Tammy Meyers: Drugs May Have Played Part In Her Death, Victim Knew Suspect Eric Nowsch, Who Was Arrested In Las Vegas Road Rage Killing

February 24, 2015 | By Garrett Montgomery More

Tammy Meyers drug abuse allegation is making headlines. Tammy Meyers knew suspect Eric Nowsch from the Las Vegas road rage shooting death that has caught the nation’s attention, according to police and family members. Tammy Meyers’ husband, Robert Meyers, has revealed that his wife was well-acquainted with Erich Nowsch, the 19-year-old neighbor accused of fatally shooting her in the head during a road rage incident. Mrs Meyers and Nowsch often saw each other at a nearby park, where she gave him money and advised him to stay away from gangs. She also told him to stop using drugs and do something with his life.

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Tammy Meyers knew the suspect who fatally shot her, according to several credible sources. Eric Nowsch was arrested in the Las Vegas road rage shooting death incident. On February 13th, Tammy Meyers was teaching her 15-year-old daughter to drive in a parking lot when a road rage incident occurred.

It is claimed that Tammy Meyers, 44, a mother of four got into an argument with a male motorist who may have insulted her and her child. According to Las Vegas police, Mrs Meyers drove home, dropped her daughter off and asked her 22-year-old son, Brandon Meyers, to grab a gun, so they can go find the man involved in the road rage incident.

What happened next is beyond shocking. Tammy Meyers and the motorist, who was later revealed to be her teen neighbor and acquaintance, Erich Nowsch, exchanged words and gunfire.

Meyers was fatally shot in the head and the suspect fled the scene. For 6 days, Las Vegas authorities searched for the alleged killer and it turned out, he was hiding in plain sight. Erich Nowsch became a fugitive, hid in his mother’s home just steps away from the Meyers’ residence.

On February 19, after a tense standoff with police, the suspect was arrested. Tammy Meyers’ husband, Robert Meyers, who was present when the 19-year-old was arrested, told local media that his wife knew Nowsch. Mr Meyers explained:

“We know this boy. I couldn’t tell you this before. He knew where I lived. We knew how bad he was, but we didn’t know it was this bad. That he’d gotten to this point, and his friends.”

The widower said that his wife spent numerous hours talking to the young man and pleaded with him to get out of the gangs, stop using pot and to get his life together. In an effort to help the youngster, Tammy Meyers went as far as giving him money when he was in need. The grieving man said:

“My wife spent countless hours at that park consoling this boy. She was really good to him. She fed him, she gave him money. She told him to pull his pants up and to be a man. More times than I can count.”

Mr Meyers also took the opportunity to defend his late spouse against people, who said that she is to be blamed for escalating the situation. He revealed that she was protecting her family and added:

“She just didn’t want it to come back here. She tried to get him to go somewhere else. My son is a good boy. His mom was a good mommy.”

Nowsch, who will appear in court on Monday, faces three felony charges: murder, attempted murder and unlawful discharge of a gun from a vehicle. Please keep in mind that only one side of this story is being told at the moment, the real truth might be more complicated.

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Robert Selig, 47, a resident from the area spoke to the Daily Mail, he said that drugs may have played a role in the killing. Selig shared:

“Nobody chased nobody down. The son and mother left the Meyers residence looking for Erich on a drug deal gone bad. That’s the word on the street. A prescription drug deal gone bad.”

He also added:

“All this stuff with Mrs Meyers, is all pharmaceutical pills and drugs. That’s what Erich sold at that park. And that’s why Mrs Meyers went there, picking up pharmaceutical pills from Erich, like Xanax. The kid sold it right there at that concrete table, day in day out.”


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  1. Franck B. says:

    I feel sorry about the mother dying!! no one deserves to be shot dead just due to an argument. I just don’t understand why she went home and asked her son to bring a gun with them to go talk to the kid!! Why couldn’t they let the police handle this?

    I suppose we are missing some details, but its just sad that it had to come down to this.

  2. Carl B. says:

    DRUGS! The whole family is involved. They were either fronting the punk drugs or was his money backer. The mother went to collect and he didn’t have what he should of had. She get’s her son and his gun and goes back out to find him. Guess what? He also has a gun. End of story. Bet I’m not far off. Who takes a 15 year old, with a driving permit, out after dark never mind at 11pm. No one with common sense. No one is telling the truth here. This story stinks from the bottom up. find the person driving the car and will get closer to the truth.

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