Azealia Banks Assault Claims: Rapper Is Under Investigation After Video Surfaced

November 13, 2015 | By Garrett Montgomery More

Azealia Banks added another scandal to her already impressive list. This time around, Miss Banks is under investigation after she was caught on camera allegedly hitting a security guard and pulling the fire alarm.

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Azealia Banks and Solange should be best friends because they love beating men not too far from elevators. A video has surfaced showing New York rapper Azealia Banks punching and kicking a security guard at the Break Room 86 in Los Angeles, California.

According to the employees at the nightclub, late last month, Azealia Banks and her entourage were asked to leave the premises for being “unruly” and they refused. The staff member tried to escort the star to the exit when she decided to assault him, allegedly, of course.

Much like Jay Z during the infamous elevator brawl, the man appeared helpless as the rapper kicked, punched, and spat on him. In the grainy surveillance footage obtained by TMZ, a second security guard eventually showed up to break up the melee. At some point, the controversial 24-year-old performer appeared to have pulled the fire alarm.

The LAPD has confirmed that they have launched a criminal battery investigation into the alleged incident. Banks has yet to respond to the accusations, but she has been busy on social media chatting with her fans about her recently cancelled tour.

Banks announced she would be cancelling tour dates for a second time in a matter of months blaming being “busy at work.” Banks, who could be recording the follow-up to her 2014 album, Broke with Expensive Taste, wrote:

“I’m very busy at work. Your coins will be refunded and I will be back in January.”

Supporters of the artist can still see her at the Terminal 5 in New York City on November 19th. In September, the “Gimme a Chance” artist was caught on camera verbally assaulting a male flight attendant and trying to hit him after she was unable to get off a plane in California from New York. She got into a scuffle with a French couple and when the steward tried to calm her down, she screamed at the man, spat, and punched him and told him: “f***ing f***ot.” After being slammed by the LGBT community, the rapper, who has been feuding with Iggy Azalea, hit back labeling them the “gay white KKK.”


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  1. not a criminal says:

    Another criminal act from the America hating piece of sh8t

  2. Milu Doute says:

    Please, shut up and go away! Ignorant, arrogant, shameless and embarrassing to women, in my humble opinion, especially women of color (me included). Stop with your “appropriation” rants!! As a graduate student of Women Studies with a BA in International Relations, an MBA degree holder, along with a 10 plus year career working in the private and non-profit sector…I can succinctly tell you Ms. Banks – you are a pathetic, envious, stupidly impulsive biggot! You know not what of you speak! Maybe you have artistic talent so focus on that.

  3. Jinniyah A. says:

    Say what you will, I love Azealia Banks!

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