Will Smith, Bomba Estereo Collaborate On ‘Fiesta’ Remix

October 3, 2015 | By Garrett Montgomery More

Will Smith has decided to spit few rhymes on a track by Bomba Estereo and fans are thrilled. Mr. Smith, who had more or less retired from music in 2005, jumped on the Colombian band’s latest single entitled “Fiesta” to help promote their newly released album, Amanecer.

Will Smith Bomba Estereo

Artists will always be artists no matter how long they have been out of the game. Almost 10 years after Will Smith released his last album, Lost and Found, he decided to lend his talent to the Colombian band known as Bomba Estereo, (which translates into English as “stereo bomb”). The group, which is composed of Simón Mejía, Liliana Saumet and Julián Salazar recently picked the hot track “Fiesta” as the latest single off their fourth studio album, Amanecer, that was released in June.

Mr. Smith met the Bomba Estereo during a trip to Bogotá after hearing their music being played everywhere he went. The father of two rapped both in Spanish and English. The Bad Boys and After Earth actor bragged about meeting a hot woman in a club and trying to get her to the dance floor. Here are his lyrics:

Hola Mamacita, oh yeah, Go get me a beer-a, oh yeah, This track is a heater, Couldn’t let the beat go by without a feature, oh yeah, Because it’s hot shit, only you know me, OG high class and lowkey, Tryna find me a Sofia Vergara, And a dance floor to tear up, Touch me I like beauty, Angel Columbiana laced in designer, The kind that gets impatient, Gotta be blatant, walk up behind her, No gassing me I’m a Tesla, Teach game, sensei, professor
Will Smith display the fresh one, Levántate, fiesta

The single was released to radio stations and digital outlets on October 2. In a statement, Simón Mejia, Bomba Estéreo’s founder, said he was thrilled and shocked to learn that Smith wanted to work with his band. Mejia explained:

“When I was told that Will Smith wanted to collaborate on a remix with Bomba, I couldn’t believe it. This opportunity to work with Will was beyond anything we have dreamed of. It’s not a traditional featuring — it’s just magic.”

Mejía went on to share that they have already shot a music video for the song and added:

“We all had a blast together at the video shoot, and we want to thank Will for being so warm and such a pleasure to work with… and for rapping in Spanish!”

Via Facebook, Smith recently congratulated the group after “Fiesta” was nominated for record of the year at the Latin Grammy Awards, while Amanecer is up for best alternative music album.

The Latin Grammys will be broadcast November 19 on Univision.


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