6 Hurt: Nightclub Shooting Leaves 6 People Injured In Salt Lake City

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6 hurt nightclub shooting

Nightclub shooting leaves 6 people hurt in Salt Lake City, the main suspect is still on the run. The Inferno Cantina Night Club shooting took place on Saturday around 11:45 p.m.

According to police, a gunman opened fire on a large crowd in a Utah nightclub over the weekend, resulting in 6 people being injured. Thankfully, none of the injuries were reported to be life threatening although a few are considered serious.

An eyewitness who arrived at the club with friends few minutes before the shots started ringing, said it was pretty chaotic as people tried to hide behind the bar and stay on the floor. The confusion, he said, will make it hard for some to come forward with useful information.

The man responsible for the shooting rapidly fled the scene in a stolen vehicle, he was accompanied by at least one other person. As he was leaving the gunman tried to run over the club’s armed security guard.

The security officer fired a single shot at the black Cadillac CTS, it is not yet clear if the suspects fired back or if they were injured. The stolen car was found by police few hours later, 5 miles away from where the shooting occurred.

The Inferno Cantina that opened in 2011, is a restaurant by day and a popular Salt Lake City dance spot at night frequented by a diverse crowd. It is located at 122 Pierpont Ave. and it has decided not comment on the shooting.

Police are looking for witness videos from the Salt Lake City nightclub shooting in order to determine if it was a random act or if it was motivated. The main suspect is said to Hispanic. It is believed that at least one video of the incident exists, police have not gotten their hands on it as yet.

Salt Lake City police Lt. Craig Gleason said that the incident does not appear to be gang related. He told KSL TV:

“We have some suspects that we’re looking for, but as of yet we don’t have them in custody.”

Police have spoken to hundreds of people but they still don’t have a clear picture of the two suspects.

Some of the witnesses did say that the shooting may have started after two men exchanged gunfire in the crowded club.


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