Sergeant William Bolt Landlord: Mean Landlord Bans Soldier From Wife’s Apartment

December 15, 2014 | By Garrett Montgomery More

Sergeant William Bolt landlord drama is making headlines. All Sergeant William Bolt wants, is to be with his wife, Lily Bolt, and their baby for Christmas, but a grumpy landlord is doing all he can to deny him any of that.

sergeant william bolt landlord

The Sergeant William Bolt landlord battle has gone viral. After being away for 6 months, Army Sgt. William Bolt has returned home to be with his wife, Lily, and their newborn baby.

Sergeant William Bolt, who was stationed in Missouri, was hoping to spend a quiet Christmas with his family, but a mean landlord is turning the holidays into a nightmare.

Lily Bolt, who welcomed a baby girl two weeks ago, is living in The Groves in Central, South Carolina while she attends Clemson University.

The landlord whose first name is Chuck, claimed that Sergeant William Bolt is not allowed to stay at his wife’s apartment more than one week because his name is not on the lease.

Chuck talked to local media saying that Sergeant Bolt would be breaking the terms of his wife’s lease by staying longer. The landlord has threatened to get Sergeant William Bolt arrested and have him charged with trespassing, or have Lily Bolt’s rent raised.

He might even have her evicted if her husband does not leave that apartment complex in seven days. Sergeant William Bolt explained:

“He stated to me that he didn’t care about our situation.He didn’t care about me being in the military.”

According to the landlord, the seven-day rule applies to all of his tenants and; therefore, he can not make an exception for William Bolt, even though he is an Army Sergent who has a two-week-old baby.

The landlord believes if he bends the rules for a soldier, he might have to do it for another tenant. Legal experts have looked at Mrs Bolt contract and stated that there is not much room for the landlord to have the Sergent arrested, because he is not a visitor, he is her husband.

Below is a report on the Sergeant William Bolt landlord fight. Should the landlord make an exception?


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  1. Biff says:

    I’ll bet the babies name isn’t on the lease either, does it have to go at the end of one week?

    • ron coleman says:

      good point/

    • Honeycomb888 says:

      The baby is a minor. She can’t sign a lease.

      • JJ says:

        Law states baby can sign if consented and cosigned by at least one parent/guardian at signing and must have an additional witness.

      • Jason Carter says:

        So come up with a way to add a person on the lease after the fact if the person is truly going to be living with them full time. Geez. Understand he is in the military, but even if he wasn’t, you should be allowed to stay with your wife. If they were newly weds and were going to move in together they would be going through the same thing.

        I can understand the manager doesn’t want just people randomly sleeping on people’s couches for long term situations, but geez, if they are married, have a process to add the other person.

        • Bob says:

          This is the correct approach, and most legal. Simply write a new lease with all parties listed and sign it. Done and done.

      • Patrick says:

        Minors do not sign a lease but they have to be listed on it. In most cases only one adult signs the lease and the others are listed on it by the lease holder. The lease holder can take a name off the lease as they please. Once the name is removed they have to move. In Texas if they refuse they have to be evicted by the lease holder not the landlord. That takes 500 dollars and a months time.

      • callysly says:

        No can’t sign a lease but we have rented and if children’s names are not on the list a landlord can charge additional rent on many contracts but in the case of a newborn it is crappy and this is a husband not a guest and I do not see allowing him to stay as making an exception since again this is the husband this landlord just for some reason is wanting to make an example and quite wrongly.

      • Perrys says:

        I believe Biff was being sarcastic…smh

    • Jan says:

      Good question, Biff? Baby isn’t on the lease so is he visiting? If the legal guys say landlord can’t evict because they are married, whether on the lease or not, they shouldn’t have a problem. Charging more to put him on lease is BS, are all married people paying more than single people there? Rent rates usually go by the size of the apartment. If I were her, I’d find another place as soon as lease is up. He’s a J/A to have those rules.

    • Kfredrickson says:

      Seriously excellent point… The baby wasn’t on the lease and this landlord is assuming legal
      Rights over their marriage! He doesn’t have the right to bar her husband . If the husband is not breaking
      Any civil laws he cannot be arrested or restricted access to his family.. The husband probably
      Pays her rent or a portion of it anyway. The landlord is a power tripping creep!

    • Jen says:

      Good idea. What an ass that landlord is. Such a scrooge. You can bet he was never in the military.

    • johndoe says:

      it makes since that hes doing this. i live in an apartment and isee people abusing the system all the time. they can live together by cheating the rent system because he is not the lease then the rent is lower and must be changed after renewal or canceled and changed. some people say they are married and arent, its all about cheaper rent and lower bills due to governemtn aids.

      • Isis Eye says:

        You’re assuming it’s a public/subsidized apartment. Nothing in the article indicated that it was. Private landlords do not adjust the rent according to income.
        I think the husband should take this to court and the state should revisit their tenancy laws. Alienation of affection, loss of spousal privilege, a smart lawyer could turn this around on the landlord. This should not have happened!!

  2. Moonie says:

    I think the Landlord is a total prick. The two are married and he is serving his country for the Prick Landlord to be free. Far as I am concerned he should be treated as a terrorist,

    • BigWill says:

      That last sentence is just moronic.

    • JJ says:

      what is your obsession with prick?

    • Patrick says:

      LOL how do we know the landlord is American? He may very well hate our armed forces and that can be his motivation. It does happen.

    • Captain Obvious says:

      Well if the landlord is ‘free’ because of the US military’s actions to defend that freedom, then he’s free to act according to what he thinks is right, so in essence the soldier is defending the landlord’s right to chuck him out.
      You cant defend something and then ridicule it when it’s exercised, that’s just hypercritical.

      • Over 21 years of Service says:

        Is everyone a moron? Just because you are in the military does not give you the right to violate your contract. Actually it should require you to abide by your word and deed. To demonstrate that we are not the average person but men and women of honor.
        Obviously you have never been a land lord and suffered mentally and financially due to sorry ass tenants that don’t pay rent, damage property and force you to get a lawyer.

        • WayNorth46 says:

          Come on 21years. How would you feel if it was your wife and baby involved? Are you really so hard-ass that you would keep a family apart, especially with your claimed years of service? I was Army and would never think of such a thing. Are you sure you were in the Military?

  3. richard says:

    Mgr. is being a super big prick. The soldiers wife should sue the mgr. for violating her constitutional rights. Under the freedom of choice, the wife has a lifestyle of always spending Christmas with her husband in her home. The apt. mrg. is preventing her from practicing that lifestyle.

    • mpq says:

      I agree that landlord is being unreasonable. But I have no clue where you came up with a constitutional right to spend the holidays with your family.

      • Patrick says:

        Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness covers that. It won’t fly though. At best it is a minor inconvenience. They could get a hotel room. I don’t think she would have much of a civil case. All he can do is take her to court and he would be laughed at. He would have to wait until her lease is up and refuse to renew it. By that time he likely would have calmed down.

        • Fred Zarguna says:

          Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness isn’t in the Constitution. It’s in the Declaration of Independence, which is not part of the supreme law of the land.

          • Erdem Akyol says:

            Neither is “separation of church and state”, but that doesn’t stop people from acting like it’s in the Constitution, either!

    • ronnie says:

      amen GOD BLESS the USA

  4. ron coleman says:

    What is this Chuck’s problem . At first I thought this was a joke. Soldiers like Sgt. Bolt lay their life on the line every day. Lilly Bolt has given up her husband to this country months on end. Chuck the landlord calls it bending the rules to let Sgt. Bolt stay with his wife . How about gratitude Chuck for keeping you rear safe so you can be an ahole. This story sickened me . It would serve Chuck right is all his tenants did not renew their lease and no one moved in How does that sound Chuck.

