Al Sharpton’s Daughter Not To Delete Social Media Pictures, Warn NYC Lawyers

May 26, 2015 | By Garrett Montgomery More

Al Sharpton’s daughter’s “delete dilemma” is making headlines. Dominique Sharpton cannot delete her hiking photos, say New York City attorneys. Miss Sharpton filed a $5 million lawsuit against New York City claiming that she suffered permanent injuries to her ankle after falling on uneven pavement in Manhattan in late 2014. Months later, Al Sharpton’s eldest daughter shared pictures of herself hiking in Nevada and is ordered to preserve her Instagram posts as evidence.

Al Sharpton's daughter

Al Sharpton‘s daughter’s “delete drama” is making headlines. Some pictures are priceless, but for Dominique Sharpton, her Instagram photos might be worth about $5 million.

In October of 2014, Rev Al Sharpton’s eldest daughter apparently sprained her ankle after tripping and falling on an uneven Soho street. On May 7, 2015, via her lawyer, John Elefterakis, Sharpton filed a $5 million lawsuit against New York City claiming that she had sustained “permanent pain and injuries” after the fall.

In her lawsuit, Sharpton claimed she “still suffers and will continue to suffer for some time physical pain and bodily injuries.” Dominique Sharpton explained why she is seeking $5 million from New York City, “…because loss of quality of life, future pain and suffering, future medical bills, [and] future diminution of income,” she stated.

Just days after dragging the city to court, Sharpton and a large group of friends took a trip to Nevada to see Mariah Carey in concert. What happens in Vegas does not at all stay in Vegas – it ends up on the Internet.

Sharpton shared pictures of herself in a pool, at a hotel lounge and hiking. In numerous photos, Sharpton, who stated that her ankle was permanently damaged by the fall, could be seen sitting on Red Rock Canyon in Nevada. Sharpton, who works for the National Action Network, an organization that belongs to her father, captioned the photos:

“We hiked UP the mountain, over the clouds… into the SUNRISE, One of the most beautiful sites ever. And YES I ALMOST DIED GETTING UP THERE LOL. #Balidays we made it, WHEW.”

Miss Sharpton also posted pictures of herself having fun in Bali. On May 20, Bill de Blasio‘s administration lawyer, Michele Fox, sent a warning to Al Sharpton’s daughter and urged her not to delete the photos.

“The purpose of this letter is to demand that plaintiff preserve any photographs, documents, communications and any other information, both tangible and electronically stored, potentially relevant to her alleged trip and fall on Dec. 23, 2014. This demand should be construed broadly to encompass materials related to plaintiff’s health, mobility, activity or physical limitations after the alleged incident,” Fox wrote.

Elefterakis issued a statement after the “do not delete” letter was revealed. “Sharpton has been forthcoming and transparent throughout this case with regard to her capabilities despite her pain. Ms. Sharpton does not require a letter to instruct her to save pictures which she has freely made available to the public,” he said.

Law experts say there is no way Sharpton is getting $ 5 million from the city, but she might receive a $7,500 check.

While she can not touch the delete button, Sharpton has made her account private.

What are your thoughts on Al Sharpton’s daughter’s “delete” drama?


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  1. Henry G says:

    Shady dad, shady daughter. She will get a job with the Clintons.

  2. g mcduff says:

    she learned to be a buffoon like her dad.

  3. Ralph H says:

    Daddy was a good teacher as you can see.

  4. Raye says:

    She has got to be the biggest dummy of them all. What fool would sue for that amount of money and then going hiking, dancing, they have caught this girl in some bad situation. Do not give her any taxpayers money.

    • YeshuazGirl says:

      Guess you can take the Sharp OUT of Sharpton and just leave the TON…..TON of bull!
      nuff said… smh at 7,500 too..for what>

  5. Charlie S. says:

    If they know where the Pictures are, they can download them before she deletes them, so they won’t be lost.

  6. Pepper says:

    The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. Two idiots!

  7. Vicious Fish says:

    The turd does not fall far from the a$$hole.

  8. B. Crafton says:

    The prosecution will have a tough time proving any pic other than one on her account is authentic. Photos can be photoshopped. The defense will claim that her pic was photoshopped, unfortunately. So that one factor is why she is being blocked from deleting anything.

    In the end, justice will play out, she’ll be lucky to stay out of jail trying to embezzle from NY.

  9. jeff says:

    a family of losers!

  10. Tanya says:

    She should be prosecuted for trying to defraud the city.

  11. Bill says:

    Following in her fathers footsteps, what do you expect. Taught by the biggest blowhard and tax cheat in the country, always have the hands out for freebies ! No class at all !

