Sheriff Frank Skrah: Deputies Walked Off Job But Sheriff Is Not Backing Down

August 28, 2015 | By Garrett Montgomery More

Sheriff Frank Skrah, of Klamath County, Oregon has been asked by officials to go on a voluntary administrative leave as he is being investigated by the state’s Department of Justice and has refused. In documents released by the county board, it was revealed that several deputies had asked to be put on administrative leave from their posts because they feared “retaliation and workplace harassment” by the sheriff.

Sheriff Frank Skrah

Sheriff Frank Skrah is in deep trouble with the law. On Wednesday evening, officials from Klamath County, Oregon issued a statement requesting that Sheriff Frank Skrah leave his post as soon as possible, and he has refused.

The same day, Klamath County was able to convince a judge to release countless documents from Skrah’s lawyers that showed he may have been harassing his officers for reporting some of his illegal actions while in office.

According to the Oregon attorney general, on Tuesday, seven deputies had asked to be put on administrative leave from their jobs because they feared retaliation from Skrah.

The day before, the seven law enforcers were interviewed by the Oregon Department of Justice as part of an investigation of Skrah. Becky Gallagher, who represents the Klamath County Peace Officers Association, said the employees were being harassed for some of the revelations they made about their subordinate. Gallagher shared:

“There were concerns about workplace harassment and retaliation by the sheriff,” said Gallagher. “So for their safety we sought protective leave. They county agreed and those deputies who requested were placed on paid administrative leave.”

Gallagher added that the deputies would return to work if Skrah leaves. Asked by local reporters why is the Department of Justice investigating the sheriff, spokesman Michael Kron declined to answer.

However, according to The Oregonian, the DOJ has been investigating since July due to:

allegations of excessive force against Skrah, including that he punched a handcuffed suspect.

Skrah said in the statement that he is not leaving and explained that he has yet to be questioned by any authorities and added:

“One month later I still have not been advised as to the specific nature of that investigation nor have I been interviewed by representatives of the Oregon Department of Justice. I am learning more about the Oregon Department of Justice investigation and learning about an internal county investigation just like the rest of the public, from media reports.”

What are your thoughts on Sheriff Frank Skrah’s problems?


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  1. Michael says:

    Sounds like our administration at work trying to discredit the police just as they continue to do when they enforce the laws in other parts of the country.

    The US government headed by the Obama administration is routinely putting itself above the law and they set themselves as opponents to true law enforcement.

    • Patricia says:

      How is our current administration to blame fowhat is happening here when it is the very officers who are working under this Sheriff who are testifying against him? It is time that people realize that there are crooked officers out there and that the good officers receive the support of other officers and of the public when they speak out against them.

    • Don Schneider says:

      You Michael, are an unmitigated ass. Fools find ways to blame President Obama for everything ! Even their own discomfort with a turd crossways in their Colon….obviously the President’s fault…… Do you not realize this makes you look like a fool and a dog-whistle- racist tapeworm ? Of course not, your behavior is a result of some all powerful big black man twisting your arm till you say things even a kindergarten newbie would be ashamed of uttering. You can’t be over 13 years of age . Here’s a bit of wisdom that will help you make it out of those troublesome teen years without sounding so much like an ignorant parent’s trained parrot ….. It is always best to keep your mouth closed and APPEAR a fool, than to open it and remove all doubt ! Good luck in traversing your difficult teen years ahead with more grace than you have shown thus far !

      • Jemell M says:

        Don, sir, your comment is by far the best way to address this guy. Hats off to you, my friend.

    • EUGENE says:

      One has nothing to do with the other,you are trying to compare apples and oranges. It sounds to me like the seven officers don’t want to be under the same umbrella as the sheriff.I don’t blame them. If the sheriff is guilty of a crime; I don’t know if he is or isn’t, so lets let the investigation go to its conclusion.

  2. JeffTech says:

    It’s good some states are trying to get rid of the bad apples in law enforcement, good job Oregon DOJ.

  3. Dom says:

    Talk about selective prosecution. He punches someone in handcuffs and Oregon DOJ is all over him, yet several officers have beat, shot and killed ppl in handcuffs and nothing really happens to them. I am not justifying his actions if he did this, but I am just pointing out the hypocrisy.

  4. Don Schneider says:

    Hope springs eternal JeffTech ! maybe it will spread .

  5. Justice Law says:

    I agree Don and JeffTech, hopefully this will be the ripple in the pond of overzealous law enforcement being dealt with across the nation. It was very brave for the deputy staff to take a stand against the sheriff.

  6. Tom Stirewalt says:

    So, the Sheriff is guilty until proved innocent? Seven disgruntled employees think they may have found a way to get the boss they do not like outta there.
    If it were my decision, I would let the seven go on UNpaid admin. leave, if they did not want to perform their jobs under their boss
    I would start or join an investigation into the allegations.
    Sheriff would stay right where he is unless/until the allegations have been determined to actually have a basis in provable FACTS.
    If the allegations prove unfounded, the disgruntled seven would be given a choice: come back to work, or no longer work for the Sheriff’s office and find another job. Don’t look for a favorable recommendation.

  7. Justified says:

    Still innocent till proven guilty” we are still in America. And no matter what the situation deputies walking off a already spread thin county says how they set the bar on law enforcement. And anyone in need of a sheriff or any law enforcement if you think the officers are mostly bad cops” next time you need one call a crack head, because you see little to no value in the job the cops do……I stand behind the sheriff until I see a reason not to.

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