Slender Man Stabbing Victim Receives Anonymous Purple Heart

July 23, 2014 | By Garrett Montgomery More

Slender Man Stabbing Gift

Slender Man stabbing victim received a real Purple Heart from an anonymous soldier. The young girl only identified as the “Slender Man stabbing victim” due to the fact that she is a minor has been flooded with cards, gifts and letters telling her to be strong since being stabbed 19 times by classmates who were obsessed with the online character Slender Man. The precious Purple Heart is by far the most wonderful thing the amazing Wisconsin girl has been presented with.

The preteen from Wisconsin who has only been identified as the Slender Man stabbing victim shared few pictures with the media as she recovers at home from 19 stab wounds.

The child who is 12 years of age attended a birthday slumber party in late May where her classmates Morgan Geyser and Anissa Weier also 12, dragged her in the bushes and stabbed her 19 times in order to please the fictional internet/literary character Slender Man created by Eric Knudsen better known as Victor Surge.

Despite the potentially fatal stabbing injuries, the 12-year-old girl crawled to the side of the road where she was spotted by a cyclist who alerted authorities.

After 6 days in the hospital the survivor returned home and is said to be recovering well.

When her parents explained that the kid liked hearts and the color purple, the world responded by showering her with thousands of letters, cards, drawings, messages, teddy bears all purple and full of hearts.

But this week, the exceptional middle schooler received one gift that topped all the rest in the shape of a Purple Heart.

A military member mailed her a touching get well card and attached inside his or her Purple Heart (only those who have been been wounded or killed in wars received the medal and they are allowed to give it away).

The service man/woman explained the incredible gesture in a note that read: this is the only purple heart I could find.

The parents said in a brief statement that they would like to thank the individual for their precious gift and their service to this great country.

As for Morgan Geyser who was found incompetent to stand on trial and Anissa Weier, they may serve 60 years in prison.


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