused to follow boarding procedures. Initial reports indicate that several customers complained about the group’s behavior. Our crew, responsible for the safety and comfort of all customers on board, attempted to diffuse the situation; ultimately, local authorities were called and the decision was made to deny boarding to the group. The group sought alternate transportation and their tickets were refunded.”

Just to be sure that Derulo understood why a member of his crew was turned away, the company updated its policies:

Southwest Airlines will automatically reserve a boarding position for A-List and A-List Preferred Members beginning 36 hours prior to scheduled departure of the Member’s confirmed Southwest Airlines flights to ensure the Member will receive the best available boarding position. Southwest Airlines will “reserve” boarding positions for A-List and A-List Preferred Members, but Members are still responsible for printing their boarding passes.

Please note when traveling this holiday season, reserved boarding privileges are only provided for A-List and A-List Preferred Members. If an A-List or A-List Preferred Member is traveling on a multiple-Passenger reservation, reserved boarding privileges will not be provided for non-A-List Members in the same reservation. This includes family and friends traveling on the same itinerary or traveling with the Tier status holder.

What are your thoughts on Jason Derulo’s plane drama?

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