Hannity Guest Storms Off: Attorney Leo Terrell And Reverend Jesse Lee Peterson Get Into Heated Debate Over Walter Scott Killing

April 10, 2015 | By Garrett Montgomery More

A Hannity guest storms off and the video goes viral. Two guests, Reverend Jesse Lee Peterson and Leo Terrell, a civil rights attorney, appeared on Sean Hannity’s Fox show on Thursday night to talk about the shooting and killing of Walter Scott. After Reverend Jesse Lee Peterson, who happens to be African-American repeatedly defended officer Michael Slager for shooting an unarmed man 8 times in the back and called black people angry, Leo Terrell said he could not take it anymore and walked off the set.

Reverend Jesse Lee Jackson hannity guest storms off

A Hannity guest storms off and the story makes headlines. Last night, two guests – Reverend Jesse Lee Peterson and Leo Terrell – had a very heated debate on Hannity on the Fox News Channel.

The two men joined host Sean Patrick Hannity to talk about the South Carolina shooting death of an unarmed black man named Walter Scott by white officer Michael Slager, who is currently in prison after being charged with murder.

Terrell and Hannity agreed that the police officer was wrong to shoot Scott 8 times as he attempted to flee. However, the author of Scam: How the Black Leadership Exploits Black America explained that the Caucasian officer should be given the benefit of doubt because cops are being attacked by angry black people.

The conservative radio and TV personality said:

“In America you are innocent until proven guilty, and right now, Sean, white officers are under attack by angry black folks in this country, and when they’re stopped by these officers they’re not listening, they’re not obeying the authority of the police officers.”

Hannity replied by saying:

“But he’s given them a bad name!”

Leo Terrell slammed his fellow guest by saying that he should be ashamed of himself for defending an officer, who calmly shot a suspect who had no weapons and later tried to cover it up. Terrell explained:

“This is the second time in Fox News cable that you and I, Sean Hannity, agree.Jesse Lee Peterson is the only man on the face of this earth who is talking about everything else but the unlawful shooting of this man. … And for you to come on this show as a black man and to say somehow– to justify this shooting, you are an embarrassment to the world right now! The whole world is looking at how stupid you are!”

The duo went back and forth for several minutes, talking over each other with Terrell saying that Peterson is an embarrassment, and Peterson stating that black people have been brainwashed to be angry all the time.

Frustrated with the exchange, Terrell threatened to leave if Peterson did not stop blaming men like Michael Brown and Trayvon Martin for their deaths. Terrell said:

“You better come to me or I’m gone. Come to me right now or I’m gone! Because I’m not going to sit here and listen to this hate.”

Peterson interrupted him one more time to blast African-Americans and show support for law enforcers, that is when Terrell just lost it. The lawyer said:

“I’m done, I’m done, I’m done, I’m done.”

Terrell then removed his earpiece and stormed off the set. When Peterson learned that Terrell had left, he told Hannity “Leo’s a little coward.”

What are your thoughts on Leo Terrell leaving the set? Is Jesse Lee Peterson right for defending the officer?


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  1. Dean Williams says:

    I didn’t see him defend this officer. He merely said “innocent until proven guilty” (in a court of law). His broader point that police are disrespected in the black communities is correct. That is a huge factor when a black is approached by a policeman, especially a white policeman.

  2. E S White says:

    This country does hold to the idea of being innocent until proven guilty and that is proper. It makes no difference what a video or an audio reveals. It is the court system that will decide the fate of an accused. Some people fail to understand that process or just refuse to accept that part of our constitution.
    This lawyer, Terrell, doesn’t act as if he is an educated person, much less an attorney. He, of all people should know and understand what our court processes are and should be. He told Mr. Peterson, who was voicing his opinion and has the right to do so, to, “come to me”. Terrell said that more than once. I wonder what Terrell was meaning with that come to me statement. Was he not willing to accept this other person’s opinion and wanted Peterson to come to his way of thinking? Seems to me Terrell took his marbles and went home because Peterson refused to change his person ideas. I don’t know, just asking.
    I didn’t see the TV production. I only know what I see here and I am one that believes nothing much of what I hear from the media and not much more of what I see of their news bits put to the public.
    I know we deserve our opinion and another hasn’t the right to badger for a change to their way. Shame on Terrell.

  3. Scott says:

    While in this situation i don’t agree the officer should be given a ‘benefit of the doubt,’ i DO agree that in other situations, Ferguson in particular, there was sufficient evidence that the young man, at a minimum, provoked and threatened the officer. Not to mention, he had stolen merchandise on him, and had ‘history’ of not good behaviour.

    I am not sure all black people are ‘angry’ at the police. i have too many black friends who good and decent people, and are as appalled at the ‘alledged’ victims of violence, as they are at the white officer who shot the young man in the back in SC. On the other hand, too many police officers are being threatened and provoked then being castigated, when they defend themselves. There MUST be an expected ‘policy’ of behavior by both police and people who are confronted. If either party does not comply, there needs to be consequences.

    • Brian says:

      I wonder when people are ging to stop guessing and get the facts correct. Scott I am trying to not be disrespectful, but you are speaking opinions and other peoples words as fact. Please stop it you are making yourself look like a fool.
      1. There are no videos of Michael Brown provoking or threatening the office who killed him.
      2. He did not have stolen merchandise on him. If you are referring to the wrapers taken from that video in the store keep in mind a few facts:
      A) Nobody in the store called the police or made a 911 call.
      B) For “Whatever” reason the owner stated that the guy in the video was not Michael Brown
      C) The store video was dated another date, not the date Michael Brown was killed.
      D) The colthes in the video and the clothes he had on when he was killed are different outfits.

      From your comments I would say that you don’t venture too far across the tracks so let me give you a wake up call. there has always been several lines that separate a community. the main lines are Race & economics. Case in point – the LA riots were fine, but police intervined quickly when it was headed to Beverly Hills. From the 60’s on up minorities were only allowed to come up to the railroad tracks. If they crossed it they were harrassed. the American Black community has been harrassed by the police for years. If you look at every major event in the USA that was race related it blew up because of the police violence. We are raised with the understanding to fear police. I go out of my way to teach my children that its not all cops. Still what we see today has been going on for years – its only getting attention because of social media and camera/ video phones. Now we can claim chicken and the egg for years, but in the end they drew first blood and even with integration -they are not trusted. The videos show what we live with. No body believed we got beat until Rodney King was shown on video. I will admit that now since there is video people are more hostile. Still its amazing how a white man can get away with things a black man will get killed on with the cops.

    • Bill says:

      People who repeat the lie of hands up are a big part of the problem.
      I don’t like being stopped by a cop, but I follow his instructions. As a result I don’t get shot!!

  4. A. T. says:

    Finally someone is saying what non black Americans can never say!!! ‘lest they be accuse of racism or worse.

    Right or wrong, ALL people have a right to their opinion. Even in this case, it’s still America…’innocent until proven guilty’ stands.

  5. Brian says:

    There is a difference between racisim & bigotry. Yes, even black people get it wrong. racisim is an institution of power and control. Bigotry is fine as long as you don’t put your hands on me. We are entitledd to our belief however unpopular they are. We are not entitled to mistreat, assualt, abuse or hurt others. I do believe that there are some minority folks that should really watch what they are doing. Not all of these cops are out there shooting for no reason. Some of these thugs are shot so the cops can make it home. I have both military and law enforcement in my family

  6. Karen says:

    Glory Glory Just when I was beginning to lose faith in AMERICANS some one has the courage to call it like it is ….hater’s

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