Soccer Players Quit After Hazing Incident At New Mexico University

August 21, 2014 | By Garrett Montgomery More

Soccer Player Quit

Soccer players quit after hazing incident that sent them to the hospital. Two players from the University of New Mexico’s women soccer team, quit the squad and left the school this week after being forced to drink to the point of being drunk and eventually falling ill. Twin sisters and soccer stars Danielle and Devin Scelsi have returned to their home in California.

On Sunday, two sisters who took part in a hazing ritual fell terribly ill and have since quit the UNM women’s soccer team.

According to reports, over the weekend, twin sisters Danielle and Devin Scelsi, along with few other members of the University of New Mexico women’s soccer team were invited to an initiation event.

The 18-year-old sisters claimed they were asked to drink an impressive quantity of alcoholic beverages, they had to strip naked and accept to have urine thrown at them.

The senior members of the soccer team also splashed dishwashing liquid and window cleaner on the new players

During the strange event, Devin Scelsi became heavily intoxicated, started vomiting and told her sister that she had difficulty breathing.

Another teenager described the same symptoms, which prompted several 911 calls. Miss Scelsi was briefly hospitalized and is said to be doing well.

Shocked by the incident, the girls’ parents Dawn and David Scelsi made them quit the team and withdrew from the university permanently.

The freshmen have returned to their home in Rancho Santa Margarita, California where their mom Dawn told a local reporter that what happened was not necessary.

The mom added that her daughters have been playing since they were 4 and this incident has put their dream and career in shamble.

The University of New Mexico’s athletic director Paul Krebs, held a press conference where he stated that while the young players were subjected to a hazing experience, they were never forced to drink alcohol, were not naked and did not have urine splashed on them.

Krebs said he came to that conclusion after interrogating every single member of the team.

The official added that they are investigating the matter and plan to start punishing some folks soon.

The team is already paying for their actions, their season-opener, which was scheduled for Friday at Texas Tech has been cancelled.


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  1. Anthony G. Small says:

    These young ladies were not forced to participate. It was done voluntarily. Majority of us did things as teenagers that in retrospect, were inofficious. Someone could have been killed. Hopefully, we have learned from this.

    • Tod Smart says:

      They were “hazed”, which is a form of forced participation.
      When senior members of an elite group tell a new member to “do it if you want to be one of us”, the desire to fit-in can be a powerful psychological force. Many young people aren’t equipped to handle such intimidation, which is why many organizations have strict rules when it comes to hazing, or ban it completely.
      The fact that any person had to be hospitalized is a clear indication that those in charge of this hazing at UNM do not have their fellow team-mates best interest at heart.

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