    • Patrick says:

      He might be worried about a discrimination case if he allows them to do this and did not allow minorities to do it in the past or in the future. If I was him I would have just changed the lease to meet my new standard of 2 weeks not one week. Make it known anyone can have their lease changed to the same thing. I would leave it at two weeks until a problem happens and change it back to one week after that. In Texas it is always two weeks and that does keep trouble down.

  5. Frank says:

    SOME PEOPLE are just plain STUPID ! ! ! As well as assh0les, greedy, ignorant, as well as plain cruel. ALL the neighbors living there should be getting together and threatening to picket and/or move out if he fails to do what is right in this matter. Bring the press in so that he gets NO NEW TENANTS and let it be known that this kind of behavior is unacceptable. SHAME him big time, and if that doesn’t work, SHUN him ! !

  6. Pendy says:

    The baby has to go as well.

  7. Ronald Wray says:

    Its time to make his life a living hell, look for every code violation on his building and report it. Push every item in every lease and all tenets complain about the smallest problems.

    • Dr. Kronk says:

      Have any of you obviously young fools managed an apartment complex? Any rental property? Have any of you even run a business, period? You know nothing of the landlord’s side of the story, yet you are all passing judgment based on a 110 second video clip and a short article. Hear the whole story before you start giving out people’s phone number and personal information – that is just irresponsible.

      • War says:

        We have no idea what the terms are on the lease about additional occupants. She should of said when making the contract her husband would show up at certain periods of times due to his military career, and therefore have a fixed rent increase on his arrive.
        Remember people this is a business, and an extra person squatting is money you could of had to buy toys for your own kids.

        • Rrudy says:

          “SQUATTING”???? A soldier home on leave to see his wife and newborn child is squatting? Seriously?

          So you think it is unfair that the landlord is losing money by not charging more for this soldier to visit his wife and child during the Christmas season for a few weeks. Sir, without this soldier and others like him throughout our country’s history, this landlord would not be living with the freedoms and security he does now. And, like the landlord, you have no problem with denying this family of any semblance of Christmas spirit or thanks for the service this man and many others like him give of their own volition for a fraction of what they could make on the outside.

          Shame on that landlord and shame on you!

          Semper Fi!!!

        • Shelly says:

          “squatting”?…scrooge you! This man is NOT some freeloader, he is a member of our military and should be accorded some additional consideration and respect.

          Many members of the military and their families live in lower rent housing as there is often a waiting list for base housing. I understand that this is the landlord’s business but I believe he is acting out of pure greed and surly must be a MISERable human being.

        • MissMandy says:

          Dr. Kronk and War…………aaaahhh…2 MORE cold hearted, money grubbing AHOLES I see!

        • Martin says:

          Since this gentleman has volunteered to be our frontline defense in this world, maybe we should be looking at a proportional amendment to this contract. One that would allow him to be with his wife, with a temporary time proportion adjustment to his length of stay. God forbid that he should be called away and placed in harm’s way. His wife should not be unduly charged, while he is in our service.

          • chrspty says:

            Who said he’s the “front line”? He could be working in a fob in Kuwait for all we know. Not everyone in the military has a job “killing” people.

        • Mike says:

          Get real!! Only in SC

        • Michelle says:

          You have no idea what you are talking about. Her husband may have never return fighting for this asswipes freedom. We should then charge this asswipe for the service this man is giving! Think he would pay it-We should not make living in the USA a difficult process for our troops as they have enough to deal with. We should never have VETERANS homeless or hungry. Charging more money is stupid and VERY GREEDY. Seriously, get a grip or go to the front lines and fight for a tour-then come home and endure an ordeal like this…So NOT RIGHT

          • SSGT Allen says:

            One does not volunteer his or her time, quality of life, or life itself to defend ones country to come back and expect someone to “bend” the rules and break the laws one just fought to protect. A true soldier does not want any special “rules” for his or her service. That is not why one joins the military. If it is, then they are corrupt and not indicative to the U.S. Military, thus not worthy of a hero’s accolades. One who does with out expectations, glory, medals, or a reward of money, riches, or special privilege is a true soldier and a true hero.

      • anon says:

        fu*k off

      • Donkey Puncher says:

        That’s right, dumbass. Most people don’t manage an apartment complex, but most people aren’t going to tell someone he can’t come spend the holidays with his wife because his name isn’t on the lease either. If it’s that big of a deal, put his name on the lease, end of story.

        Someone does need to get this landlord’s name so they can blacklist any apartment complex’s he owns. I certainly wouldn’t live in any of them.

      • JJ says:

        easy solution: don’t like contract YOU SIGNED on lease, MOVE OUT. maybe look into base housing.

        • Michelle says:

          Here an easier one-you go get shot and then try to come home to this! You are obviously an asshole who would charge his mother for a piece of gum-over charge $$.00

        • Sharon says:

          They can’t move into base housing. He is stationed in Missouri. She lives in SC while attending Clemson. Base housing, which is limited, is available at the base you are stationed. The nearest Army base is Fort Jackson in Columbia, about 2 hours away. Even if she lived near a base, she can’t live in base housing because he is not stationed there. And no, base housing is not free like many people think. A portion of the service member’s pay is called BHA (Basic Housing Allowance) and that is taken if they live on base. It is not extra money, but a part of the total pay.

      • John - The old one says:

        Dr. Kronk, or should I say Dr. Krank.

        You are the one making assumptions, assuming we are all young, I am not.I have run businesses – successfully.

        That said, this behavior by Chuck is unequivocally wrong. It is in poor taste and lacks character.

        As the saying goes, no guts no glory. Sergeant Bolt in my book has guts and most of our nation has bestowed glory on him and his esteemed colleagues. Thank you all for defending me and my family.

        It is time we all start defending our military women and men at home….no matter what the cost……isn’t this what our military does for us?

        I’ve never contributed to a blog before but I cannot standby and let Chuck, and you Dr. Krank, let Sergeant Bolt go back to his duties after this season of love, peace and joy feeling discouraged and unloved from the people he is serving……no, not serving…….risking his life for!

        To Sergeant Bolt and his wife. Do not feel discourage. Most of the country loves you, respects you and appreciates what each of you do each and every day for me, my family and my country……..and yes for Chuck and Dr. Krank too. I challenge Chuck and Dr. Krank to reciprocate in your actions and words……..immediately……….. as Sergeant Bolt and his family has already lost too much time during this season of compassion and generosity.

        To all the younger bloggers – my heart is reassured by you generosity of true words on behalf of Sergeant Bolt and his family. i hope that if I was ever in need that I will run across you as I know you would kindly assist………no matter what the cost.

        Respectfully to all,

        John – the old and “irresponsible” one

      • mr mike says:

        Dr.Kronk, this has nothing to do with running a business or being a landlord. he has a legal right as the spouse to be with her. your most likely a dick like chuck who is a shitty landlord and gives all your tenants grief over the littlest things.

        • chrspty says:

          There are no laws that state a husband and wife are legally obligated to spend the holidays together. That is an insane notion.

          • Michelle says:

            There are moral obligations to these who risk their lives, leave their families, and fight a war they didn’t start, all so that we can have the freedoms they provide through their service for ALL in the USA.

      • Iain M. Guthrie says:

        Dr. Kronk sounds like someone who has NEVER defended his country, and who has spent his entire life using the law to take advantage of every loophole at the expense of the common man. Frankly, sir… you disgust me. “Business” should NEVER be used as an excuse for taking advantage of people for one’s own personal gain. I would wager any sum of money that you are the type of quack that would order the most expensive and useless exams for your patients just to pad your billable accounts and make the most profit. I would say that you should be ashamed of yourself, but I would also wager that you have no shame to begin with.
        Sgt. Guthrie,
        US Army, 11th Cavalry, retired

      • lee says:

        regardless of how hard it is to manage a apartment complex I don’t think its asking too much have a soldier who’s been away for months to spend Christmas with his wife and newborn child

      • Michelle says:

        IF the signing of the lease was while the husband was deployed all the landlord has to do is revise the f-ing lease! He should be sent to the front to fight to be free-then NOT let the asswipe be with his family!

