Usher Restraining Order: Music Star Asks For Restraining Order Against Alleged Stalker Darshelle Jones-Rakestraw

May 22, 2015 | By TheSpreadit More

Usher files restraining order against an overzealous fan, who has been stalking him for years, allegedly, of course, and the story grabs headlines.

Usher Restraining Order

R&B singer Usher, whose real name is Usher Terry Raymond IV, first sought a restraining order against a fan named Darshelle Jones-Rakestraw in 2012, and he was forced to do it again on May 15. In July 2012, a judge ordered Jones-Rakestraw to go through mental evaluation and banned her from contacting the “Yeah!” singer for at least one year.

The “My Boo” artist feared for his life, and the safety of his loved ones after Jones-Rakestraw was arrested twice trying to gain access to his residence. The distraught woman claimed that she was married to him. After failing to seek mental counseling, Jones-Rakestraw was forced to spend 20 days in jail. The 2012 restraining order ended in July 2013.

According to Atlanta Journal-Constitution, the alleged harassment started back in January 2014 via numerous messages left to the singer’s lawyer. In November 2014, a message was left for attorney John Mayoue demanding that Jones-Rakestraw receive money to go away. The supposed message stated:

“I drove to Chicago and I want him to Western Union me some money or either give me something to get to work and I’m not playing with him. I’m tired of the games. If I can’t eat, he can’t eat.”


Additional reports suggest that the 29-year-old woman recently started an online fundraising campaign on behalf of Usher’s New Look Foundation. The problem in all of this: Jones-Rakestraw is not affiliated in any shape or form with the organization.

The recent developments have pushed Usher to seek a new restraining order against Jones-Rakestraw. A petition filed in Fulton County Superior Court in Georgia Friday asked that Jones-Rakestraw be ordered not to approach the music star or any of his immediate associates (at least 200 yards). According to the document, Usher is “concerned that criminal trespass and even more harmful events may occur in the future.” The crooner also wants the overzealous fan to seek help for her alleged mental issues.

In a video uploaded to YouTube in January 2013, Jones-Rakestraw appears to claim that her real name is Darshelle Jones-Raymond. Experts say that Usher may be granted a 5-year restraining order against his alleged stalker this time around.

What are your thoughts on Usher’s alleged stalker?


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  1. Drenda Mills says:

    I’ve only watched her video for a couple minutes and it’s clear she need help ( showing all her personal info. ) she’s crazy Usher is right to be concerned I would get all my family target practice because if her parents won’t get her the help she needs other actions will need to be taken

  2. Inspiredone says:

    Hopefully the court will mandate long term treatment if required.

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