SWAT Team Storms Jet To Arrest Canadian Man After Bomb Scare

July 27, 2014 | By Garrett Montgomery More

SWAT Team Storms Jet

SWAT team storms jet after bomb threat and the whole incident is caught on video. A SWAT team bursts into a Sunwing Airlines plane, at a Canadian airport, after a man claims that he does not like country and wants to blow it up. The heavily armed SWAT team storms into the commercial jet and arrests Ali Shahi who is said to be suffering from depression.

On Friday, Sunwing Airlines, which was flying from Canada to Panama City’s Tocumen International Airport was forced to return to Toronto’s Pearson International Airport, after a passenger by the name of Ali Shahi made several bombs threats.

About 45 minutes into the flight, other passengers and a stewardess heard Ali Shahi, saying very loudly that he hated Canada and he wanted to bomb the plane and the country.

The pilot immediately took the decision to fly the commercial jet back to Toronto as stated in the protocol.

Sunwing Airlines, which was flying over West Virginia when the threats were made, was escorted back to land by two U.S. fighter jets that were nearby.

Oddly enough, the US Air Force fighter pilots were drilling for situations like the one they were forced to handle.

When Flight 772 landed in Toronto’s Pearson International Airport a SWAT team composed of about a dozen heavily armed military men stormed into the plane pointing guns and shouting at everyone to get down.

The authorities arrested Ali Shahi, a 25-year-old man from Canada and charged him with endangering the safety of an aircraft. He was rapidly released from the Peel Regional Police station on a $1000 bail.

Passengers filmed the arrest and videos have since then gone viral.

The 183 passengers and six crew, boarded another plane for Panama, which was forced to land in Jamaica because of a medical emergency.

Ali Shahi’s father Sadegh Shahi spoke to the media saying that his son is mentally ill and probably taught he was playing a game when he made the threats.

Sadegh Shahi has shared that his child has been depressed most of his life, he was often bullied in school for being too fat.

The teasing pushed him to become anorexic.

Ali Shahi who has refused psychiatric help, is a gambler who has not been able to hold a job for several years now.

The father has explained that the family has called the police at least 25 times for Ali’s abnormal actions, but they always release him and he always comes back home. He often gets back in trouble again.


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  1. jimmycrackcorn says:

    this guy is middle eastern. he should have been taken out. can’t trust these people

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