      • Henry Casch says:

        I have both ran and owned a business, he is not moving in permanently which can in no way be made equivalent to someone indefinitely couch crashing at one of her neighbors apartments. He WILL be returning to his duty station while she finishes school. I am glad you, Dr Kronk, are willing to voice an opinion; it is part of the reason I, many others and this young man chose to wear the uniform and swore an oath to defend your right to do so. The additional landlord cost(s) involved are a bit of water, maybe some electricity; in other words negligible. It would be reasonable to ask for fair recompense for those expenses, it is beyond the pale of common decency to treat this couple with threats of arrest, trespass and/or eviction.

        • Michelle says:

          A little water and electricity is petty to what the creepy landlord gets out of this man and others who serve(We are Retired Army,22 years, and still live and serve on an Army post)though, we were the lucky ones who were able to return home after fighting for the right, like this slum lord.

          It is a shame he wasn’t in the Helicopter that went down -Black Hawk Down-my husband had to retrieve that mess and it was devastating. This guys needs to realize just what he is getting from those who serve!!! His name, addresses of all property he owns, needs to be blasted on every media sight possible; twitter, you tube, Facebook, All Print media!!!should be cited for every fire violation, mold inspection, repairs that are surely neglected because they cost money

      • ckandersen says:

        Any time I leased an apartment, the price has been the same regardless of I was renting as a single individual or as a couple. I don’t really need to “hear the manager’s side” of this story. He is fixated on a codicil that is intended to keep visitors, whom the manager has no information on, from overstaying (and possibly being a risk to other tenants), as applying to a tenants legal spouse. If he will not make an exception for a short term cohabitation for a service member on military leave, the couple should begin legal action against the manager. They may find a basis in the federal Soldier and Sailor Relief Act.

        • Michelle says:

          There is a recourse and JAG would be more than pleased to take on this slumlord! I do hope they take this action and sue the skin right off this guy. Then they would have the right to boot his megalomaniac, anti military ass out on the street. It would be a stipulation to them taking over the property as a settlement for the wrong doing this guy is commiting. Of course a monetary settlement as well!

        • Biff says:

          Some apartments are rented as X amount for the apartment, but others are rented as X amount per person on the lease. This usually happens in apartments geared toward college rentals. Which, since she’s in school, is probably what she has.

        • Michelle says:

          If she is living in public housing or Section 8 housing, then that rent is determined, at least in part by the number of occupants, and there are strict rules about the number of days a visitor can stay there per year.

          I’m not saying this landlord is right or wrong, just that that could very well be a factor here.

    • Patricia Britt says:

      Code violations…..that is a good idea. There must be a code inspector in the state that is former military. Great idea you have. Actually, I think a code inspection would be a great idea even after Sgt. Bolt returns to his post.

    • DocW says:

      or call the Manager, Alan King, at 1-866-979-8173 or write him at and fnd out what trips his trigger

      • WayneJ says:

        If this information is correct, this is off campus student housing for Clemson. It appears, according to their website, that they do not rent apartments, but rooms possibly sharing common areas. This may be a contributing factor and explain their policy.

  8. R Malkoski says:

    I would think when the apartment was rented, the wife, when asked said” myself, my husband, and our baby( when she/he arrives)”or something to that effect.. My husband is in the military. So, while his name, and as it was pointed out the babies name is NOT list, I am quite sure they were mentioned. I’m also quite sure there are several lawyers quite willing to help this couple pro bono. The landlord is a jackass, with no heart.

    • Sgt says:

      “I would think”

      Is not “know”


      “I am quite sure”

      Is not “know” either.

    • james says:

      He is a jack ass military move a lot I worked at apartments and they can get out of the lease and government people to as long as they have a renter to rent it.he is just a piece of shit that does not care about his country . that’s proable why he’s not on the lease he could be gone for a year with out living there plus lot’s of places give military discount’s and police officer discount’s but guess he don’t care

    • Michelle says:

      He needs to be sued for discrimination!!!!! Since Stupid and ridiculous can’t be prosecuted by itself, yet. These guys are fighting a fight they didn’t start so as to keep the fighting of our doorstep. He needs to be grateful, NOT GREEDY OR MEAN, especially this time of year!

      • chrspty says:

        Who is discriminating against? It doesn’t appear to be a case of discrimination against a protected class.

        • Michelle says:

          If the military is not a protected class-then being a man-white male is! You need to go get shot at and not let in your house for any reason after you return. You are truly an idiot!

  9. Kevin says:

    I say that if the husband cannot be arrested, that he should stay. If the prick wants to evict them let him. In most states they have to give you at least 30 days to vacate and the process is a major pain in the @$$ for the landlord. And given the publicity, I’m sure the family will have no trouble finding a new place to live. And good luck finding a new tenet for the landlord…

    • JRow says:

      You’re right, about the 30 day notice of eviction, but the landlord may retaliate and evict her, too. I used to manage for the largest company in the county. If I were a manager at an area complex, I would offer her and her husband a new place to live. It would be a decent thing to do, and great publicity for her complex. They would have to meet the same credit and rental history requirements by law, but I doubt this would be a problem for them.

      • Michelle says:

        Wow! You would make them MOVE? Would pay those expense for them when you act as a Nazi manager? Nope-you are the type who charges for the carpet being walked, the toilet being used, the light switch being used to turn on the lights…

    • Michelle says:

      There are people that squat in homes that are abandoned and aren’t able to be removed for months because the owners have no rights and are unable to just kick them out. It is a lengthy process and they are staying in that home with no family ties. They pay nothing. Destroy property, ect. So why on earth would this be OK?

  10. Leah Shears Elam says:

    That is an ignorant landlord, because as was stated in the article, he is not a visitor but the tenant’s husband. All that’s needed is for the man’s name to be added to the lease and that should be the end of it.

    How stupid can people be? Seems to me a taste of a little authority has gone to the landlord’s head.

    No excuse for such stupidity. He might want to consider tending to his own personal business and staying out of others’ personal lives.

    • timy says:

      Good point. All he has to do is add his name to the lease. The landlord might have to charge him a little more for rent. I am not sure if he understands the principle of owning and renting to tenants.

      • Sharon says:

        I agree all that needs to be done is add the husband to the lease, but they can’t be charged more rent, this is an apartment not a hotel. When someone rents an apartment it is by number of bedrooms usually and size etc. not number of occupants.

        • Biff says:

          That’s not always true. Often apartments, especial ones geared toward college renters, are rent out as X amount per person on the lease. That way if a renter is paying say $400 a month and two new roommates move in, they can then charge each of them $400 a month as well. I think this is the case here, since she is in college, she’s probably renting from a apartment complex geared towards students. It also explains why she didn’t put him on the lease when she signed up for the apartment, if she had, she’d have been paying twice the amount for rent every month.

        • callysly says:

          While I disagree with this Landlord there are time where there is a clause based on number of tenants we have a 2 bedroom place we rent and the one tenant moved in he put three peoples name on the leas the lease stated anymore than those would be additional rent money, He moved in several more people and there were 8 people living there, it is for cases like that we would put in such a clause. However while our tenant abused his privileges and this clause protected us I would not use it in a case like this.

      • Princess Milissa says:

        Legally he can’t even raise the rent in this case because they are married. That under federal laws.

      • JRow says:

        He cannot charge them more rent for adding him to the lease. The apartments have rates based on size, and sometimes a preferable location on the property. Not how many people occupy the unit. Most have a maximum occupancy based on how many bedrooms an apartment has. But, since he’s on leave, he wouldn’t be considered a full time occupant even though he’s staying more than seven days. I know I wouldn’t have thought twice about either adding him to the lease since he is serving his country and stationed somewhere else. Only a complete jerk would do this.

