Jaclyn Smith Stuns At 68

June 27, 2014 | By Garrett Montgomery More

Jaclyn Smith 68

Jaclyn Smith stuns at the age of 68 while attending an event for her late friend and co-star Farrah Fawcett. Jaclyn Smith looked stunning as she appeared at the 5th Anniversary Reception in honor of the actress who passed away in 2009 .The “Charlie’s Angel” star has been very busy in the last couple of years, supporting various charities, building an empire thanks to her collaboration with KMart and supporting her husband who is making a run for congress.

This is how you age gracefully.

Jaclyn Smith made several appearances at events honoring Farrah Fawcett in California this week where she looked beautiful and classy.

The Texan star who is 68 of age along with Alana Stewart and Ryan O’Neal were front and center in Beverly Hills at a Farrah Fawcett Foundation reception thrown by her close friends like Dick Van Patten, Christine Romeo and family members on Wednesday evening.

The special 5th Anniversary Reception was put together in honor of Farrah Fawcett who lost her battle with cancer on June 25, 2009 at the age of 62.

The “Get Christie Love!” actress has been remembering her friend on Twitter through out the week, with throw back pictures and special messages like the ones below:

“In great company w my dear friend @AlanaKStewart celebrating 100 yrs @AmericanCancer
Her beauty, talent and magic remains. #FarrahFawcett “

Mrs Jaclyn Smith has transitioned from being an actress to a business mogul.

For almost 30 years now her Jaclyn Smith collection which includes clothes, shoes, bags, wigs and jewelry has been successful at Kmart.

Smith has expanded to home products such as fabrics, tabletop, stemware, towels, sheets

In addition to being an entrepreneur Jaclyn Smith is a strong supporter of her husband Dr Brad Allen who ran in California’s 24th Congressional District as a Republican on June 3rd.

The pediatric heart surgeon who got only 7.0% of the votes is not done with politics and plans to run for office in the upcoming months.


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  1. shea says:

    My question is who are you referring to as the star in “Get Christie Love”? If you are saying it was Ms. Smith or Farrah Fawcett I believe your information may be wrong. “Get Christie Love” was a 1974 movie turned series that starred Teresa Graves. Not taking away anything from Ms. Fawcett, I loved Charlie’s Angels and when she starred in “Burning Bed” I think was the name of the movie, and I’ve always thought Ms. Smith was a class act; but unless I read that wrong or what you meant Ms. Graves was the star of “Get Christie Love”

  2. Senior Geezer says:

    Wow! She was a stunner 30 years ago and she still turns heads today. What a good looking lady.

  3. Capt.obvious says:

    I agree that Jaclyn Smith has always been beautiful. That being said, I’ll challenge the “aging well” comment by pointing out the obvious cheek implants, face peel, trout mouth,face lift, and multiple layers of smoothing makeup that is being employed.

    • TerriB says:

      Yes…she most definitely had work done……so do away with the “aging well” comment.

      The “natural” look is gone from her face. The real beauty she once had is gone. The luster has been replaced with fake.

      Such a shame.

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