Stabbed Man Walks Into McDonald’s

June 26, 2014 | By Garrett Montgomery More

Stabbed Man Walks Into Mcdonalds

Stabbed man walks into Mcdonald’s in New York is the shocking headline emerging from the Big Apple this morning. Late Tuesday a stabbing victim walks into McD’s with the knife stuck on his back, bleeding and talking on his cell phone to a love one telling them this might be the last time they hear him. Customers rushed to his aide and he was taken to a nearby hospital.

A nasty fight between three individuals left one of them being stabbed and hospitalized in critical condition.

On Tuesday a handful of people who were dinning at the McDonald’s located in the Jamaica neighborhood of Queens were shocked after a stabbing victim stumbled into the eatery.

The unnamed man who is African-American and in his thirties arrived in the restaurant with the kitchen knife still stuck in the wound on his back.

Despite the heavy bleeding and horrendous pain caused by the knife, the individual was able to grab his cell phone and place a very important call.

According to several witnessed, the man spoke for few minutes to a love one telling them that he loved them and this might be the last time they hear his voice.

After the brief good bye message, the man fainted away and customers rushed to his aide making sure that he did not fall on the knife.

An ambulance rushed to the scene and the injured person was taken to the Jamaica Hospital where he is said to be in critical condition.

Prior to the incident the stabbed man was seen near the fast food restaurant arguing and fighting with two men.

Obviously the exchange between the trio went horribly wrong which lead to one of them pulling a knife and stabbing his former friend and or business partner.

New York City police officers are hoping that witnesses can come forward with information that can lead to the arrest of the two criminals who fled the scene.


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