Anthony LaPaglia Split And Filed For Divorce After 17 Years To Gia Carides

April 7, 2015 | By Garrett Montgomery More

Anthony LaPaglia’s split from My Big Fat Greek Wedding actress Gia Carides, his wife of seventeen years, is grabbing headlines. The Without A Trace actor will soon be single, and some fans are hoping that he will fall for them. It has been confirmed that the popular Australian actor filed for divorce from Carides through high profile lawyer Laura Wasser and is asking for joint custody of their teen daughter, Bridget LaPaglia.

anthony lapaglia split

Anthony LaPaglia split up with longtime wife, Gia Carides, and single ladies on the internet go wild. On Friday, TMZ broke the Gia Carides and Anthony LaPaglia split news.

The entertainment website claimed that the Without a Trace and Frasier actor hired Laura Wasser, a California-based attorney, who is famous for the countless celebrity divorce cases she has handled.

According to the documents obtained by the site, Anthony LaPaglia is claiming irreconcilable differences in his marriage to actress Gia Carides. LaPaglia is seeking joint custody of the couple’s only child, 12-year-old daughter Bridget LaPaglia.

The former couple did not have a prenup. The Australian star has an estimated net worth of $6 million; he has plans to pay spousal and child support to the My Big Fat Greek Wedding star.

Mr LaPaglia is a big soccer fan and recently went to Australia to work on a new movie called A Month of Sundays. The 56-year-old actor signed the divorce papers early February, but it appears that he was hoping for a reconciliation because he filed them in April. LaPaglia, who was born in Adelaide, South Australia, mainly lives in California for his acting career.

The star wed Carides in 1998 after working together on the 1994 Australian film, Lucky Break, known as Paperback Romance in America. The $9.99 actor was previously married to Cherie Michan.

In 2009, Anthony LaPaglia wrote a lengthy piece for Sunday Life, where he explained that when he asked Carides’ mother permission to wed her, he was told that she is a handful. The talented TV star wrote at the time:

“Her mother, Noelie’s response was: “She’s a handful. I hope you know what you’re doing.” The answer then was as it is today: “Of course I do. That’s what I love about her.”

In the same essay, he also explained that he did not really understand women. He confessed:

“I m with Socrates when it comes to women: the only true knowledge is to acknowledge that you know nothing. Seriously, the more I learn about women, the less I understand them. Guys are basic. Tell us where to go, we’ll be there. We don’t over-think life. That’s as true of little boys as it is of old men like me. Women are faster to develop, faster on the uptake.”

After news had surfaced that Anthony LaPaglia split up with Gia Carides, few single ladies took to Twitter to ask for the star’s phone number. One person tweeted:

“Anthony LaPaglia is hot and rich, can I have his phone number?”

Another woman wrote:

“I myself have been divorced twice, we could be great together.”

What are your thoughts on the Gia Carides Anthony LaPaglia split?


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