Frankie Grande Leaves “Big Brother,” Ariana Grande Brother Evicted

September 18, 2014 | By Garrett Montgomery More

Frankie Grande Leaves Big Brother Pic

Frankie Grande leaves Big Brother and blames everyone but himself for getting eliminated. In several interviews, Mr Grande claims that Caleb should be kick out next because he is evil.

Frankie Grande leaves Big Brother without the half million dollars that would have helped thousands of African children.

On September 16, the unthinkable happened, Ariana Grande’s older brother Frankie was booted from Big Brother 16.

The move was shocking to many, because the internet personality has been playing an amazing game thus far, allying himself with the right group of players and stabbing anyone who dared to be better at this.

But all of that ended this week because of Big Brother‘s Rewind twist. Grande had won HOH and POV but all of it was gone due to Big Brother‘s decision.

In a vote of 2-0, he was kicked out. Talking to several media outlets, the Broadway producer said that he knew he was the main target the moment he was nominated.

Grande also explained that the other houseguests were greedy and that they would have done anything for $500,000.

According to Grande, Victoria, Caleb, Cody and Derrick all knew that he was the best in the game and therefore got rid of him.

Grande also said that he regretted putting Cody up for elimination and thought that it was a brilliant move to reveal that Ariana Grande is his sister to the other contestants.

He blames Derrick for his elimination and believes that he influenced Caleb. He has forgiven Derrick, but it is taking more time to accept what Caleb did to him.

Frankie Grande stated that Derrick or Cody will win Big Brother and is certain that the next person to go is Caleb. Frankie explained:

I believe Caleb. I’m the only person that was in that house that actually might have taken him in the end. Now he’s a helpless animal waiting to be picked off. Talk about karma.

You can watch Frankie Grande’s Big Brother interview below where he explained why he revealed his big secret and why he has so much admiration for Derrick.


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