        • Biff says:

          That’s not always true. Many apartments geared toward college students charge by the person living there. Yes there is a maximum occupancy. If, as an example, the apartment has a max occupancy of three people, then she counts as one and is paying X amount for herself. If one or two more people move in, they would each have to pay the same X amount for themselves. In these situations, the landlord can also rent those additional occupancies out to whomever they want. Meaning she could get unknown people moving in with her with no choice in the matter.

    • David says:

      it mentioned in the article that the landlord told them that if the husband stays that the rent needs to be raised. Since this is even news, it sounds to me like the couple is arguing the rent increase and adding the husbands name.

      The wife signed a legal document, screwed up and needs to abide by the agreement or sign a new agreement.

      The couple is 100% at fault here for wanting something for nothing.

      • chrspty says:

        Great job David – thanks for the logical post. There are not many of those here.

      • Michelle says:

        How did she screw up? By marrying a solider who is fighting a war he didn’t start. This landlord was notified she was an active duty spouse and he will be coming home when able. The rent is not something you can change at will unless you change it for ALL occupants for the same size apartments. As far as how many people are in there-they share a bedroom as most couples do without being charged more money!

      • callysly says:

        Being a Landlord I do agree she should have had his name on it, however I disagree with what the Landlord is doing and that they want something for nothing. The Landlord is saying he can’t make an exception which is partially understand but he also has the power to redo the lease the way it should have been done. My guess is this is similar to our set up and had she put her husband on in the beginning she would not be threatened with additional rent. And Again the Landlord has the power to redo the lease since it obvious the couple would be agreeable to a new lease signing. The Landlord is just trying to avoid this because they want the higher rent, sometimes e just need to do the right thing as landlords and not the most profitable.

    • chrspty says:

      This IS his business since he manages the property. You seem to be going on a real rampage about this but don’t seem to have anything really helpful or logical to say. That’s the problem with social media; anyone can post an opinion but don’t have to back it up. The fact that the family member is military should not make a difference. He isn’t handicapped so you aren’t legally obligated to make exceptions. In the property management world an exception can get you into a lot of trouble. I’m not saying the landlord hasn’t handled some of this poorly (he should look into legal ways to allow the service member to stay) but he can’t just go against preset rules.

  11. Leah Shears Elam says:


    Put his name out there and the name of the apartment complex, as well.

    This is so stupid, it befits my brother Darrell and my other brother Darrell.

  12. Leah Shears Elam says:

    The Groves Apartments (South Carolina) phone number is: (803) 278-4400.

    Once I learn the identity of the ignoramus running the place, I’ll post that, too.

    I think it would be good to give him an ulcer for Christmas.

    • Donkey Puncher says:

      At the very least, publish a list of properties this slumlord owns for the very reason that people should know what places to avoid when apartment shopping.

    • insink says:

      ;0) two wrongs don’t make it right!

    • WayneJ says:

      If this is the Groves at Clemson, this is an off campus student housing complex. Based upon their website, it appears that they rent rooms out to student is several different layout where they share common areas (kitchen, living room, etc.). If this is the case, it does explain the restrictions.

  13. Robert Wheeless says:

    I am sure there are not two sides to this story, that there could be another perspective to this. If Ms. Bolt did not have the mental clarity to mention to the landlord that her husband would be coming to stay for extended periods, while being absent for even longer periods, things will not be getting any easier for her. It is not rocket science: “How many people will be living at the apartment?” is generally how the question reads. It all boils down to how she answered that one question. It is also broken into adults and children, Ron,This solider is receiving extra funds for living off base, as well as extra funds because he is married and has a child. If he was wanting to reside there part time, it should have been resolved before moving in. I don’t know how he made SSgt without knowing how to relocate and avoid all the pratfalls of having to up and relocate at short notice – that, too, is part of the vocation. I also find it hard to believe that if he is stationed in Missouri that he is going to be spending much time in SC, unless something else is amiss. Maybe someone will write in and call me a prick, too, now, since that seems to be the extent of your creativity.

    • Navygm1 says:

      Well I am Military, but nothing seems to be amiss and from what I am seeing here she is staying at the apartment, because she is going to school.
      And you are right relocating is part of the vocation, but without orders to the effect saying that he and family is being relocated to another state, the lease cannot be broken.
      From what I understand by this info he is visiting his wife on leave, so being stationed in another state would make it hard to move from where she is staying. So in light of that you are an IDIOT (ID 10 Tango).

      • biff schmuckatelli says:

        Whiskey Tango Foxtrot – what’s up with that SSGT’s beard! He has no military bearing, he looks like a dirt bag. If I were his DIVO, I’d write him up. In addition, that wife is shady, there are plenty of education opportunities on military bases and in town where he is stationed. The wife shouldn’t be out in South Carolina. Both of those people are dumbasses. The landlord is a prick, but he is within the letter of the law.

        • Lulu says:

          Your observations make alot of sense. Why does this guy have a beard? Being one who appreciates the physical development resulting from Military service; he doesn’t look military. Military men stand straight,chin up,shoulders back, chest out –even 20 years after service. Not only that military men are very tidy in presenation, on duty and off duty. Maybe there is more in the back ground then what we know. Plus I don’t know any woman–who doesn’t include her husband in all she does. As for her staying in SC for school does she have a private scholarship for the college she attends? If not, all schalarships travel with the student. I know that one! I put myself through college!

          • Michelle says:

            You are uninformed about this! Was he injured and is getting to see his family before retuning to county? And no we don’t always stand straight after service and aren’t Always tidy-And obviously never been associated with, married to, in served. Plus you are very inept while TRYING to say ANYTHING with words that aren’t degrading. You might want to consider going to college or just get you GED to learn other words beside the FEW you know!

        • Rrudy says:

          Hey biff,

          The Sergeant is on leave. He can grow a beard while he’s off duty. I did it and I’m not a dirt bag and neither is he. As for passing judgment on his wife and questioning why they live where they do, you are WAY out of line!

          So, biff, Kilo Mike Foxtrot Alpha!

          Semper Fi!!

          PS: Chris Kyle had a beard as do most Special Forces serving in Afghanistan and those who served in Iraq. Are they dirt bags too?

        • Ms. TLWD says:

          You seem really stupid, its pretty obvious that he is on leave. There are many soldiers that take a break from shaving while on leave. You don’t know the circumstances why the wife chose to attend school in South Carolina, it could possibly be that she chose that school because they have a degree program that caters to her needs and what she is trying to accomplish. There are many soldiers that are stationed away from their families because it’s not always the best thing to uproot the family when the spouse has a good job or is trying to attend school. She probably also chose to attend school in South Carolina because its probably closer to family and she can get the additional support she may need while her husband is away. The only comment you made that was correct was that the landlord is a prick.

        • Ann says:

          Spoken by a couch potato wanna be military man….need more chips??

        • JRow says:

          Who are you to say where this woman should live or be educated? Clemson may have a better program for her major, or be a better ranked school for her field. Although it isn’t an ivy league school, a degree from Clemson would be much more prestigious than a lot of other state universities or small colleges. Perhaps, there aren’t any schools in the area where he is stationed that would be as good, or as prestigious. It makes a big difference to a perspective employers. In this tough economy, the better the school, the higher your chances are of being interviewed, and/or hired.

        • Michelle says:

          They have a month to grow a mustache, hair longer, once a year.And depending on his MOS and Unit assigned to, where he has been, it may be something he does to infiltrate and communicate with a certain group of people. Do your research before you start slashing a military man. I can’t say what I want on here but I would so give you a piece of my balled up mind if you ever said anything like that to my husband or myself or ANY OTHER Troops!

        • insink says:

          Bill that’s not a nice thing to say. He’s on leave. He can dress and look like the rest of men…. You don’t know his story. Point he’s serving his country! in my book that makes him a HERO!

