Billionaire Ferguson Protest: Twitter Co-Founder Jack Dorsey Joins Ferguson Protests

August 17, 2014 | By Garrett Montgomery More

Billionaire Ferguson Protest

Billionaire joins Ferguson protest and story makes headlines. Jack Dorsey, the billionaire co-founder of Twitter has been live-tweeting the protests in Ferguson, Missouri since the killing of Michael Brown. Dorsey who is from St. Louis, has shared dozens of pictures and videos of people taking part in the march and protest in the city. The billionaire has also explained that Ferguson police officers have stopped using tear gas to scatter the crowd who defied the curfew.

Last week, billionaire Jack Dorsey left his comfortable California mansion and flew to his native state of Missouri to take part in the Ferguson protests.

Hundreds of people have been taking to the streets of Ferguson every night since a police officer by the name of Darren Wilson gunned down an unarmed teenager by the name of Michael Brown.

Dorsey, the co-founder of Twitter has been live-tweeting the events taking place.

He has posted dozens of photos, vines and interviewed some of the protesters and police officers.

The wealthy man who is accompanied by his parents also spoke about the curfew put in place by Missouri Governor Jay Nixon.

Via the networking site, the internet mogul explained that citizens have not respected the newly installed curfew and have taken to the streets holding signs and chanting “we are ready.”

A state senator (he did not reveal the name) who showed up to ask people to accept the curfew was told to go back home.

The owner of one of the top 10 websites in the world shared that during the marches, officers threw what was thought to be tear gas, but it turned out to be smoke canisters that burned people’s eyes.

He also spotted many people praying and handing out flowers as they demanded justice for the dead teen.

Several monks came to the rally, so did a motorcycle gang.

He also spotted a man dressed as Superman, rapper J Cole and Scientologists giving out fliers at the gathering.

And after each protest, locals cleaning up the streets.


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  1. thomas scheyer says:

    Doesn’t anybody around there work?

    • mare says:

      Obviously not! Looks like soon they’ll be MORE employed, considering the businesses being looted and destroyed.

  2. dudly dupa says:

    people need to stay away from this and let it settle down.
    the town does not need outsiders stirring up an already terrible mess.
    that includes the racists, sharpton and jackson, along with his
    maj ass ity “yomomma”

    • mare says:

      Totally agree with you.
      Does the billionaire need an additional 15 minutes of fame? Perhaps he’ll financially help those people who are having their businesses destroyed by the looters get back on their feet? Yea, right.
      And MONKS? Really. Thought they were to pray in private? Could think they’re adding a solemnity to the riots. Too many people adding to the mix.

  3. Eileen says:

    I think this should stop it is a sad situation. However it happens all over the world. In 2012 on the campus of USA in Mobile Alabama, a 19 year old white male who was unarmed and naked was gunned down by a black campus police officer. How could this child possibly cause a threat when he was completely naked? No one showed up down there trying to burn down the city.

  4. ken bear chief says:

    I really think the people who made these last few posts should really reconsider what this is about. It is about the shooting of an unarmed young black teenager who was shot down by a police officer. Just knowing how many times this young, unarmed teenager was shot, should and did anger the Black community. Really… really, did this officer have to shoot this teenager in the torso, and his head, at nearly point blank range have to happen? Was it justified? I don’t think so, and neither does anyone else with any common sense.

    • unreality says:

      Yes, an unarmed teen who decided to charge and attack an officer, in his cruiser, attepting to get his weapon, rather than comply with authority.

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