iCarly Star Cosgrove Millions: Miranda Cosgrove Lost Millions Because Of Tour Bus Crash, Sues People Involved

October 28, 2014 | By Garrett Montgomery More

iCarly star Miranda Cosgrove, lost millions due to the road accident in 2011. Miranda Cosgrove and her mother Chris Cosgrove have both filed a lawsuit against the drivers, they deemed responsible for the horrific crash in Illinois in August 2011. Cosgrove claimed that she lost over $2.5 million in earnings.

iCarly Star Cosgrove Millions

Court documents showed that iCarly star Miranda Cosgrove lost millions of dollars because of two careless drivers. This week, Cosgrove, famous for her role in the Nickelodeon TV series iCarly has filed a lawsuit against the drivers, who were involved in the 2011 accident.

In August of 2011, Miranda Cosgrove was in a tour bus with her mother Chris, heading to Kansas from Illinois. Miss Cosgrove was set to perform at the “Dancing Crazy Tour.” Her tour bus collided with a tractor-trailer, which left her with a broken ankle.

The Cosgroves say the driver of the bus, the driver of the tractor and the transportation companies are at fault. They claimed the crash could have been prevented if both of the drivers kept a “safe and proper lookout.”

Cosgrove’s mother Chris was also injured during the accident. According to the suit, Cosgrove was forced to cancel 25 booked shows and she lost $400,000. She was also forced to annul future concerts and her lawyers estimate that loss to $560,000.

Cosgrove who used to earn $180,000 per episode of iCarly, also blamed her injuries for the fact that she was dropped by record company, Sony. The documents showed that the crash is the reason she lost a Neutrogena contract worth $400,000.

The lawyers and accountants working for Miss Cosgrove did the math and they believe that she suffered total losses of more than $2.5 million. While she may have lost $2.5 million, Cosgrove is seeking only $50,000 in damages. The mother is asking for the same amount.

The year after the crash, Miranda Cosgrove was listed in the Guinness World Records as the Highest Paid Child Actress for iCarly and purchased a house for $2.65 million.


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  1. Mark C. Potts says:

    And she is doing it properly and smart. Having witnessed a couple of major accidents myself due to careless driving she is doing the proper thing after all the police reports and investigations are complete. Best of luck for you Miranda.

    • Thraka says:

      I believe you cannot sue after 3 years. I was involved in a similar accident where I was at fault. I was sued one day before 3 years was up. Honestly, it’s a class-less move. What iCarly and the people that sued me do is try to milk the insurance company as much as possible over that 3 year span, and when they cannot, they go after whoever they can. Luckily I was 18 at the time and had nothing to my name, I was sued for 40,000 and declared bankruptcy over it.

      It probably served as a good protection because I couldn’t get credit for anything for a long time and it prevented me from going into debt.

  2. Lily says:

    3 years after the fact? Sounds to me like she’s just grubbing for money since the Disney well dried up. Not that I was ever a fan of the show, but after it had the characters throw that despicable “hobo party”, I couldn’t give a damn about her. That money should go to the homeless she mocked.

    • Adeezy says:

      I one hundred percent agree to mock anybody less fortunate than yourself is a disgrace, laughing at homeless people in your show then your rich ass gets in an accident in which you wanted compinsated for when you dont even need the money is rediculous.then later try to claim millions of dollars in losses only to state you want 50,000 dollars in cash each, that may have never come about it sounds like her and her rich mom need the money to pay for all the costs that go with that 3 million dollar mansion

  3. melissa says:

    very unfortunate things happen in this life. it it were me i would thank god i survived it without injury and go on my way. god does not sell insurance that all will go well and when it does, thank god.

  4. clint says:

    poor thing, see should see what its like to both work and be lucky if you have enough money at end of week to by a gallon of milk and feed your kid, I feel sorry for none of the rich and famous ya they work and they earn it, but way to much. they should live on our level for awhile, working people living from pay check to pay check and I suppose to feel sorry for someone that has millions, NOT Happing from me. If I was worth millions I guess I would be broke cause I would at least make sure the struggling families out there could at least not have to send their kids to bed hungry. but lets give millions to the people over seas and afar but lets not worry about the people here that need food.

  5. James says:

    The Disney well dried up…her career is dead…time to sue. You don’t take 3 years…

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