Heidi Klum Too Old Bikini: German Model Is Said To Be Too Old To Wear Tiny Bikini At Age 41

December 2, 2014 | By Garrett Montgomery More

Heidi Klum too old for a bikini? After pictures of Klum strolling on a Jamaican beach in a tiny bikini surfaced, many have taken to social networking sites to say that at age 41, she must now wear a one piece.

heidi klum too old bikini

Heidi Klum too old for a bikini, according to internet users. This week, several pictures of Klum have surfaced online, where she can be seen having fun on a beach in Jamaica with her boy toy, 28-year-old art dealer, Vito Schnabel.

Miss Heidi Klum looked stunning in a tiny polka-dot bikini that showed off her abs, toned legs and perky derriere. The 41-year-old German model and television personality shared a sexy bikini photo on Twitter, where she wished her followers a Happy Thanksgiving. Klum wrote:

Wishing everyone a happy Thanksgiving !

The mother of four keeps her impressive physique by eating healthy and doing the following 30-minute workout routine:

Warmup/cooldown: walking or light cycling
Intense cardio: sprint, fast walking on a treadmill at 15 percent incline, hill sprints, or a challenging level on a bike or elliptical
Recovery cardio: easy jogging or easy level on a bike or elliptical

While few people complimented Heidi Klum on her toned body, many were quick to say that she is too old for the bikini she was wearing. One person wrote:

“Before Heidi was old, she looked good.”

Another tweeted in German:

“When will Heidi Klum stop wearing those bikinis? Ins’t she a grandmother or something.”

One last mean tweet read:

“Heidi Klum you are too old and too skinny for that bikini, cover up!!!!.”

So, is Heidi Klum too old for a bikini?

Scientifically speaking, the answer is no because she is under the age of 47. Last year, a survey was published revealing at what age women are too old for bikinis, crop tops and belly button piercings. Below are the results:

Bikini, 47 unless you are Helen Mirren or Demi Moore.
Miniskirt, 35
Boob Tube, 33
Stilettos, 51
Belly button piercing, 35
Knee high boots, 47
Trainers, 44
Leather trousers, 34
Leggings, 45
Ugg boots, 45
Swimsuit, 61
Tight vest, 44
See-through chiffon blouse, 40
Long hair, 53
Ponytail, 51

Some say, if she has it and is confident enough, she should flaunt it.

What do you think? Is Heidi Klum too old for a bikini? Is ageism the new sexism?


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  1. Laura Steinebach says:

    She needs to eat a cheeseburger and fries! Put a little meat on those bones. There is nothing attractive about sagging skin!

    • william kellogg says:

      Wouldn’t it sag more if she gained weight?….lol

    • Heidi Saggy says:

      She would be fine if she:
      1. Work out – The granny butt sag is from not working out.
      2. Get a boob job – Her boobs went south after her first kid.
      Then no one would care if she wore a 1, 2 or 0 piece bathing suit.

      • Jackie Johnston says:

        Actually, Heidi’s age is evident in more than her butt and boobs. Where her arms connect to her shoulder show aging. The way in which her skin and flesh cover her abdominal muscles show aging. And her legs have the sinewy look of someone older. Over the years Heidi’s diet may have lacked the nutrients her body needs. Additionally, the burden of numerous pregnancies have aged her body.
        Compare Heidi to the healthy and young-looking Jennifer Anniston who has never had children. And Jennifer is not a model who has to stringently watch her weight.

        • Tom says:

          make sure and mention that to her the next time you’re on the beach in jamaica. as for those of us who are over 61, i guess it’s back to skinny dipping.

    • Karen says:

      Good one Laura Steinebach eat a cheeseburger! Hell I am 58 and wear a 2 piece suit. I float in my pool in my back yard and when at the beach it is another state. I figure these people dont know me and I am only a size 2. What grosses me out is when I see a 9 month pregnant girl in a bikini, that is not right!

