Waiter N Word Check Shatila Lebanese Grill: Texas Restaurant Fires Waiter For Racist Move

January 4, 2015 | By Garrett Montgomery More

Waiter adds n word to check at Shatila Lebanese Grill and Hookah, this move got him fired. A waiter by the name of Ragheed, served a group of friends at the Shatila Lebanese Grill and Hookah in Texas on New Year’s Eve; unhappy that they asked for separate checks, he wrote the N-word on the receipt.

waiter n word check Shatila Lebanese Grill

Waiter scribbles n word on check at Shatila Lebanese Grill and Hookah, story goes viral, pushing the restaurateur to issue an apology.

On New Year’s Eve, a group of six friends, headed to Arlington, Texas for a nice meal at Shatila Lebanese Grill and Hookah.

The three males and three females, who are all African Americans, feasted on exotic delicacies and told the waiter who served them that they would like to have separate checks.

Not happy with the request, the waiter whose first name is Ragheed, handed the clan a bill with the N-word written in capital letters on it.

The pals, who had attended a moving church service where the pastor talked about forgiveness, prior to incident, tried to stay calm and attempted to politely talk to the waiter about the racial slur.

When the young waiter was asked about his action, he tried to turn the matter into a joke, according to Jasmine Tucker. The young woman, who was visibly upset by the insult, shared with local media:

“He just kinda downplayed it. He said, ‘Oh no no no…I didn’t mean anything by it.'”

She went on to add that she can not stop thinking about the incident. Miss Tucker confessed:

“I went to sleep thinking about it; went to sleep upset about it and woke up upset about it.”

Ta’les Russell, who was saddened by the event that took place at the Shatila Lebanese Grill and Hookah, made it clear that they are not n*ggers and they do not address one another using that word. Russell stated:

“We’re being labeled. This is what they identified us as, and not the three girls and three guys.”

J’Vaughn Flippin said thank goodness, he had just came from church; otherwise, things could have ended very differently. Flippin explained:

“Knowing me I would have acted a fool if I didn’t have my head on straight.”

When a reporter asked the waiter, why did he write the N-word on the check, he replied by saying: “My bad.”

With the headline “Waiter N Word Check Shatila Lebanese Grill and Hookah” splashed all over the internet, the owner, Mike Salame, was forced to apologize and reveal that he fired the waiter.

The 18-year-old waiter of Persian descent, had one week on the job, and had already received two other complaints. Salame said:

“It’s very very improper. There is no exceptions at all. That’s why when I found out, on the spot, I terminated him…on the spot.”

The header “waiter n word check Shatila Lebanese Grill” has gone viral putting a small business owner in a delicate situation, what are your thoughts on how everything unfolded?


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  1. Tyrese Smith says:

    Again people making something out of nothing. To say that they have never used the word themselves it is surprising that they were not struck down by lightening. Another sad day in the black community.

    • Eddie Saunders says:

      Tyrese. Something out of nothing ?!?!? You can’t believe that they were not struck by lightning ?!?!? Are you for real ?!?!? Maybe where you come from these things are not out of the norm or particularly egregious ( ergo, the ” something out of nothing ” statement ), However your assumption that all black folks use and approve of use of the *N* word is way off the mark and only feeds a popular stereotype. I don’t use it nor will I allow the use of it in my house or presence without speaking up. And even if they did this does not excuse the server. His intent was to inflict any emotional suffering that he could at that moment in time. There is no way that he could have thought that his gesture would be perceived otherwise. I feel sorry for you or anyone else that thinks of this as ” Nothing .”

    • Melinda says:

      Hello Mr. Alien, I’m an Earthling. Please tell me what bass-ackwards planet you hail from and from which ass you pull your random strings of thought from, the one behind or the one in your face.

  2. justin beck says:

    Was called a “cracker” by two young men at Home Depot. Heard the use of “towelhead”, “chink” and several others by the young BLACK employees. But, call them something they don’t like and law suits pop up, people get fired, protests. Guess we all have to baby them and give them what they want. Right?

  3. wing ding says:


  4. marcia jones says:

    I don’t like that word I Don’t care where its comes from I dislike it with a passion The N WORD can’t BE DOWNLOAD OR JOKED I DON’T LIKE IT !PERIOD!!

  5. J'vaughn Flippin out @ ihop says:

    J’Vaughn Flipping said thank god he just came from Church with the apostrophe gang. Ta’les Russel does address his friends as being three cheap guys that chose to split the bill with three girls. Moral of this story… aggravation for the server that had to work to split up he bill for 6 people that would not tip regardless. A good move is to split the tab when everyone tips. Probably was not the case here. Take appreciation for the added effort.

  6. Rene Mcc says:

    I don’t care for any of the racist slurs no matter the race. People need to just keep their opinions and feelings to themselves.

  7. Head down and workin says:

    Hey Marcia Jones. N8gger, n8gger, n8gger. It’s just a word. My entire lineage were starved and burned in ovens for being Jewish. Do you hear us dwelling on it. Generally speaking, people are tired of hearing about it. MOVE ON!!! Don’t forget to let your cats back in you liberal focktard.

    • J.C. says:

      Your people have made an industry out of playing the victim. We pay billions every year to support and protect them. The incineration was nothing compared to the deaths of the middle passage.

    • Melinda says:

      Head Down, you are one of the biggest retards it has ever been my utter displeasure to know, and I’ve met Dick Cheney. Head Down and Workin isn’t really appropriate since I doubt you can even hold down a job.

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