Couple Falls Off Cliff: Polish Couple Dies Taking Selfie In Portugal

August 15, 2014 | By Garrett Montgomery More

Couple Falls Off Cliff Picture

Couple falls off cliff in Portugal while trying to take selfies. A Polish couple taking pictures on a dangerous cliff in Cabo da Roca falls off and probably drowns in the Atlantic Ocean, as their young children watch on hopelessly. It took rescuers several hours to find the bodies of the couple due to bad weather.

Couple falls off cliff and dies, leaving two children behind. On Saturday, a young couple from Poland who were living in Portugal made a stop at the famous Cabo da Roca in Sintra to take few pictures for the memories.

The pair who were selfie lovers stepped a little too close to the edge of the cape and plummeted to their deaths.

According to Portuguese authorities the lovers were accompanied by their two young kids, ages five and six who witnessed the tragic death of their parents.

Another couple from Spain who was also touring the Rock of Lisbon saw what happened to the pair ran and took the children to prevent another accident and quickly called the police.

A family member spoke briefly to Polish media saying that the foursome had moved to Portugal several years ago and they were happy to call the country home.

The unnamed relative said they have made plans to travel to Lisbon to take the kids who were shaken by the deaths of their parents.

Both children were turned over to Polish diplomats and underwent psychological evaluations.

It is believed the parents of two made the life costing decision to cross the safety barriers in order to stand on the cliff’s edge and take selfies using the astonishing ocean view as background.

The police stated that the individuals fell about 260 feet from the cliff to the roaring ocean.

They might have drowned in the Atlantic Ocean or the long fall might have killed them, police are waiting for test results to find out the cause of the deaths.

Rescue workers were forced to abandon search efforts on Saturday due to bad whether, which included heavy winds that made it impossible to fly a helicopter near the cape.

But on Sunday the team returned to the spot and found both bodies and contacted the families.

Below is a video on the rescue effort to find the couple who fell off the cliff.


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