      • Emma says:

        In light of your response, you are an IDIOT with poor communication skills. Calling people names, in capital letters, is NOT a great way to get your point across and boost your credibility. You are simply a sad, small fool. Prayers that you can turn it around and find happiness one day.

    • JRow says:

      Many wives have to find housing while their husbands are deployed, so she may have been into this situation. She may have wanted to live close to home, parents and family while she was pregnant and having the baby. He may not have been available to sign the lease if he was stationed in Missouri. She may well have told the manager about him being in the military already. I worked for the largest management company in the country as a manager and district manager. This landlord is being a jerk. If he owns the property, he can amend the lease to lease to add him to it, or get something in writing from the couple stating that he will only be there while on leave. Even if he wants to run the soldier’s credit first, this wouldn’t be an issue, or time consuming. If he works for a property management company, his supervisor or district manager could OK this exception since it’s short term. This is ridiculous, and I can imagine ANY manager I have ever worked with doing something like this. Most managers of credible, respected companies would never stop to this type of behavior.

    • Sharon says:

      First, she is young and may never have signed a lease before. He was no living there so she would probably say just me and I am sure she would have said he would visit when possible. Not extended periods of visiting because that is probably not an option. He may be in Missouri for a school, here are a lot of them at Ft Leonard Wood. If he is in school, he will be in barracks, not living off base. Even if he is stationed there temporarily or permanently he may be in barracks. Just because she is off base, does not mean he is. He doesn’t get paid extra for living off base, he does not have that amount deducted from his pay for living off base. That is assuming he lives off base. He gets paid for a wife, the baby was just born, so that will be coming next pay period. If he is in school, he would not take his family. She may move with him when he receives a permanent duty station.

  14. ed girouard says:

    god damned scrooge

  15. Rob says:

    I don’t know why the property managers are being protected.

    You can always contact the apartment management directly and ask at:

    The Groves at Clemson
    Local 864-419-9655
    300 Arrowhead Drive, Central S.C. 29630

    • JJ says:

      They are being protected so people don’t constantly harass them when, in their minds and in the laws eyes, they’ve done nothing wrong. This protects them from said harassment and the public from lawsuits, fines, and/or jail time for harassing, communicating threats, damage to private property, vandalism, and the like. The couple in the story know this that is why they didn’t say. It could lead to immediate eviction.

      • Michelle says:

        No they can’t be evicted-that would be illegal and they would be able to prove the retaliation through all the media and paperwork this has generated and that would mean that Scrooge would be paying them!

    • WayneJ says:

      Please, go to their website They are not your rum of the mill apartment complex, they are an off campus student housing. If I am interpreting their business correctly, you can choose to rent a room in one of several different apartment configurations where you get a rooms and share common areas. The rooms are designed around a single student per bedroom, which is what is actually being rented. If this is correct, then this would explain why they are running things the way they are.

  16. biff schmuckatelli says:

    this doesn’t pass the smell test. The wife should have put her husband’s name on the lease – that is the normal way to handle such cases. Also, why is she living in South Carolina but he is stationed in Missouri? I think this wife is shady. She could have attended school in Missouri. The hapless husband should demand a paternity test for the kid and hire a PI. to check on this wife. The landlord is within his legal rights – he might not be nice, but he is following the law.

    • Al says:

      How in hell do you know what reason they had to make such arrangements. It’s none of your business. Have some compassion for them otherwise your holiday’s will be miserable!

    • CYN says:

      Well as far as putting her husbands name on the lease. In every apartment I have stayed in All Adults have to sign the lease so…if he’s stationed elsewhere…..

      plus stop passing your infidelity/insecurities onto others.

    • chrspty says:

      Great comment. Something just doesn’t seem right about this. And you shouldn’t get exceptions and free rides just because you are in the military. It is shameful they are using the husband’s service as a ploy to break the rules.

    • Michelle says:

      Unless she has power of Attorney-full power, she can’t sign his name. She may have been told by this asswipe she didn’t have to put him on the lease and could prepare an addendum when he returned home. The rent is paid by the military as their housing allowance. When they reside off post they have to have permission and the military, in some instances have to approve the place and amount. So the landlord would be very aware of her husbands military service and situation of being deployed-could be rapid deployment- paperwork. since he is gone more than he is home.. He may have played on her vulnerability Regardless, the military troops are why this guy has the right to rent and be free-again-he should be GRATEFUL NOT GREEDY

    • Trish says:

      I am sorry to say this to you. But if the husband can’t sign the lease then he can’t be on the lease. Every apartment I have ever tried to live in will not except an absent party to be on the lease unless they sign the paper. S that could well be the reason she could not put him on the lease.

  17. Caro says:

    Maybe a kind and understanding person who has a better housing situation will come forward. That would be an awesome Christmas gift for this family.

  18. Ron says:

    As ex military this kind of situation gets my blood boiling. He’s just the manager NOT the complex owners. With whom he should have refered this situation to for advice on how to handle.
    As several folks have posted legally he’s on very thin ice here.
    Has shades of several childrens Christmas stories: Scrooge & The Grinch that stole Christmas.
    I hope the backlash smacks the manager in the face.
    My two cents!!!

    • Michelle says:

      They need to find the owner-rather, I am sure by now he has found them by now. Fire his manager and fix this issue and make it right.

  19. BigWill says:

    The landlord is being a bit of an Assh0le, but he is, probably, within his rights. Also if you want to deal with this legally fine but im not sure to try this in the court of the social media is right either. We’re really only hearing one side and that’s the side that’s seems to be legally in the wrong.

    • Michelle says:

      This time the social media needs to be a part of this in order to make the public aware of this, because it has probably happened often and people were scared from the threats of being retaliated against. Time to take it to the people to make them aware of where not to rent!

  20. DEAN says:

    Hey Chuck I have rentals as well and have that rule as well but if is a friend or other family members I can understand your point. But this is her husband that is serving our country his name is not on the lease because he will only be there for his leave of duty to keep you free. Instead of raising the rent on them you should be letting them have this month free rent for the job he is doing for our country and you to be free. Tell them merry Christmas and tell him thank you for your service.

  21. Lucy Van Pelt says:

    Look, the landlord isn’t a landlord to make friends or to lose his money. The landlord is a business man who is in it to make money. Potentially, a lot of money. This one landlord happens to be very shrewd. His attitude is “nobody rides for free”. However, it would be very easy to run a credit, rental and criminal check on this soldier for a fee. Write up a new lease with a rental increase. Pretty simple shit man. The landlord is probably jaded because he is a “slum-lord”.

  22. Joseph says:

    I don’t understand the frustration or the confusion in this situation. If the husband is stationed in Missouri, then why don’t they all live on base there? If that is not an option, then why do they not get a place where he can stay with them? I am sure there are apartments in that area that do not have such strict guidelines.

    • Norm says:

      There are times when in the service that family members are NOT authorized to move to where the service member is stationed. For example, if he were sent to Ft Leonard Wood as a student or trainee, the family is not authorized movement or shipment of household effects. If he were sent TDY/TAD again not authorized. He could move them by paying out of his munificent salary but then they probably wouldn’t be able to eat for a while. And as said by several others in these comments, base housing is not always available.

  23. jbf16falcon says:

    If the landlord is just afraid it will set a precedence by letting him break the terms of the contract, then he should executed another contract to let the husband stay with his wife for an undetermined sum of say pocket change. That would keep things legal and prevent future problems. If he won’t do that, then HE IS A PRICK.

  24. Al says:

    That’s not a landlord that’s an **ASS HOLE**

  25. Honeycomb888 says:

    Another way to word the article is….hubby in military refuses to sign lease to move in with family. How long does he want to stay? Is he leaving again, or is he here to stay? Is he going to stay a month? Six months? A year? Or just two weeks? If it’s just 2 weeks, I say let him stay w/o signing the lease. But if it’s a month or more, he has to sign the lease. It’s a business contract. The rent is based on the number of adults living in the space. If the landlord pays the utilities, that makes sense, since two adults would use more utilities.

