Emerald White Pit Bulls Killed Beagle: White Is Now Suing Dead Beagle Owner

November 17, 2014 | By Garrett Montgomery More

Emerald White’s pit bulls attacked and killed a 10-year-old beagle named Bailey, and; now, she is suing the victims for $1 million. According to court documents, White wants Steve Baker, Bailey’s owner to pay her $1 million for the injuries she sustained while trying to stop the fight between the dogs.

Emerald White pit bulls

Emerald White‘s pit bulls killed another dog, and now, the Texas woman is suing the owner. On October 27th, two pit bulls that belong to White ran to her neighbor’s yard via a hole in a fence between the properties.

White’s pit bulls brutally attacked and killed a 10-year-old beagle named Bailey owned by Steve Baker, his wife, and two daughters. Friends and family members advised Baker to sue White for the death of his beloved pet.

Baker told local media that he was not interested in dragging White to court because it would not bring Bailey back. The dog lover added that he was satisfy with the police’s decision to declare Emerald White’s pit bulls dangerous animals. Baker explained:

“The police took the action I wanted and declared those dogs dangerous and awareness was raised; so I decided to let it go.”

Last Wednesday, Baker was shocked when he was served with a lawsuit from White. The documents from the 405th District Court showed that White was asking $1 million in damages due to the injuries she sustained during the dog fight. According Emerald White’s lawyer, she was:

“seriously injured, when she entered the Baker’s yard. She was unexpectedly and viciously attacked as she tried to retrieve her dogs.”

White, who is the owner of four pit bulls, is asking a million dollars in order to pay for her medical bills after:

“sustaining multiple serious bite and scratch-type injuries rand for feeling conscious pain and suffering and now suffers also from fear anxiety and trepidation.”

Baker who is baffled by the lawsuit said:

“I couldn’t believe it.Now they’re suing me for $1 million — I just can’t believe it.”

In her million dollar suit, White also claimed that the Baker family failed to replace parts of the fence to be more secure. Baker claimed that he spoke to White about repairing his part of the fence, but never had any response.

Since the fatal attack, Emerald White’s pit bulls have been declared dangerous dogs by Texas City. The ordinance requires White to build a secure enclosure that is at least 6 feet high with a mechanical locking device.

She is also obligated to post a sign in her yard alerting residents of her dangerous dogs.


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  1. Larry Thomas says:

    It is just another case of
    Stupid white trash….wanting to sue ….

  2. Bob says:

    A family of useless people suing someone over their own lack of control of their useless dogs. Shoot the dogs and smack the useless drain on society idiots who own them. People are disgusting..

    • asdtn says:

      That’s the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard. These dogs are the loyalist on the planet. The “victim” here is the dog that won the fight because of people like you. He was only protecting what was his. What would you do if your property was threatened? Act or call the cops and hope they show up in time?

      • Bill says:

        “He was only protecting what was his?” Really!! Read that article again. The dog(s) that won were in the neighbor’s yard. I don’t know about you, but I don’t need the neighbor’s dogs protecting my house.

      • Eric says:

        Did you read the article? I don’t think you did, because the pit bulls invaded the beagle’s yard and killed it. The pit bulls were protecting nothing. The victim here, is the dead beagle and the Baker family.

      • lamlam says:

        The dog that won the fight is not the victim. The article states “two pit bulls that belong to White ran to her neighbor’s yard.” The pit bulls weren’t protecting their property. The beagle would have been the dog protecting his property, yet he was killed.

      • Will says:

        READ THE ARTICLE!!!! The pit bulls entered into the neighbors yard, therefore White’s pit bulls were not on White’s property.

      • Max says:

        Hey asdtn, you are as stupid as the pit bull owner. Read the article, you moron. I love dogs, and own two, but these dogs are clearly dangerous, and after an incident like this, they shouldn’t be left to be properly restrained by their idiot owner, they’ll get out again and kill a kid next time. They need to be put down. And the owner should be as well. What a worthless piece of trash. I don’t care what race she is, she is the reason this world has lots of bad in it.