  12. Rayjay says:

    Reverend Sharpton….Pay your overdue IRS tax bill. That way there will be enough in the Medicaid fund to get your daughters “severely” injured ankle fixed.

  13. rory michael says:


  14. Teresa says:

    They have done so much for black folks, give them a break.
    New York city officers have failed black people over and over just like in Ferguson so if they pay 5 million as a form of restution to blacks or to the daughter of a civil right leader that is fine in my book.

    • Donna says:

      BS. Giving the daughter of a rich, lying RACIST (who has ZERO interest in “civil rights”, Justin lining his pocects one the pain of others) is NOT restitution for anyone truly wronged. Besides, what do the cops have to do with this…did they push her? no. her fat azz

      • Inspiredone says:

        anybody can trip skinny folks white, black or green go get several seats in that stadium!

    • Jeff says:

      That is pretty insane logic. They HAVE had a break, like, the all the money they swindle in their ‘FOR-Profit’ organization,… and the over $4 Million he owes the IRS.

      They are scum, and so are his supporters.

    • Roxie Fox says:

      Are you kidding me. The black people who are having problems with the police are failing themselves. In Ferguson, some punk kid robbed a store, bullied the clerk, and then attacked a police officer. Most white people do not have ancestors that owned slaves. So I’m getting rather tired of listening to “poor, poor, pitiful me” from those that would rather sit on their butts and doing drugs. Then having to commit crimes to continue their chosen lifestyles. This isn’t just black people but white people also. All that Al Sharpton has done is caused more hateful feelings between whites and blacks, and if that is doing blacks good then …

      • Inspiredone says:

        Roxie, Slavery is still large and in charge, it is called the prison system, among other systems of inequity; Yes, not all white folks owned slaves but there is a thing called reparations for all the stealing, killing and injustice America and others willfully participated in,
        Now it is past time to pay up! Not all black folk nor whites are criminals nor drug addicts! Regardless how you look at this hiking mess, The world has not lost its share of fraud, lying and stealing and neither does this woman hold the patent for it; Could it be such outrage because she has the name Sharpton?
        Al Sharpton has little to do with his daughter’s legal woes! I say Let her prove her case in court as anyone else would have the opportunity to do!

    • Michael says:

      First, what have they done for black folks? Second, Rev. Sharpton still owes the United States Tax of about $5 Million, hmmmm. Let’s bring in the Police, which has absolutely nothing to do with her suit. Since that is fine with you, take it out of your pocket and leave mine alone. She deserves nothing and should be charged with filing a frivolous suit.

      • Inspiredone says:

        Folks file frivolous law suits all day long, as the kids say on the regular, and many of them come from folks besides Black folks. What does Daddy Sharpton’s IRS problems have to do with HIS Daughters legal woes? Take one of those seats in the stadium,

    • not a criminal says:

      Are you kidding me he is a race baiting poverty pimp who has done nothing for blacks unless it lined his pockets with money. Hes a criminal of the worst type who uses his own race to advance his bank account even to the detriment of his own people at times any black who praises this man is a fool

    • Inspiredone says:

      I hear you but 5 million will not properly cover reparations that are owed to Africans in America.

  15. Donna says:

    Crooked just like Daddy. Now he can start strutting like a Banty rooster crowing about this being “racist”.

  16. GailyC says:

    Oops! Busted. Sounds like she unwittingly took care of the lawsuit, which will not go in her favor. Another putz.

  17. Inspiredone says:

    Well….. Let her prove her case like anyone else would have to do so.

    • Gerry says:

      She already proved it. Don’t waste tax payers money in court. Throw it out before it gets there.

      • Inspiredone says:

        The court must be concerned the judge made a order for her not to delete, therefore still in the process. We don’t know the outcome and neither do we have anything that suggests that it was ok for her to swim or hike as a method of treatment. My point is we don’t know.