  2. Love says:

    She looks fine, and if other 60 years old celebrities are wearing bikini what’s the problem with a 40 years old still looking really good wear bikini too? And also, please let her be… where in the world can a celebrity go without being judged?

  3. ghettotrashracistnegro says:

    Whatever! She looks fine to me. These nit-picky busybodies really need to get a life. They wish they looked as good as Heidi…

  4. Annetta says:

    She is a little thin but still looks great wearing a tiny bikini!! After having children, still looks like that even more impressive. Her butt looks a little soft but is not fat at all she just need to do some light lunges or light squats and her butt will perk a little and get stronger. She does not have celulitis or fat, like I said she looks great!!

  5. Sparkly Toenails says:

    She looks fine…but not in that horrid bikini. Not flattering at all.

    • Hinrid says:

      When my wife asks me how she looks in various outfits, “not flattering” is the phrase I use to express that there might be something better in the closet. Heidi could certainly get away with a bikini by definition of a bikini but just not this one.

      • Mary B says:

        I agree. I don’t think wearing a bikini per se is the issue here with her age or her body but this PARTICULAR bikini is not flattering to her figure at all. There are many bikinis/cuts to choose from. The one she chose is just not what she looks her best in. The way the bottom is shaped is not good and the top is really not flattering either. A slightly wider bottom at the waist would help as would a bit more support and structure at the top. There are so many cute and sexy bikinis on the market! I am a bit surprised that with her experience in knowing what looks good (fashion sense) that she wasn’t able to pick a better look. She looks good but just needs a bit of a tweak in the choice she made.

        • Steve N says:

          Mary B you nailed it. A bikini like I seen Katy Perry wearing recently. Maybe add crunches and arm work out with light weights. I must say that if she showed up at my front door wearing that bikini in Jamaica and wanted swim in my pool, I would welcome her to come in. I would have a better chance of being struck by lightning while cashing in a 500 million dollar lotto ticket then her knocking on my front door. But a 56 yo guy can dream.

        • Chandra L says:

          Mary B I also agree with you. But 1st I have to say 41 is not old. My goodness when you turn 60 you’ll look back and say dang I was just a baby. Anyway my comment is Heidi would and could still look great in a bikini. But not that one. That bikini accentuates her flaws rather than compliments her assets. Your eyes go directly to the sagging breast and the not so perky derriere. I always tell my daughters you don’t have to show everything to look sexy. So just a little more push up in the bra and a little more cover up on the bottom and she would be working it

      • Jennifer says:

        Exactly! Those bottoms do nothing but make her butt look saggy. She doesn’t look bad at all, but her skin is starting to show its age and the wear and tear of 4 pregnancies. That being said – I should be so lucky to look like that!

      • Chandra L says:

        Hinrid. that is the most perfect answer to the question how do I look? ” not Flattering” that there may be something better in the closet. That would stop a lot of hurt feelings and arguments and it makes the person feel good because that says I care about you baby and I know you want to look your best. Men make sure your tone is right when you say it i.e. loving not insulting

  6. Tim says:

    40? she looks good for a 60 year old

  7. Rick says:

    Are you kidding me? A woman that looks that good at that age? You go girl! Flaunt all you want. You deserve a little respect for keeping it looking that good!!!

  8. RJ says:

    That is not a “perky” derriere.

  9. Eleanor Swift says:

    It’s not her age; she just doesn’t look good in that bikini. But if she doesn’t care how she looks, I certainly don’t. I wonder if that’s even after air brushing…

  10. N0ISV says:

    BS………She looks FINE in all right places.
    Must be a band of liberal gay boys that do not like her figure?

  11. Sophy Laroo says:

    Its called being young at heart! Everyone gets wrinkled and old. If you feel comfortable sport your suit. After all everything in this fugly world everything goes. So dance like it was your last dance! Sing like it was your last Song! Strut your old Stuff like it was the last time! Cause in the end it will be! Who needs complaining just look at walmartian!

  12. garrett says:

    The complaints were obviously posted by fat 20 year olds.

  13. D dum says:

    Wish we could stop this. Old men should stop wearing speedos too. Who cares?

