Ted Cruz: undocumented immigrants should all be deported

February 24, 2016 | By Garrett Montgomery More

Ted Cruz, who was endorsed today by Greg Abbott, the current Texas governor, plans to deport undocumented immigrants one by one. Talking to Bill O’Reilly, Cruz finally explained how he would deport all 12 million undocumented immigrants in America. He said that ICE should go door to door and round them up – Texas style.

Ted Cruz

Ted Cruz explained how he will get rid of 12 million undocumented immigrants living and working in the United States in a new interview with FOX News.

Fresh off his loss in South Carolina, (a third-place finish is not a win no matter how many speeches Cruz and Marco Rubio give), Texas Senator Ted Cruz sat down with Bill O’Reilly to tackle various topics including immigration.

Mr. Cruz took his toughest stance on the matter yet by saying that even if the undocumented immigrant did not commit other crimes (other than being in America illegally) and had strong ties to the country – he would make sure ICE deports them. The presidential candidate, who was born in Canada to an American mother and Cuban father, shared:

“Yes, we should deport them. That’s what ICE exists for. We have law enforcement that looks for people who are violating the laws, that apprehends them and deports them. Listen, we should enforce the law.How do we enforce the law? Yes, we should enforce them. We should build a wall, we should triple the Border Patrol. And federal law requires that anyone here illegally that’s apprehended should be deported.”

O’Reilly later asked:

“Would you look for them, though? Mr. Trump would look for them to get them out. Would you do that if you were president?”

Cruz replied by saying:

“Bill, of course you would. That’s what [Immigration and Customs Enforcement] exists for. We have law enforcement that looks for people who are violating the laws, that apprehends them and deports them.”

Few weeks ago, while in Iowa, Cruz was on CNN where he showed more compassion for immigrants. When Jake Tapper asked Cruz if he would have authorities going door-to-door, rounding people up, he said:

“No, I don’t intend to send jackboots to knock on your door and every door in America. That’s not how we enforce the law for any crime.We don’t have any system that knocks on the doors of every person in America … We also don’t have people going door-to-door looking for murderers. We don’t live in a police state. We do have law enforcement.”

For years, Cruz changed the topic to border security when journalists and voters questioned him on what exactly he would do with people in the country illegally, this is the first time he gave a detailed plan and showed he is as tough as Donald Trump on the matter.

Trump, (who thinks Cruz and Rubio are not a natural born American citizens), rapidly took to Twitter to accuse Cruz of pandering in a desperate effort to resurrect his failing campaign.


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