      • Rich says:

        Oh, please. Euthanize all the dogs and the owner.

  3. dfs ertfsdf says:


  4. Jimbo says:

    I cannot believe they didn’t destroy the dogs, what kind of world is this? These vicious people are worse than the dogs! The dogs should have been killed, and their house foreclosed upon by their neighbor.

  5. Refuge5 says:


  6. susan says:

    White you are “Trash” just plain and simple trash.

  7. reddog says:

    It is way past time that irresponsible people with Pit Bulls, Rottweiler’s, etc., are not held accountable for the actions of their dogs. Sure, I know that some of these dog owners have been jailed when their dogs killed someone but what about the dogs that kill other peoples pets? People who get these dogs should be required to have them professionally trained, and have an adequate enclosure to contain them safely. If they injure or kill someone or someone else’s pet, the first thing that should happen is that the owner goes to jail. Enough already! It is irresponsible and unlawful for someone to use a firearm and hurt someone or their property (I’m a gun owner by the way so not knocking guns here), unlawful to use a car to injure or kill someone and these aggressive dogs should be no different. It isn’t the dogs that are to blame here, it’s the owners who allow them to be aggressive or “at large”.

  8. Purple Mullet says:

    Some people just have absolutely NO morals or conscience at all. How on Earth can she justify that fact the HER dogs invaded the neighbor’s yard, killed their elderly dog, and now she has the gall to sue over injuries that her dogs probably caused in the first place. Unbelievable. The court system had better do the right thing in this case and award the poor family that is grieving the loss of a beloved family pet the million and she can go pound salt in her ass.

    • Anna says:

      Because the owners of the beagle failed to properly repair a part in their fence that left a hole between the properties.

      • jabney says:

        Shared fence is the responsibility of both home owners. If you owned a home you would know this. Two dogs entered onto the property of another – and there’s no requirement that you even have a fence. A beagle was killed for doing nothing but living on the property of his owners.

  9. John King says:

    FIRST we kill all the lawyers.

    • Stephen says:

      As a third year law student I would prefer that you not kill ALL the lawyers. While there are way too many lawyers happy to take garbage cases like this one, there are a lot of good guys that turn frivolous, outrageous lawsuits away. I could be wrong but I bet that White had to go to a few lawyers before finding someone desperate enough to take such a garbage case. Hopefully the Baker’s will have good representation and win attorney’s fees as well.

      • jabney says:

        Never pay an attorney. Paying someone to repeat whatever they can remember of someone elses story is silly. Always represent yourself. Follow the rules of procedure and make your own case – you’ll always make more sense than anyone that rents their mouth out to make a living.

  10. Vincent says:

    This lawsuit will get tossed because, in Texas, as is the case with most other states, the maintenance of a fence on a property line is THE RESPONSIBILITY OF BOTH OWNERS! If she spoke with him, then she knew of the hole and the danger it presented. Legally, she should have either offered help in the way of buying supplies or helping repair the damaged fence. Also, she is held liable for the her side of the fence AND if she knew the dogs were liable to attack she should have taken precautions against it. Just ask any old Texas farmer or rancher who has ever fixed his neighbors fence or had to put a whole section line up.

  11. Gayle says:

    She should also be required to post a sign on her property alerting residents to her stupidity.

  12. gordon wilcox says:


  13. antonio napoli says:

    Yo fuck dis pussy ass shit gwop gang niggga pitbull is the best rapper na fuck dat shit pussy ass beagle needed to die fucking wit da rich gang lord pitbull

  14. greelee says:

    I say put down the pitbulls and the owner.

    • Melinda says:

      Sadly…they very well could be. Dogs that have attacked and killed other living creatures like that under no provocation are usually deemed dangerous and euthanized. MY worry is for all the other Staffordshires who have done no wrong.

