Handicapped Janitor Suit: Disabled Woman Sues NYPD Cops Who Mocked Her With “I’M DOPE” Shirt

March 8, 2015 | By Garrett Montgomery More

A handicapped janitor’s suit alleges that in 2013, two cops in New York made fun of a disabled person. A woman by the name of Hannah Biggan, 53, who worked as a janitor at the 52nd Precinct station house for 23 years, has filed a lawsuit against two police officers – Nicholas Konner and John Repetti – who allegedly forced her to wear a shirt that read “I’M DOPE” with the words “@cashcowmovement” written underneath. According to the suit, the pair laughed and mocked the mentally challenged janitor, because she was not able to read the words written on the shirt.

Handicapped Janitor Suit

A handicapped janitor’s suit filed in the Bronx Supreme Court against the city, officers Nicholas Konner and John Repetti, and her supervisor, has revealed some troubling details.

In May of 2013, Hannah Biggan, who had been working as a janitor at New York’s 52nd Precinct for over 23 years, was humiliated by two police officers.

The handicapped janitor claimed in court documents, that two police officers – Nicholas Konner and John Repetti – approached her and gave a shirt, which she stored in her locker.

According to Biggan, Konner told her that the overly large 3XL yellow shirt was a gift from rapper Cash Cow and it did not fit him. Later on, Konner forced her to wear the embarrassing T-shirt with the words “I’M DOPE” and “@cashcowmovement” written on it.

Officers Nicholas Konner and John Repetti asked her to read the words and when the handicapped janitor was unable to do so, they ridiculed her. Repetti took several photos of the handicapped janitor in the sad T-shirt.

In her discrimination lawsuit, Hannah Biggan confessed to being hurt and humiliated by the incident. Biggan, who has a speech impediment and who limps due to a metal plate in her knee, explained:

“They asked me if I could read it, and I said that I couldn’t read, I tried to read it, but I couldn’t.”

She revealed that she became depressed after her sister told her what was written on the T-shirt. According to Biggan’s lawyers, Michael Borrelli, Alexander Coleman and Todd Dickerson, her sister contacted a supervisor who failed to take action.

The former janitor, who worked at the Norwood station house, said:

“When I got home, my sister Maryann told me what it said . . . And I got really depressed and ­angry at them for doing that to me because I’ve never done anything bad to them.”

After May 20th, 2013, Biggan started to have suicidal thoughts and see herself as a stupid human being. She stated:

“I wanted to hurt myself. I did think of ways to do it, like, get hit by a car.’’

The city’s Corporation Counsel issued a statement on the suit that read:

“We will evaluate the case based upon the facts we learn in discovery.”

According to the New York Post, rapper Cash Cow was really touched by Biggan’s story and plans to raise money for her. Cash Cow, aka Justin Ross, said Friday:

“Hannah Biggan is more than what she is. There are a lot of Hannah Biggans all over the place and we want them to know they are supported.”

The hip-hop artist also used the opportunity to share the real meaning behind the phrase “I’M DOPE’’ that he used in a song. He explained:

“ ‘I’m dope’ is basically saying ‘I’m cool, I’m hot, I’m smokin’, I’m the best.’”

Biggan’s lawyers have come out to express their gratitude after hearing about Cash Cow’s comments. They shared in a statement:

“We are heartened that Cash Cow has reached out to our client and wants to help bring a small glimmer of hope to this otherwise awful situation.”

Repetti and Konner have declined to comment on the story. A handicapped janitor’s suit has brought some attention to a serious problem: The way society sometimes deals with those who are disabled. Does this lawsuit have any merit?


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  1. wildman says:

    and these tin star thugs wonder why AMERICA hates them so and why we don’t give 2 shits if they get killed

    • Davie60 says:

      Well said Wildman.. Cops just don’t get it. They love to look down at people. These two clowns will be pulling security at the airport tomorrow.

    • PhilA says:

      Just proves regardless of power, law enforcement or any other officials share the very same human capacities as anyone else, there are bad and good everywhere, since the dawn of time.

  2. John Slusser says:

    These are 2 police officers that, not only should they be “FIRED” But they should NEVER hold any type security job, or have anything to do with the public ever. What will they say when one of their children ends up being disabled whether it’s walking with a limp or being mentally disabled. Imagine that it’s your child before you open your big mouth. Would you say that to your own son or daughter….SIMPLY DISCUSTING ESPECIALLY FROM FROM A COP.

  3. handicapped too says:

    This is very sad. I don’t know how old these officers are, but as they age, they will find out that they won’t be as able bodied as they are now. Their thinking will get slower and their bodies will not recover as easily as they once did. They may be injured or be afflicted with a disease that renders them unable to hold a job or do what they want to do. THEN…they will understand. My hat goes off to this lady who tries to support herself and has done so for 23 years…I am proud of her.

  4. ironhead says:

    Hope the 2 cops each get one shoved up their ass and then choked on them

  5. The Dog says:

    Better start signing checks right now.

  6. Sharon says:

    That shows their weakness. If that had been one of their sisters, or daughters they’d be ready to shoot somebody. To make a woman, who has worked there probably longer than the two of them together, cry and want to end her life is a disgrace to the badge and any REAL man. They should be suspended WITHOUT pay for minimum 30 days, made to make a public apology (so the city can see how small they are), and pay for her doctor bills for the stress & humility you put her through. A settlement from the City so she won’t have to work again. It wouldn’t pay me to be your boss.

  7. rds says:

    As she was there for 23 years, she made quite a few friends. These two idiots have gained the wrath of all the others working in that precinct. The union reps want no part of them. They have zero support. True idiots.