  26. Dan Hoffacker says:

    Well we see now that common sense is not so common. The landlord has a fixed rigid and inflexible mentality on the lease rules. Hey Chuck landlord dude have you had an MRI scan of your brain to see if it is working properly? Make an exception Mr. Chucky for Sgt. Bolt or you get the jerk of the year award!!!

  27. Vince says:

    she should stop paying rent until he starts minding his own business

  28. Emma says:

    I don’t think Sgt Bolt’s employment has anything to do with this issue. The point is, they are married. I don’t know why the lease is only in the wife’s name. Seems like that was a silly way for a married couple to rent an apartment. Either way, they are married and want to live together. Duh. I think the landlord should make an exception and I think they should move immediately. Also, when they lease their next apartment, they should READ the lease very carefully before signing it.

  29. MM2 Polly says:

    There are rules, then there are rules. How about we call the landlord Mr Grinch? Talk about hartless.

  30. Michael says:

    Are those the laws of the country he fought to defend for said a.s.ole landlord drop him in another country and see how well he holds up what a

  31. wade says:

    This issue would get no attention if it were not for a member of the military being involved. His role as a volunteer mercenary does not warrant special treatment for him or his family. This is a passive form of media propaganda to get the masses to pay homage and eventually worship a fascist state. As if there is not enough worshiping of the golden calf. The contract is actually protecting the couple for mean or unfair treatment as landlord and tenant agreed to the terms. There is nothing special about this couple attempting violate their a contract.

  32. Common Sense says:

    Everybody’s roasting the landlord but nobody’s asking why the couple refuses to put his name on the lease. I don’t know what rental agreements are liked in South Carolina but every rental agreement I signed during college in Texas based the rent on the number of rooms not the number of occupants. The requirement for someone to be on the lease made them responsible, so you couldn’t have long term “guests” who might be destructive or cause a nuisance without consequences. The title is intentionally misleading as the landlord isn’t banning the husband from the wife’s apartment. The landlord is simply enforcing the rule that you can’t have long term guests who aren’t on the lease. Why is the article not titled Serviceman Refuses to Sign Lease for Wife and Baby?

    • callysly says:

      Because the serviceman can’t sign an existing lease the Landlord would have to agree to a new lease, but then it would be at the original rate most likely. It probably has a clause like the one we have people sign if the bring additional people in who are not named on lease it is additional rent per person. Though I would personally waive it in a case like this because if I followed it to the letter I would have to charge for the child a well, even though the child cannot sign we have a section that lists all those living with the person who signs and it means the spouse does not have to sign but can be listed on those living in the residence.

  33. Lulu says:

    Landlord Tenant Laws are county court based laws. Unfortunetly, the landlord is correct 7 days is the amount of time by law someone who isn’t listed on the rental agreement is allotted to stay. BUT–Depending on the state/county landlord/tenant laws,(Need to research to confirm) HE CAN LEAVE THE WIFES RESIDENCE FOR ONE TO THREE CALENDAR DAYS THEN RETURN TO RESIDE FOR ADDITIONAL SEVEN CALENDAR DAYS WITH HIS WIFE. 2. She can have her contract/lease amended to have her husband added to the rental agreement for one calendar month. Yes the landlord can increase her rent for that calendar month only, but if she neogotiates this correctly her rent can be restored to original stated amount. I hope this couple goes to the base military legal assiste to pin this *&^% landlord to the ceiling. They can also go online to the county clerks website and research the Landlord/Tenant Laws so they can be educated on their rights in this situation. Especially since 1. there is a newborn 2. He is military. There is special amendments for military personnel in Landlord/Tenant Laws, depends on the state legistation though. PLUS HAVE THEY REPORTED THIS TO CONSUMER PROTECTION AGENCY & BETTER BUSINESS BUREAU, CODE ENFORCEMENT? All 3 facilities are free to file with, & have the ability to prosecute in a court of law. IF YOU ARE GOING TO SHAKE THE RAFTERS ON THIS — GO ALL THE WAY! GOOD LUCK! DON’T QUIT! This man has volunteered to protect our country & people to have all these rights. Now he needs to use them!

  34. Dave H says:

    Mean Landlord, This is Landlord should be strung up in the middle of the town square and publicly humiliated, if it was now for men like Bolt and his family he would not have any freedom. Many of the military men and women are treated like this and there should be a stop to it.

  35. ronnie says:

    I am a vet and I will say this land lord should be thrown out in the street GOD BLESS this young family give them a break they need it seems they are just trying to get a head I know how it is I had cancer and gov would not help me but thanks to many friends and family me and my family have made it so give this family a break

    • JJ says:

      Yes, throw him on the street. Then ALL tenants get evicted just in time for Christmas. Good thinking.

    • Wanda Holloway says:

      to Ronnie/ I am with u/the street is too good for him/shld b thrown out of US/he gave the threat of losing his life to keep all of us, including landlord, safe from terrorists/he must not value his or our lives/

  36. Retired military says:

    He needs to talk to a military lawyer. It is free and the ones I had were great. There is nothing wrong with using the chain of command. There are certain rights for military that get deployed. Maybe we should bring back ‘tar and feather’ anti Americans! I am tired of hearing compassion for foreigners and their believes at the expense of our Nation and military.

  37. Stephen says:

    Okay this doesn’t explain why his name is not on the lease. Does the landlord charge more if more people live there. If so are the Sgt. and his with pulling a scam trying to get cheaper rent by not putting his name on it. They are married should have been on the lease to begin with. So I’m thinking this couple are not so innocent in all this.

  38. Christine Karen says:

    This is a private matter that needs and can be solved in private. The landlord is following the contract. He has a legal obligation to apply the same standards to all tenants, and not just this one. Both the landlord or his/her agent and the tenant can amend the lease, legally, by having the husband sign on. Fat chance of resolving this now that someone has put this out in public, making the landlord look bad. The tenant should have had her husband sign on the lease before moving in. That would have been the upstanding thing to do.

  39. Lisa says:

    I and my husband are Veterans. When my husband was at to sea, 6-9 months at a time, i never put him on a lease but not once did any of my landlords threaten to have me evicted or my husband arrested or raise the rent. This guy is just being a dick. The military are out there protecting our country & this this little creep wants too play hard ball. I hope someone steps in & helps this couple. I wonder if he has went too see the legal dept on the base near his wife for some assistants. I had a Letter drafted for 1 Landlord for not returning My deposit in a timely manner. He was then put a list of who not to rent from. And trust me they checked it out before putting him on the list, to make sure i was on the up & up.

  40. larry says:

    I’m sure the FAH landlord is enjoying his freedom our soldiers provide…..but the FAH seems to be enjoying taking the soldier’s freedom and family away…do they still tar and feather scum bags in the South?

  41. Bonita says:

    If “Chuck” would have simply ignored the husbands stay, NO ONE would have known about bending any rules as ALl tennants in an apartment don’t know who is on each others lease. ANY sane person wouldn’t have questioned a husband being home for the holidays, particularly a soldier husband.
    This putz made his own problems by being a jerk and now the whole world knows what an a$$ he is.
    Sucks to be Chuck, doesn’t it?

  42. AF Vet says:

    the landlord should be taken out and beaten for treating this family this way. He is truly a piece of the most disgusting scum.

  43. Josie says:

    Too bad they cant evict the landlord and keep Sergeant Bolt. The landlord is a real sob.

  44. Don Schneider says:

    This petty Bureaucrat is more than a “Grinch” but worth less than a bucket of warm spit !

  45. Mike says:

    This landlord is a total piece of &$%#. He is living in a free country thanks to our service men and women. If anything he should make a one time payment for the extra week. If I was the landlord I would give them free rent for the whole month to thank this man for his service, It is Christmas after all.