  15. CraftyMom says:

    The way this article sounds, White & her dogs trespassed into Baker’s yard & her pit bulls attacked & killed the defenseless beagle. Sounds like when she trespassed into Baker’s yard, she got attacked by her own animals on another person’s property. Maybe Baker should sue White not only for the death of his beagle, but also for emotional & mental anguish for the loss of his family pet for all 4 members of his family and for White trespassing on his property. Baker should have her arrested for the crime of trespassing too. White should be suing the owner of the pit bulls who attacked her…oh wait, that would be herself!

    • chery says:


    • Wolfgang says:

      I agree with CraftyMom on every point she says. Bakers should sue the Whites – the whole thing is terrible and traumatic, but the Whites added insult to injury. I find their action to the Bakers disgusting and repulsive. They are irresponsible.

  16. chery says:

    This is absolutely ridiculous and heart breaking. I love dogs- Pits included- but really? What is this world coming to. Your seriously going to sue an owner who’s dog was killed by your dogs???? Who did not take you to court???? White obviously has no sense of personal responsibility. Whites dogs – who should have been looked afte- ran out of Whites yard and killed the Beagle. Period. It’s no more complicated than that. Fence or no fence. This is horrible! I highly doubt a 10 year old Beagle did much fighting against 2 pit bulls. Self defense is about all. White deserves to be arrested just for being that cruel and stupid! I hope someone is pissed enough to go after white. I really do. Not the dogs fault. Not the fences fault. Not Baker’s fault. White’s fault. The only one to blame. I hope Baker can sue your ass White. You deserve it.

  17. Christine says:

    Is the owner of the Pitbulls’ serious. The other family lost a family pet that they had for 10 years. If anyone should be filing charges it should be them.You are just pissed off that your dogs are considered dangerous.This was a freak accident. I know that the Pitbulls’ were just protecting their turf but, the owner of the Pitbulls’ should not be entitled to 1 million dollars.

  18. Anne Williams says:

    Declaring a lawsuit will be started, and actually having a judge let it be heard, are 2 different things. No judge would allow this to go to pre-trial, much less into court. It’s a nuisance suit. The White’s dogs are clearly in the wrong. My interest would be “How did they get that way?” Were they trained, and abused, to kill with that much vehemence? White needs to take care of herself. She has no right to attack. The fence issue is separate, and in no way places her at risk. Pit Bulls have to be trained to be this aggressive. She is obviously is in the wrong.

    • Concerned says:

      Indeed, the pit bulls were apparently reflecting the attitudes they learned from their owner. They attack a weak beagle, the owner now attacks the beagle’s owners who are weakened by the beagle’s loss. Fence (jail) the pit bulls’ owner as well as her dogs!

  19. bf says:

    It is pos’s like the whites that make this country’s court system impossible to give a fair decision.

    The whites should all be shot, along with their Pitbulls.

  20. Ed Short says:

    Politicians from Texas imply that their being from Texas is a good reason for the electorate to vote for them. In fact the exact opposite is true.

    Family wants to own deadly animals in a neighborhood. The correct policy is simply – No.
    But in Texas the policy is – Okay just build a fence taller than the one the deadly animals crawled under.

    Texas culture is ill.

  21. Michael Vick says:

    This Emerald White person? Is she a nagger?

  22. Joey says:

    My moms been in a wheelchair since she was 21. Our first pitbull lived to be 15 and was loved by all who knew him. My new pitbull is now 3 year old and often visits the little dogs next door and the dogs on the next street at the request of their owners. Sometimes people will come over and ask if they can walk my pitbull because he is so loveable and friendly. He likes to walk with his teddy bear in his mouth. Every year the birds build their next in the tree in the back yard right next to where my pitbull likes to sleep. I take photos of the birds when they land on his head. What I’m trying to say is judge the deed, not the breed.

    • Melinda says:

      Amen to your dog!! Pit Bulls are beautiful and loveable when trained properly and given proper tiers of dominance in the home. And those dopey grins…^///^
      Protect that dog of yours.

  23. R Senn says:

    Hope she dies from the dog bites.

  24. Rich says:

    Euthanize the dogs AND the stupid owner. Is she kidding?

  25. Melinda says:


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