  18. john says:

    “The fruit does not fall far from the tree”

  19. Sadworld says:

    White people are a freakin trip. always pointing the finger and finding fault in others when yall have stole EVERY DAMN thang you got. You lie, cheat and continue to steal So hats off to you!!! AL Sharpton learned from the best! Cleary whites are superior right? You run his country right? Who better to learn from….OUR MASTERS RIGHT????hahahahahahah!!! white people are the only people on earth that never ever finds fault in stuff they do. Yall been some dirty low-downs for a long time. Even stole the county you want to own and run! PLEASE sit down and have several seats!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • not a criminal says:


      • sadworld says:

        hehehehehe hahahahaha! you can hurt me! i’m teling the truth that’s why you are mad. Throw a rock in a pack of dogs and the one who gets hit will cry the loudest! and to Fed UP…i’m just speaking the truth. The first time they get a chance to throw stones at black people they do. You see what the response was
        “THAT’S RIGHT WHITE PRIVILEGE BITCH” because the can’t admit to all the wrong they’ve done. they can’t see themselves. they think treating people back and putting people down is the right thing to so. but what goes around comes around. It’s a sad world we live in because of hate. Hate keeps us in the place we are in…not a comment that speaks the truth. You know just like I know it. We are living in sad times because people are to busy judging you by the color of your skin and not the content of your character.

    • Inspiredone says:

      No, more like a stadium full of seats, The comments on this topic stems from bigotry. Many are only commenting because the woman is black and Sharpton’s daughter. Let the woman have her due process. in America some Anglo Saxons generally believe that they are above the law and all other must follow the law. That laws don’t apply to them. This is why there is so much uproar about this little case. There is a possibility that this Black woman might win her case and we couldn’t have that! We are the only ones who can steal, embezzle and get away with it. This case is going to court like any other case and after it is over you will hear nothing, Until there is another Black emulating stuff America has done for many years. And this is not to say that stealing is OK. By the way, Where are my reparations?

  20. Yaakov Zelig says:

    Perhaps if she lost some weight, she could walk with out tripping. When is her old man going to pay the $4 million in taxes that he owes? When is her old man going to be held responsible for inciting a riot in Crown Heights, in 1991, in which a seminary student was murdered? Like father, like daughter.

  21. Sadworld says:

    always throwing off like all black people are on welfare. there is a boat load of white on welfare to. always saying we smoke crack. there is a boat load of whites on crack and meth. please stop pointing the finger! white people are no where near perfect! you are pitiful and sad. it was whites that killed jesus Christ….BUT A BLACK MAN HELP HIM CARRY HIS CROSS!!!! just take a moment and look at all the unjust killing your race of people have done and continue to do. you can for once own up and take some shame in the stuff you’ve done and continue to do…all you can do is find fault in other. THE GULITY CRIES THE LOUDEST!!!! Al Sharpton and his daughter are two different people. but you had to go bad and find fault in him because he’s told be about you low down dirty selves for years! KEEP SPEAKING THE TRUTH AL!!! If it didn’t hit home they wouldn’t be bashing you and your daughter. hahahahaha!!!

    • not a criminal says:


    • Brian McMurty says:

      Statistically only 11.7% of the population is black. Welfare is made up of 73% black. That is EXTREMELY disproportionate to their numbers. hahahahahahaha!!! You’re STUPID!

    • Inspiredone says:

      There has historically always been more Whites on Welfare than Blacks; and when the recession hit in 2008 the number skyrocketed!

  22. Fed-Up says:

    Hey Sadworld the statements that you make are the reason we continue to be divided as a country. Once everyone realizes that we are all on this planet together and stop the hatred, rioting, and killing we’ll all be better off. As for this situation I think she is looking for a hand-out and not take-out.

    • sadworld says:

      we continue to be divided as a country because this country id full of hate. Sorry if you didn’t like my comment, but the truth is the truth. I’ll call a dog a dog and a cat a cat. There is good and bad in all races! But there is one race that can’t seem to see any of the bad they do and say. Yes it is the white race. Did you read the comments they were making. They have done more unjust than any race of people in this country. Look at the history books…my GOD! and you want to fault me. This world is a sad place and hate is one of the main reasons.

      • Inspiredone says:

        he issue here is the case of the broken ankle but some white Americans do not respond to kindly to folks of color emulating their poor behavior, particularly if they cant benefit or get away with the crime themselves. We have two justice systems in America, hopefully the system will work for this woman. I don’t agree with stealing , if she is proven guilty so be it , My point here is that we don’t have all the fact and race was highlighted in this case because she was Black and kin to Sharpton. This case is nothing more than what it is. Lady sues City for broken ankle. The article only provided the opportunity for some to express their bigotry. Nevertheless Facts are: reparations are owned for the atrocity of slavery, Woman is entitled by the constitution to exercise her due process, Her case has nothing to do with her father whatever anyone feels about him and we are not privy to ALL the facts about the case! … This proves how far we still have to go
        God Bless!

  23. Brian McMurty says:

    Her father is a piece of dung can artist – the apple NEVER falls far from the tree. It is not her fault. She is just doing what her father has taught her to do since childhood.
    Give her a break. She is a product of a bad environment.

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