Young Ready Rapper Dies At 31: Racked Up Ready Shot Dead In Louisiana

June 25, 2015 | By Garrett Montgomery More

Rapper Young Ready died at the age of 31 in Bogalusa, Louisiana. Young Ready aka Racked Up Ready, whose birth name was Shannen Hudson, was shot and killed along with his friend, Jare Stevenson, in a vehicle discovered near City Limits Road.

Rapper Young Ready

Rapper Young Ready dies along with a pal named Jare Stevenson, and the story goes viral.

In a press release issued by police, it was revealed that on the afternoon of June 24, several 911 calls were made after gunshots were heard in City Limits Road, Bogalusa, a city in Washington Parish, Louisiana.

At 3:30 p.m., authorities discovered the bodies of Young Ready, 31, and Mr. Jare Stevenson, 28 – both men had been shot to death. According to Daniel Whittington, an investigator with the Washington Parish Coroner’s Office, Young Ready was shot at least once.

The Bogalusa Police Department said that they have no suspects at the moment and are asking the public to help them with their investigation. Young Ready, whose real name was Shannen Hudson, was an upcoming rapper, who completed a 30-city tour earlier this month.

Young Ready had recently announced that he was dropping Young and wanted to be known as Racked Up Ready on his debut album called Goon Related.

The father of four young children – Shanyra, 4, Shaniyah, 3, Shannen Jr., 2, and Kha’li, 10 months – was working hard to become a better man after a run-in with the law and be an example for his family.

Lady luck was smiling at Young Ready because right after his tour, he was contacted by Interscope Records for a deal. His manager, Tony Guidry explained:

“Shannen was an artist who wrote about his surroundings as well as his past. So he was a guy who had a lot of fans amongst … people (who) were so anesthetized to extreme violence that it was almost acceptable, almost to the point where it was embraced.”

Guidry added:

“It’s not something that Shannen particularly advocated, even though he has a past that included violence.”

According to his bio, the “What Up” artist, who was arrested for illegally carrying a weapon in 2008, used his songs to share his truth with the listeners, which is why they connected with him. He explained:

“…I’m spitting from the soul, I don’t just rap rhymes I spit the real and my lyrics elaborate on the laws necessary to survive and maintain in the streets…cause a lot of niggas got the game twisted.”

Young Ready’s mother, Lydia Hudson, 60, said that he was a good son, who took care of her. Hudson revealed:

“He was just a big baby. He was never gonna go long without touching base with me. He was a ‘momma’s boy.’ He always wanted to make sure that mom was OK.”

You can watch Racked Up Ready’s “What You Been Thru” music video below.


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