Craigslist Pregnant Murder : An Ex Nurse’s Aide And Mother Arrested For Attacking Pregnant Woman, Dynel Lane Recently Lost A Baby

March 20, 2015 | By Garrett Montgomery More

An arrest has been made in the Craigslist Pregnant Murder case. Dynel Catrece Lane, a former nurse was arrested by Colorado police after she lured a pregnant woman to her home, stabbed her, cut her womb open and removed her baby. The woman, who was seven months pregnant survived the horrific ordeal, but sadly, her unborn child did not.

woman cuts out baby arrest

The tragic Craigslist Pregnant Murder story has gone viral. An arrest has been made. Some say, Dynel Catrece Lane‘s imprisonment will never be enough for the innocent life she took.

On Thursday, authorities in Colorado arrested Dynel Catrece Lane for a heinous crime. Lane lured a seven month pregnant woman to her home by pretending to sell baby clothes on Craigslist.

When the mother-to-be arrived at the home located in the 1600 block of Green Place in Colorado, she was brutally attacked by the mad woman. Mrs Dynel Lane beat and stabbed the pregnant woman multiple times.

And later did the unthinkable – Lane, who had her nurse’s aide license until 2012, cut out the woman’s stomach and removed the fetus. Lane, 34, a mother of two young children, left the 26-year-old woman bleeding in her basement and took off with the fetus.

The crazed individual told her husband that she had suffered a miscarriage and needed medical attention. It is not known if Lane was recently pregnant, but it has been confirmed that she was expecting a child in 2014 – she may have had a miscarriage.

It has also been revealed that Lane had a 19-month-old girl, who drowned in a shallow pond at her parents’ home in 2002. Lane and her now-ex-husband were devastated by their loss.

Lane was rushed to Longmont United Hospital. The victim, identified as Michelle, was able to call 911 and she was taken to the same hospital as Lane. A very weak Michelle told the 911 operator during the six-minute call:

“She cut me in the stomach… I’m pregnant… I’m bleeding out.”

Michelle, who underwent several hours of surgery, is said to be in a stable condition. Her baby did not survive. Longmont Police Department rapidly located the suspect at the hospital after she arrived with the dead baby.

The husband, who believed his wife really did have a miscarriage, was escorted to the hospital, he has not been arrested and is not considered a suspect. In a press conference, Police Commander Jeffrey M. Satur, said:

“This is a tragic case for a mother right now.She came by this house. She was attacked, and her baby was removed from her.”

Satur went on to add:

“The officer did an incredible job today,” Satur said. “He got here with limited information, heard her calling for help and went in and found her and got her out of the house.”

According to the law enforcer, the two women did not know each other. The mentally ill woman was arrested on suspicion of attempted first-degree murder, first-assault and child abuse knowingly and recklessly resulting in death.

Boulder County District Attorney Stan Garnett said his office has not yet determined what charges to file. Garnett explained:

“The issues involving an unborn child are complicated under Colorado law.In most circumstances, if a child was not actually born alive, then homicide charges are not possible. With a case like this, most of the time charges would not need to be filed until sometime next week.”

Lane, who is being held at the Boulder County Jail, is set to make her first court appearance this afternoon.


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