  8. Diane says:

    I truly do not know what this society is coming to. It is horrible that cops do not have anything better to do than ridicule a ” learning disabled” person who is obviously trying to make a living in society! It’s no wonder cops are being shot at and disrespected, when they are not protecting the innocent, the victims, and whoever else. In reading this story, it infuriates the living heck out of me and this madness has got to stop! Do not worry, Hannah, God does not like ugly and justice will be served!

  9. Equal Rightist says:

    maybe, the woman’s sister is blowing an innocent incident into a money maker? Look how you sheep, immediately, side with anything that undermines Law Enforcement. I am sure we have all been involved in behavior that someone else could spin into offensive to another party. Bandwagon heroes writing comments about the “evil police” seem to appear En Masse. If you hate them so much, don’t call them when the people they protect you from are climbing through your window…

    • The Duke says:

      Who is going to protect us from them?

    • ben rush says:

      i don’t need them cops anyway i got my 12 gauge…lets fire about HALF of them and lower my taxes..

      • Mike says:

        Works for me they do not protect and serve they write tickets to generate revenue for their local government. You wait for them to show up to protect you and you will be dead!

    • Mike says:

      That is the problem with many police officers today. They do not protect and serve the public! They are arrogant above the law bullies that can only write tickets to generate revenue for their local government. They need to have aptitude and temperament tests for all police officers to see if they qualify to protect and serve. This is happening all over the country and is not an isolated incident. I am so impressed with how my tax dollars are being spent by some of these clowns hired for law enforcement! I have experienced it first hand the way I was treated for a speeding ticket. I was polite and courteous and I was speeding. But the attitude of the state police officer and his trying to find something else to write me up for. All he was concerned about is writing tickets and trying to generate as much revenue as he could for the State of Washington. Not all police officers are bad but there are getting to be so many of them. They give the good ones a bad name!

    • John Slusser says:

      Dear Equal Rightest,
      1)I’m not undermining law enforcement. Just 2 idiots that hide behind a badge.
      2)Yes I was once 10 years old. And, I’m sure I acted inappropriately. And,
      3)When someone climbs thru my window, they will end up with a bullet between the eyes. Then the police/coroner can clean up what’s left.

  10. lisa says:

    Brings tears to my eyes. These police men were very mean spirited and their supervisor isn’t any better either. She did nothing to fix it. This women was humiliated after realizing it was a joke. Even if she only has a speech impediment which made it difficult to read, it brought her to suicide thoughts. These policemen need to be given community service in a disabled unit for one year at 5 hours a day. If they complete it maybe give them their job back see if they will ever do it again. and a big fine of 100,000.00.
    Sometimes we have to teach these stupid bullies.

  11. Julie says:

    Could it be that you are so ready to defend the police that you are blind to tne fact that what these “men” did was bullying and childish, not befitting LEO’s?

  12. Robbie says:

    I don’t know that this rises to a level of firing the officers but serious discipline should be dished out to them including publicly apologizing to the janitor. All the issued described by the lady sounds like lawyer garbage just to make it sound as bad as possible. I’m sure the lady has been teased before but these officers should be suspended without pay in addition to the apology. Based on any other issues that they may have had before should warrant whether or not their supervisor feels this is the last straw or not. If a pattern is shown perhaps they should be directed to another line of work. If this is a first time event then punishment and apology should be enough. The Department or City shouldn’t be penalized for the incident.

  13. Kate says:

    Something I learned years ago in one of my psych classes: people tend to attack those that are just one rung below them. So, you can see where that puts these officers.

  14. 51peajay says:

    These NYC cops can’t spell. It should have read: I’m a dope. So who is the dope now? Shame on the NYPD.

  15. walter brown says:

    Equarlrightass,u are one stupid fool,i wish people knew your real name,but u are so pitiful u are ashamed of youself,check yourself for mental illness in your family,u have one in thers some where,oh wait that’s you.

  16. Jason Mac says:

    If those two assclowns worked for Clarksville police dept. in TN, and were so-called good ole’ boys, they wouldn’t fire them or anything. I worked there and I became a target for a worthless LT. now Cpt. because I actually worked, was fair, and didn’t play their silly games. He would find any little thing I did and blow it out of proportion. I think he was jealous because I laced up boots as a soldier while he never did anything but become a police officer. Anyways, he let an officer stay employed there after the officer appeared on the front page of the local Clarksville paper jokingly running for president and in the article he explains that if he were to be elected, he would have a ‘4th Amendment free day’ where police can go to any residence and enter the residence w/o a search warrant and search the residence because the police have suspicion that a crime such as drugs, or any illegal activities are taking place, or enter the residence because a possible known criminal lives there… but that officer is still there and actually got promoted to detective total B/S. I was let go because his (the officer in question) G/F and her friends lied to IA. I know I went of the tangent but, I’m just tired of useless police or anyone else that covers and lies, then ruin other peoples lives while still keeping their jobs.

  17. Linda says:

    Please, God, let there be consequences for these two officers. We’ve turned into this horrible, hate-filled society. And it’s not just the political atmosphere, it’s everywhere. People blame the anonymity of the internet but it’s not even the internet’s fault. It’s the lack of consequences – the loss of a job, being called out in public for this kind of behavior, parents acting to put a stop to bullying, parents who hold their children accountable for their selfish, mean, entitled behavior – which they either learned from their parents or their friend’s parents – because this is what those kids grow to become…people who think it’s okay to ridicule people with disabilities. The lack of consequences has tainted every aspect of our culture and to those cops. Shame on you. Shame.

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