  46. David says:

    I agree with the landlord. The tenet signed a LEGAL document and should have read the agreements. This is not different then if someone else rents there and wants to move in. The landlord is holding to the legal agreement with the wife and himself.

    People need to take personal responsibility and suck it up when they screw up and not expect others to make exceptions for them. The wife knew she was married and had the obligation to make sure the landlord know she was expecting her husband to move in. It sounds like this was a case where she could get cheaper rent with one adult and she figured the landlord would cave in. GO LANDLORD.

    I am sure that the landlord explained that to the couple, pointed it out in the lease.

    The fact that his is a soldier has NO bearing on the landlord not holding the tenet to the agreed upon request.

    • AC Putnam says:

      Coleman. I don’t think he is planning on moving in. I think he is there on leave to see his wife and newborn baby and then he will be leaving again.

  47. R.Colemen says:

    Found this response to the issue on the Housing Site and is as follows:


    We are a military family and we welcome veterans and others who follow proper procedures to stay in our community which is federal law regulated. We are an exclusive student community that takes pride in the country we live in and our veterans who serve past, present and future. We are also a business that runs by rules, regulations and contracts. It is our responsibility to provide the safest environment possible to our students/tenants. Proper procedures were explained to both the tenant and the gentleman living there recently. The particular section that applies to this couple was set aside and initialed by the tenant as part of a signed contract. As it stands right now the tenant and her guest have refused to comply with a very simple procedure. Parents, guardians and grantors respect and appreciate our guest polices for the safety of their students who choose to live in our safe community. It is our goal to provide all of our tenants the same treatment no matter what gender, race, age, school or career they are or have chosen. Safety is our ultimate goal and we can not and will not jeopardize it.

    We apologize that the media has misrepresented this entire situation based solely on the statements of only one individual and made it appear to be something it is not.

    The Groves

    • insink says:

      He’s not a guest he’s her husband who’s on leave. Give them some slack. Tables turns everyday! some times rules do not apply. Use common sense… Be human with a heart.

      • Charlie says:

        Common sense indicates the other three girls living in this 4 bedroom student housing apartment with a common area have rights too. They don’t want some guy living there and hanging out in their space for 3 weeks. But their rights and complaints were never mentioned in the slanted article. This whole story was stupidly written leaving out these important details in order to get the sympathy of dolts who do not have the power of critical analysis. So now every idiot with a computer wants to harass the apartment manager for doing his job.

  48. Charlie says:

    Perfect example of a Slumlord. One without one ounce of brains.

  49. rabbiems says:

    This is inexcusable. This landlord needs to use common sense and can amend the vs. strict enforcement and having his head in a place where it does not belong. There is no reason to treat a veteran in this manner.

  50. Wanda Holloway says:

    He is not a nice landlord or even an American/what is wrong with this guy/he shld b ashamed of himself/

  51. Jackie McMillan says:

    This is the GRINCH in real life, here is a man serving his country home to spend the holidays with his wife and newborn daughter. Chuck needs a reality check and a heart there are always exceptions. Chuck you deserve coal in your stocking!

  52. Bret says:

    I used to rent out apartments so I understand why this rule exists, but a spouse overseas in the military is OBVIOUSLY an exception. Anyone with half a brain knows that, and if “Chuck” doesn’t he has no business being a landlord, period. The good news is people will never stand for this crap, I’m sure the public will make this guys life a living hell until he smartens up and changes his mind.

  53. ManagerIQ says:

    It is a touchy subject, however without knowing the full details as to how long he will be around. It is not hard to have his name on a lease. The Manager in question needs to remove the stick they are sitting on. I have been a property manager for a very long time. It is only common sense add the daddy, father to the lease, which he will have to sign a bunch of papers and so on. Like buying a new car these days. The so called manager should know this could be done. EVEN if it is a Government housing. Stop being a stupid before the complex which can be sued over this, talk with OWNERS of the property before you lose your job. It is just that simple.

    • jerry schaghy says:

      if it is government housing that will mean she is low income and that means they have to bring a civil suit! that means a lot of money and if she is low income she has no money and that means the chuckie wins! rural development meaning hud is all political and that means they lose!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! so chuckie just needs to back off leave these people alone for the time he will be there and let them enjoy there x-mas! he is just jealous and all alone!! right chuckie!!

  54. Ashton says:

    This landlord is wrong. The military person is active so probably has no control over his schedule. I suppose legally the landlord has a point but he’s still dumb for not handling these type situations better. Its not like the guy is unemployed sitting around all day. He’s fully employed protecting our freedom.

  55. rmarie says:

    Dear Chuck, if it wasn’t for our service men and women, past and present, you would not have the privilege of owning any real estate.

  56. david says:

    scumbag landlord!! he enjoys all the freedoms he has today because of people willing to put on a uniform and toe the line!!! I’d dig a hole in front of his outside door and line it with punji sticks..

  57. debs says:

    These 2 people are husband and wife. There is no reason the landlord should be acting like a jackass. Husband and wife are in the right and the “landlord” needs to have repercussions. This man is serving the military and putting his life on the lines for us/him (landlord) so we can be free. The landlord is a total jerk and has no Christmas spirit at all. He is Mr. Scrooge. This man has a newborn baby for heavens sake. All he wants to do is be with his wife and newborn baby…. The landlord is preventing him from being with his wife and newborn baby. If it was me in this situation, I would take this as far and high as I could. All this publicity will be negative and no one will want to rent from this place….This is a disgrace to our service men!!!!!

  58. Dutch says:

    I’d sue the landlord, he’s a spouse, and not a visitor. I experienced the same thing while serving in the military. But I talked my way around it …. Never went back there. I notified the JAG Office, so no one else would be treated that way.
    Why do people still abuse men and women that are willing to put on a uniform and represent our nation, at home and abroad?

  59. Cindy Luczkowiak says:

    What is wrong with this landlord. This young man is overseas defending his country and all he wants to do is see his wife and newborn baby. What a very nasty man. Karma has a way of coming back around, Mr Chuck the landlord.

  60. Patrick says:

    I would have printed out the state laws that cover apartment rentals and highlighted the parts coving what he is trying to do. The idiot has no idea what the law is and likely is not smart enough to look it up. If the lease says a visitor can only stay for a week and that is permitted under S.C. law. All he has to do is stay in a hotel one night and go back the next day to restart his 7 day period. I have done that in Texas to keep the trouble down from a crappy landlord. They did not dispute that neither but I was nice and respectful about it. We need to ask ourselves how we let our laws get to a point where landlords can tell someone how long they can have a family member visit for. What does it have to do with him anyways? I can see states mandating how many people can stay in a one bedroom apartment but how does anything else really matter?

  61. Lotidah says:

    Crappy thing to do to the family. It sure shows you the irony in “hard and fast” rules but I have to say that poor Ole “Chuck” is probably working for the management company and just has to just do his job and he’s the one “catchin” all the flack for it. The company owes Chucky a bonus.

  62. lloredit7 says:

    Does anyone know who owns the property? The “landlord” may not be the property manager. If the property manager is following the owner’s rules, you all may be vilifying the wrong person.

  63. SoldierMom says:

    I don’t see anywhere why the soldier’s name can’t be put on the lease…most likely his military pay is what’s paying the rent.

    Unless the landlord is keeping a constant eye on this female tenant (and if he is we have a whole new set of issues here)- how does he know that the husband didn’t stay for 7 days – leave for 1 night – and then came back for another 7 days.

    Yes the landlord is being a jerk. Active duty military are allowed concessions due to their military status such as being able to drive on a expired drivers license….certainly there should be a way around this.