    • roy paul shields says:

      Garret; You had the best post; I can just see a couple of obese females sitting on the couch wolfing down their carmel corn slamming a beautiful lady with a beautiful body. You look great Heidi; Stay with it.

  14. Sheri says:

    These type of ‘articles’ always make me shake my head – let’s talk about the age-appropriateness of men running around in speedos, without a shirt, etc. I see a lot more men committing these age-fashion crimes than women. If a guy looks 10-months pregnant, I do NOT want to see him without a shirt on, ditto for man boobs and sagging skin. But, to each his own. I live in Florida, and we see all shapes and ages in various states of undress on the beach. As long as you aren’t showing your private parts, go for it, and quit picking on older gals. It’s mean and petty and sexist.

    • cindie says:

      I agree I live in florida also..see many many people on beach young and old that should not be in bikinis…I am 46 and weigh 124 I wear one if my back is not too broken out..i have had 4 children and am no super model. However I can say I look better than some of these 20something fat chicks who think they look hot..

  15. KnR says:

    Damn, I wish I looked that good at 41. The only problem I see, is that she choose the wrong type of two piece. She needs like a bandeau top with possible underwire; not for support but they are more appealing, plus she needs a full bottom coverage lower piece. Other than that, WTG Heidi. She certainly doesn’t need a one piece at this time.

    • chiluvr1228 says:

      She looks fine for her age and for having had 4 children. She could stand to wear a bikini top with an underwire as the girls have drooped considerably. Overall that particular bikini is not flattering for Heidi but with a good fitting bikini she would look great.

      These days it seems anything goes and I don’t think there is a rule that a woman can’t wear a bikini after a certain age. Just pick one that is appropriate like Helen Mirren does.

  16. G Jones says:

    Jeez, don’t you people have a life? Ms. Klum can do as she pleases – she is an adult. I wish I looked that good!

  17. william kellogg says:

    Ha!, she looks better then the majority of women half her age.

  18. Annie Love says:

    She looks Happy isn’t that all that matters. Setting rules on what’s appropriate by age is limiting you from being yourself. What’s the right age to say this is who I am and I don’t care what others think?

  19. Imma Conti says:

    My first impression….I don’t think Heidi should stop wearing bikinis, but I think this particular style was not attractive on her…..especially from behind. Heidi has a great figure and this style didn’t do her any justice.

  20. Melinda says:

    Whenever I don’t look good in something, my husband has found a funny way around it; “You look great, the outfit’s gotta go”. I agree with his philosophy; Heidi looks fine, that swimsuit has to go.

  21. lily says:

    Its about what makes you feel good…its not about to please the public. A woman should be able to wear a bikini at any age !! Nasty world !!!!!

  22. Sylster says:

    She looks fine to me. I just dont agree with that ridiculous list that they published above.

  23. Leslie says:

    Age has nothing to do with wearing or not wearing anything, including a bikini! She is definitely too skinny now and her breasts are sagging so I don’t think she looks great any more. I agree with Laura Steinebach … put on some weight healthfully before “flaunting” your body but I don’t think she really cares what the rest of us think – we don’t have to look if we don’t like it.

  24. Heidi Saggy says:

    She would be fine if she:
    1. Work out – The granny butt sag is from not working out.
    2. Get a boob job – Her boobs went south after her first kid.
    Then no one would care if she wore a 1, 2 or 0 piece bathing suit.

    • Bibi says:

      its replies like this that puts women under so much pressure to be perfect and look like 22 when they are 42. No one puts this much pressure on men! Women are women’s worst enemies. Please, let people age and feel comfortable in their skin. Not to mention the eating disorder this mentality produces. Listen to yourselves. You are thoughtless superficial people.

  25. Kim says:

    It may not be the advancing age that’s a turn-off. It may be the fact that Heidi never had an attractive figure, even when she was young…and, don’t use that tired old shit…..”she’s just jealous”!

