Woman Giraffes Zoo: California Woman Goes In With Giraffes At Zoo, Gets Kicked In The Face

August 18, 2014 | By Garrett Montgomery More

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Woman troubled giraffes at zoo is licked, kicked and fined. A California woman by the name of Amanda Hall touring the Henry Vilas Zoo in Madison, Wisconsin climbed into a pen to touch and pet two giraffes, and one of them licked her face before kicking her. The young woman was cited on suspicion of harassment of zoo animals and hit with a $686 fine.

One woman’s love for giraffes pushed her to cross a fence at a zoo to get closer to them, and let us say that the story did not end well.

On Saturday at around 5:30 PM, Amanda Hall who was visiting the state of Wisconsin made a stop at the Henry Vilas Zoo in Randall Ave in Madison.

Miss Hall decided to illegally enter the giraffe pen by climbing over two fences in order to see them closer.

The lady who is originally from San Luis Obispo was thrilled be next to two giraffes, one named Eddie and the other named Wally who is 2 years of age and is already 12 feet tall.

Eddie was not impressed by the Californian, so he stayed away. But Wally was curious to have a human in the exhibit, so he proceeded to calmly lick her face.

Upon realizing that the visitor could harm him; Wally became aggressive, made a rapid turn and kicked the tourist in the face.

Zoo officials called the officers from the Madison Police Department who rapidly arrived on the scene. The adventurous citizen was ticketed for harassing zoo animals and was hit with a hefty fine of $686.

Miss Hall told the officers that she really loves giraffes and was hoping to see them closer. She was taken to a nearby hospital where doctors treated her minor injuries and released her.

Workers at the zoo said that she should consider herself lucky that the giraffes did not seriously harm her because they are capable of killing wild animals such as lions and tigers.

This woman will always remember the day she got too close to the giraffes at a zoo; every time she sees the scars on her face.


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  1. Marjo says:

    Incredible story, at least she is safe.

  2. Rob says:

    Incredible story??? Incredibly stupid!! Try petting the Lions next.

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