Shoppers Free Kids From Hot Car

July 15, 2014 | By Garrett Montgomery More

Shoppers Free Kids

Shopper free kids in car, they believed were in danger but they were wrong. A video of Texas shoppers smashing the window of a car to rescue two kids crying in a car has gone viral, but there is another side to this story. The mother is not at all the horrible monster she is being painted as by the media. She was not getting a haircut. She did not leave her kids in a hot car. She accidentally locked her children and her key in the Jeep after shopping with them and ran to a Postal office nearby screaming for help to get them out. All of the mom’s actions were caught on security cameras.

Shoppers did not really free kids in car in Texas.

On Monday a video surfaced online where a group of shoppers in Houston could be seen frantically breaking through the windows of a car to rescue a little girl and boy.

It was claimed that the bystanders heard the kids screaming and crying in the car parked near a shopping mall during the hot summer day.

With the story of baby Cooper Harris fresh on everyone’s mind, strangers rapidly grabbed a hammer and broke the windows and got the kids out.

It was believed that the mom left her two kids behind to go get a haircut at a nearby hair salon. But that is NOT all what happened.

Security videos obtained by Texas media outlets show the mom running errands with her kids at a postal office.

She eventually left and put the children in the back seats.

While doing so she accidentally dropped her keys in the vehicle.

Upon realizing that she had locked her young kids in the car, she ran screaming for help at the post office.

By the time she got back to the car, she found people breaking her car window to get the kids out.

There are indeed two sides to each story.

Police will not investigate the mom because along with the videos, several witnesses confirmed the lady’s story.


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