    • K says:

      I agree. The media shoves these people down our throats and tells us how amazing they look. Being skinny does not automatically equal looking good. Klum has a very unfeminine shape to begin with. Now her butt and boobs are sagging and her bones are sticking out. She is a model and tweeted a pic of herself for all of the world to see in a revealing bikini, so she’s asking everyone to look at her (otherwise I wouldn’t say these things). IMO, Jennifer Aniston (although I’m not a fan of her as a person) is an example of someone with a beautiful body.

  26. Rey says:

    Wearing a bikini has nothing to do with age. In act, if you want to see a 61 year rocking a bikini then look no further then Jada Smith’s mother. As for Heidi Klum , she should be wearing some other swimwear that compliments her body. This bikini does nothing for her.

  27. apelila says:

    These pics are horrible, maybe it’s the suit, maybe it is that she is sagging quite a bit despite being thin. She doesn’t have a realistic view of herself which is maybe why she can’t be with a man her age. She’s got that same loose screw that Demi Moore does. She seemed to be a lot more talented and savvy than Moore, but this past year Klum choices have all been bad.

    • Bibi says:

      if she looked that bad she wouldnt be with a younger man. stop using her personal relationships as a way to fuel the fire. No one judge men for dating women 3x their age and the men are horrible looking. Get a grip. the only comment that is realistic is that maybe her suit doesn’t compliment her body and yes she is not tone enough just skinny despite her workout. other than that, she still have the right to wear her bathing suit unless their is a law that prevents it.

      • K says:

        Did anyone say she doesn’t have the “right to wear her bathing suit”? She tweeted her own pic, in a revealing bikini, for all the world to see. That means she wants people to look at her and people have a “right” to express their opinions. If she looked bad she wouldn’t be with a younger man? Ummm…I’m sure the fact that she is a rich, famous model doesn’t have anything to do with attracting men of all ages, right?

  28. Sara Martin says:

    Unfortunately the tiny bikini highlights the faults. I would have never guessed she was sagging like that otherwise. She always looks fantastic.

  29. Bibi says:

    That’s like saying fat people shouldn’t even wear bathing suits no matter one or two pieces. It’s up the person to feel confident enough to wear something and there is no difference what age you are since different people age differently. I look 30 at 42, doesn’t that mean if I continue to look look and good in a bikini I should stop? Yes, there are times when you are a mother when what you wear should be appropriate at different places. Other than that, beaches and clubs have no limit unless you are really old and look really old.

  30. michael says:

    personally I think she looks damn good, what does it matter what other people think its what she thinks.

  31. K says:

    1. That bikini is hideous and would look terrible on anyone.
    2. She looks really bad.
    3. She looks older than 41.
    4. She could wear a decent and flattering two-piece and look nice (I think – but, again, she looks older than 41).

  32. Shirley says:

    Where has the sense of modesty gone? It doesn’t matter how old one is but it definitely shows they lack the sense of modesty. It seems that no matter where I am, there is someone who just doesn’t understand that maybe they should keep their body parts covered out of respect to themselves and those around them.

  33. Roxanne says:

    Well, I am too old for all but one thing on that list…perhaps I should just lay down and die and save society the indignity of me possibly doing something not approved!!

  34. Holly says:

    I would kill to have her abs! I am not a big fan of that style of bikini. I really don’t think it looks good on anyone. With that said, I still think Heidi can rock the right bikini any day! I’ve seen a lot worse! Remember – under the harsh glare of sunlight without strategic lighting and photo correcting software, hardly any of the “stars” look perfect.

  35. janeg says:

    She looks beautiful. I imagine the people with the nasty remarks don’t look half as beautiful as she does.
    Go do something constructive with your time–there is so much need around us all. If you have nothing better to do than to sit a criticize you are the one in need of change, not Heidi’s swimsuit.

    • K says:

      She looks bad and most people wouldn’t be saying so if she hadn’t tweeted a pic of herself across the internet wearing a tacking, revealing bikini. Fyi, I look better than her.

