Dad Passed Out In Drive-Thru Next To 2-Month-Old Baby: Drunken Father Raymond Collingwood Arrested

December 26, 2014 | By TheSpreadit More

Dad passed out in drive-thru next to his 2-month-old baby, the bizarre story has gone viral. The Modesto father was arrested on Wednesday morning, according to law enforcement.

dad passed out in drive thru

Raymond Collingwood, a homeless Modesto dad, passed out in a drive-thru as his baby was crying in a stroller. Collingwood, 24, was arrested and the child was taken to protective custody after the Wednesday scene.

The incident happened at 6:30 a.m. and Collingwood was charged with felony child endangerment. According to KCRA, three outstanding warrants related to drug charges and obstructing justice, were also brought forward by investigators.

Ryan Downey, who was working near the fast food restaurant, Wienerschnitzel on Carpenter Road, heard the infant crying and is the one who called the police. Downey, told the Modesto Bee:

“I was shaking him and yelling at him, but he was unresponsive. I picked the baby up, but the guy didn’t even move.”

Firefighters arrived before the cops and Collingwood attempted to flee. The father was apprehended one block away from the fast food drive-through. Downey shared:

“He kind of jumped up and grabbed his stuff and flipped everybody off and started walking away.”

The crying baby was found wearing a pajama onesie and wrapped in a blanket, but his diaper was soaking wet.

Modesto Police Department spokeswoman, Heather Graves, revealed on Thursday that the baby boy usually stays with his maternal grandmother, but Collingwood left with him on Tuesday night after he had a fight with the woman.

The two-month-old baby’s mother is also homeless. The child is doing fine and did not need extra medical care, but authorities are not ready to give him back to the mother.

It is believed that Collingwood was drunk. The man, who found the baby, was left shaken by what took place, he explained to the Modesto Bee:

“I was pretty messed up all day.”

California dad passed out in drive-thru leaving some wondering, can he pick up the pieces for the sake of his child?


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  1. Jack Phillips says:

    If there ever was a case for mandatory sterilization, this would be the poster story. Both parents do not have the right to reproduce.

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