Woman IDs Killer: 911 Call Helps Identify Woman Killer In Wisconsin

August 27, 2014 | By Garrett Montgomery More

Woman Ids Killer 911 Call

Woman ids killer during 911 call. A woman named Kacee Tollesbol who was shot by her brother-in-law, Andrew Steele, called 911 where she revealed that the former police officer tried to murder her and her sister Ashlee Steele. Before dying in the hospital, the woman once more identified Steele as her killer. The sister also died. The cop who is battling ALS tried to commit suicide after the double murder.

Before dying, a woman in Wisconsin ids her killer during a brief 911 call. On Friday at around noon, a 911 operator received a frantic call from Kacee Tollesbol from Madison, Wisconsin.

Tollesbol revealed that her brother-in-law Andrew Steele had murdered his wife Ashlee Steele. Mrs Tollesbol explained during the call that Steele had shot her in the back and that she needed help.

The 38-year-old woman was rushed to a nearby hospital where she told doctors that former Dane County Sheriff’s deputy Andrew P. Steele was the one who shot her and killed her sister.

The mother-of-four from Elmo, Minnesota who got married last month, died minutes after arriving at the hospital. Mr Steele who tried to kill himself was taken to the hospital with non-life-threatening injuries.

The sisters were brutally murdered the same day, their grandmother passed away. It is not known if the three deaths are linked.

Seeing that it was a member of the Dane County Sheriff’s Office who committed the crimes, the case has been turned over to the Fitchburg police department. Fitchburg police officers are not revealing much at the moment because it is an ongoing investigation.

According to local media, the 39-year-old alleged killer, retired from the police force in March of 2014. He was a law enforcer for 16 years.

One month after turning in his badge, he was diagnosed with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis better known as ALS. The couple had been together for 26 years and have two children who are beyond devastated by the events.

The family launched the “Tough As Steele — Taking Down ALS” page on Facebook in order to raise over $70k for the former cop’s medical bills.

They had raised half of the money in 30 days and had 3 months to reach their goal.

Andrew and Ashlee Steele who met at the age of twelve, graduated from the same university, had been actively pushing their friends and family members to take part in the viral ice bucket challenge and to donate to the cause.


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  1. Wendy Johnson says:

    if he had tried to commit suicide he would be dead, he certainly knew how to kill the women. Why has he not been arrested? When and if convicted his punishment should be life, no matter what it takes-a feeding tube, a ventilator. No death with dignity for him…

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