  36. Jaja says:

    She is too old for that little sting thing. She does, however, need a butt lift and should stick to a ‘onesie’ until she gets one…

  37. Mguzman says:

    Saggy boobs and saggy butt not very attractive so needs a cover-up and remain in privacy of own backyard…….women over 40 need some self-pride and respect

  38. BettyBoop says:

    “They” look a little saggy. Nothing beats the law of gravity.

    In my opinion, when one reaches adulthood, “concealment” is much more attractive than “revealment.” Lots of women have yet to learn that simple fact.

  39. Roger says:

    I have been a fan of hers but realistically see is not doing herself a favor by wearing 2 piece bikinis any more. Time to use a bathrobe.

  40. Liz says:

    “Ageism the new sexism?” It’s the same old ism it’s always been. Why should a woman listen to any criticism(or advise, for that matter)from people who deem her to old at whatever age “they” decide is for whatever use “they” have for her? Obeying their instructions isn’t going to make her any younger, now is it? If they’ve decided she’s too old, why don’t they just STFU and leave her alone?

  41. Lina says:

    She may be skinny and all but she doesn’t have a great bikini body like Jennifer Lopez who happens to be older than her at 45. She has no ass so the fact that she is wearing a tiny bikini is stupid since she really doesn’t have much of anything to show off.

  42. sherry windham says:

    If you’ve got it (which she DOES) you’re not too old to flaunt it!!!!

  43. j. mendez says:

    If Heidi Klum’s bikini pics were photoshopped as much as, say, any Kardashian, she’d be considered flawless. Unfortunately, slim, fit, trim women (even supermodels) are now shamed for their physiques, while rounder figures are glorified. It used to be the opposite not so long ago, and it will be again sometime because fashion and body trends are cyclical. The point is, all bodies are different and one standard of judging is ludicrous.

    • Lina says:

      In order to be slim, fit and trim you don’t have to have a saggy butt like Heidi Klum. You can be slim, fit and trim and still have a nice derriere like Jennifer Lopez and Jennifer Aniston who are in no way anything like Kim Kardashian who has way too much of everything and in 10 years her butt would have reached the floor no matter how much she diets and exercises since there is such a thing as gravity.

  44. Sandy Rohr says:

    I think Heidi Klum looks fantastic! She looked well, her body tanned and also she looks happy!

  45. Larry says:

    This has to be the dumbest article ever written. People should wear whatever they want and screw the childish attitudes.

  46. Ann says:

    She is not too old…if you got it, flaunt it!

  47. Joseph Porter says:

    Sorry. There is nothing wrong with Heidi Klum. Never was. Never will be. She is welcome to wear (or not wear) anything she wants. Compared to the average woman shopping at Wal-Mart, she is a goddess.

  48. Mortisha says:

    Who cares how old Heidi is? Men…she looks fantastic. Women…don’t you ever get sick of people telling us we are too fat, too old etc. to enjoy a day at the beach or pool in the suit of our choosing?

  49. Reyna says:

    Heide Klum’s body looks old in a bikini. Not sexy. Too Old.

  50. john porter says:

    As a 61 year old man with more than my share of wrinkles, bulges, and hard miles, I’d have to say Heidi is still a very beautiful woman. Anyone knocking her for naturally aging is either jealous or young and stupid!

  51. Eye of the beholder says:

    Bravo to the ladies applauding Heidi and look at the rest with their condescending comments of how to wear a bikini even if she can. Heidi DOES know what to wear-ITS the fact that she WANTS to wear what she wants!
    I don’t see guys on here saying how dare she not wear a bikini. WHY then are the guys not pointing their fingers at her? Because THEY DONT CARE. I wish women were more like this with each other as guys are-hmm for the most part. There are some guys who don’t care for Heidi and would wish she put a 1 piece on but few men would actually care and many actually would love her company if it was for pure company if she would stand right next to them-they wouldn’t tell her your fat and slutty put better clothes on-its heidi klum and she is frikken gorgeous. There are better looking normal woman-> so what? She is 40 with kids and too much money then to know what to do with-PHENOMENAL! So why not at least eave her alone if your not going to applaud her? Is this what woman think of ME? WHEN I GO IN A BIKINI OUT TO A BEACH OR POOL in THEIR heads? PLEASE, Am I secretly judged this way by others? Its some kind of insecurities to go on here and say negative things. So really If you don’t have anything nice or good to say then simply just don’t say it. You who tell her to do squats or wear a different style isn’t nice. WHAT IF i TOLD YOU to improve your weak spots to your face? You wouldn’t like it no matter what the intentions or how nicely I say it. You would say well if you don’t like then go away-EXACTLY my point! Im not a huge fan of hers, I do like the girl but all these woman on here and you don’t see hardly any of the males on here let alone judging her on this post. Grow up WOMEN! gET OVER YOURSELVES unless you have her account; her shoes, her life, her body, and her wardrobe, and friends, and status-you can’t compare. You wouldn’t want to be treated by your loved ones or people in your life and when you do you don’t care and do what you want so then the same here just leave her be. There are cuter woman, but, without anything else they are just cute. If you had millions of dollars and can eat what you want all day and have a banging’ body don’t come here and tell her she should improve on things. She is gorgeous and strong for not being fatter with what her money could buy for her to eat. There are too many fat old celebrities so unless your Jillian Michael’s then SHUT IT. because many of you don’t have her money just a body and when YEAH on a tighter budget its easy to eat within reason and not get fat. Look at every other forty year old holly wood celebrity they are all fat and sleeping or just fat! And so is majority of Americans. Heidi you rock, if you got then it flaunt and let the haters keep hating. They just want to hate because they want to be you & have your income but they don’t so they have to nit pick on things just to make themselves feel better about themselves. People do that. I don’t see secure people who are happy nit picking like this in my life and in my experiences at work and at home its all the ones who are not happy with their situations. My husband is one of them and taught me a whole lot about living by the golden rule. I didn’t mean to tell the ones who said negative or condescending nit picking stuff to shut the heck up but come on ladies please just be nice because someone could be judging you in your life and you would not want it either. So I apologize for the rude comments i do realize them but we must be careful because woman are already judged by society too much. Either we are too fat or too skinny. We can’t seem to be happy for a chick looking happy and being successful. To think it could happen to us and people not be as happy as we would be in that situation is not awful but its simply, why? If you can answer why then ok. But she is healthy and happy and beautiful and successful and more power to her.

  52. sweptaway says:

    The angle of the photos, the light and shade contrast, etc., exaggerate any and all flaws. Perhaps what some are going on about is her lack of muscle and fat which creates dimension even on a tiny and thin person and is an example of youth. Remember she is in love now with a 20 something, somebody who can date anyone including, young, beautiful models. HK is worth millions and seems to work all of the time and all over the place so she is not a slacker. Lovely woman and probably smart too.

    These type of bikini is barely anything so perhaps this style should be avoided by most people except Brazilians who seem to have this kind of thing figured out.

  53. Alan says:

    Americans? Most consider any age to be too old to wear a bikini. To their little minds it’s all about appearance. They will never mature to the point of having a good time and not caring about what the others think. It’s not allowed to live your life your way. They don’t believe in freedom anymore.

    • stephanie says:

      Well said.

      • stephanie says:

        I’m a 46 year old, and wear a bikini. Is this even a conversation???? Weird and sad. Mostly sad. I couldn’t care less about someone else’s opinion of my wardrobe.

  54. Mary Baker says:

    In my opinion it’s not an age or body type issue: that “particular” bikini is not flattering on her. The top provides no support, the bottom is proportionately too small for her butt and therefore is giving her a wedgie. In fact I’m not sure whom that bikini would flatter, at any age. It just doesn’t look well designed to me. Maybe it’s one of the many, many suits that only look good if you don’t get them wet. I think half the suits out there are designed for people who don’t go in the water. I hate wearing a good looking swimsuit, going swimming in it and then getting out of the water to see it’s completely lost its shape.

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