  64. sandy says:

    IF the landlord can prove that the wife intentionally left her husband’s name off of the lease because it meant a lower rent then there is room for this to be considered a valid response from the landlord. IF the wife was not able to put the husbands name on the lease because he was not there to sign for himself AND the landlord was made aware that there was a husband who would be coming home and still did not permit her to add his name to the lease, then the landlord is a real jerk. IF the wife just didn’t bother to mention the husband (not the landlords business where that belly came from after all) then it is on her, ignorance or not. However, really, how much can the difference be to add another person to the place, especially a prorated amount for the remainder of the lease term, that is, if the wife is indeed guilty of trying to pull one over for cheaper rent.

  65. bob says:

    Listen I am a Soldier also and just because you are in the military does not mean people need to treat you special or break rules for you. He should have read the lease before his wife signed it.

  66. Charles Aissen says:

    The landlord has an IQ of a retarded fly. The Sargent is a family member and should added to the lease without any questions.

  67. Bri says:

    It’s simple, legal, but cold. I understand if you do it for one then here come everybodys relatives to stay for who knows how long. It’s easy, just raise the rent if he stays any longer than a week and keep it there till he leaves. If she doesn’t pay it then they should face eviction. This would be one of the kinder things he can do being as such a deal is not on her lease most likely. It’s cold, but hey, she should have read the terms of the lease and asked some questions. At least she has a safe place for her and her baby by having a manager that won’t just simply allow anyone off the street to just hang around.

  68. mel says:

    you know there is a contact us button on the website for the apartment complex where you can leave comments without a name or address of the sender.

  69. mac says:

    this sounds like a violation of privacy and harassment on the landlords part…grounds to break the contract and take his family and money elsewhere.

  70. Luisa De Marino says:

    Yes. In addition I would like to share my experience with landlords. I am a 71 years old low income senior. I lived and now live in assisted apartment. I appreciate having the opportunity to have assistance with my monthly rent. However, I do not think that landlords have the right to have leases so rigidly worded that one lives in a glorified stifled institutional environment. I realize that landlords have a right to protect their properties but I think that they should remember that it is their “house” but the renters’ “home.” I have rented since I moved to San Diego in 1988. Most leases were reasonable but not the leases to HUD senior housing. I do believe that it is time to equal the playing ground. I can not afford an attorney and the so called ones that are available to low income seniors are nothing more than paper pushers. The military get help and attention and it is time for the public to know how low income handicapped seniors are treated.

    • jerry schaghy says:

      thank luisa, hud rural development what ever they want to call it have us just for this reason money! we can’t afford to sue them so they treat us however they want and the police will agree with them every time! we have no recourse so they win and we the people do not deserve this just because we are low income! or having visitors or what have you! so thanks for your post!

  71. James says:

    I am a landlord of a duplex and I have let worse things slide than this. I would let this go under the radar and not push the issue. Having happy tenants is a little more important than the almighty dollar.

    His reasoning is that if he let this family do it, then he would have to let others do it as well. Why??? How would the other tenants know who is on their neighbors lease or not? The fact is, now this landlord and his building have quite a bit of negative publicity. Not a very smart business move.

  72. justin says:

    landlord isn’t do anything wrong, its in the lease agreement. I’m not against the soldiers visit could Lord knows I’d want him to spend time with his wife as well. although I’m sure the landlord could have made a quiet exception, where we wouldn’t be here talking about it, or let the guy sign in on the lease with the acceptance of the raised went. I mean all fairness I see where the issue is but contracts are contracts, why didn’t the husband sign when they got the place?

  73. angie says:

    Is there someplace to make a donation to help this woman move?

  74. Dave says:

    I’m a landlord with a similar situation. Husband and wife separated by work, new baby girl,(she’s beautiful).Her rent and utilities are free this month. I hope Chuck reads this or has someone read it for him.

  75. Ann says:

    I hope the Landlord changes his mind and let’s them have their first Christmas together as a family. If it’s extra money the landlord wants for a week I will gladly donate. I am facing my 3rd Christmas in 2 years without my child. His birthday is the 21st and brought him home on Christmas Eve 35 years ago. I know how important the holidays are with your children. You are never the same when one leaves you unexpectedly. So I will call tomorrow and see if the Landlord wants the money I would have been spending on my dead son’s birthday and Christmas. BTW we are retired Military and when my father or husband was deployed, tdy or whatever we took advantage of every single moment we could have together. God Bless Our Troops.

  76. Kat says:

    So what is anyone doing about this? You’re reporting on a mean landlord, but is anyone taking action? Lawsuit? Are we supposed to “tsk tsk tsk? I’d rather read or hear about some action about this idiot (mildly put) and have a happier ending.

  77. Martin Mitchell says:

    There was no room at the inn (apartment) So the man, his wife, and baby stayed in a manger. Merry Christmas everyone, a little understanding, goodwill and amendment to contracts would be a blessing to all.

  78. marilyn says:

    This guy (the landlord) needs to get a life

  79. jean says:

    Why not just add him to the lease?

  80. jerry schaghy says:

    unfortunately for us tenants no recourse! I lived in lindstrom Minnesota in a subsidized apartment complex where the caretaker froze me out of my apartment for 2 winters, she was making up stories about me and other tenants! she has the lindstrom police department in her back pocket so when we called them they would not come but when she called them,they are there in minutes! talk about a payoff!!! rural development will not help you either because they are worthless pieces of crap! so good luck with these pieces of crap that think they can dictate the law! Jodie wellnitz is the persons name in my case! post the guys whole name to let the world know who these un American people are! unfortunately for us communism is here and it is here to stay! good luck!

    • jerry schaghy says:

      if the guy is only staying for a short time it will take that long to put him on the lease! so most of you saying just add him to the lease Christmas will be over before that can happen! not to mention if this poor girl is low income she is a scum bag in the laws eyes so chuckie does have the law on his side! sorry folks I am low income and have been on the receiving end of some chuckies in my life and we lose!

    • GailyC says:

      Excuse me Jerry – In MN, the tenants have all of the rights. There are legal recourses that can be taken which the landlord must comply with. There are legal agencies who only deal with tenant issues, as well as the Legal Aid facilities. Trust me ~ I went through it with a slum landlord and it worked. He could not retaliate as it would have resulted in jail time, penalties and loss of rental license.

  81. Rose says:

    I bet the landlord has never been in the military but is happy to reap the benefits of the freedoms that he has due to our military.

    I wonder if he is abiding by the rules of fair and safe housing; maybe he should be investigated for being a slum lord. Maybe the department of health, the welfare department and other agencies should look into him.

    Does the baby have to leave after 7 days since the baby is a minor and cannot sign a lease?

  82. Chuck Murphy says:

    Yes, the landlord should make an exception. And he should also be embarrassed by having his full name published!

  83. Aisling says:

    What kind of state is South Carolina? In my home state, and all three states next to us, you cannot ban an immediate family member from an apartment, regardless of the lease. You can only limit the total number of people living in the apartment according to zoning restrictions.

    Who cares if he’s in the army or a Sargeant? There is no draft. It’s a job you choose. Meanwhile, the law is for everyone. Soliders get paid to kill people. Firemen, often volunteers without pay, risk their lives to save people, unarmed. Child Care Workers keep our babies safe so we can work. There are real heroes who get no attention and NO privileges. Soliders get huge benefits, preferred loans, and a string of handouts. Others serve society all their lives and get nothing special for it at all.

    • chrspty says:

      Aisling – you’re right – it is a job. No one should get special treatment because of the job they do. The couple should follow the rules and add the husband to the lease. I understand that families in the military get separated but there are POA’s and other ways to ensure everyone in the family can be included in a lease. Check the fair housing laws. If he isn’t violating any laws then he is no obligated to make the exception. People don’t understand the slippery slope housing management can be. One must be careful to treat EVERYONE the same. Stop passing judgment on someone when you don’t know the full story and don’t understand the law.

  84. FROGGY USMC VET says:

    I’ll bet the bum landlord doesn’t know that without people like the Sgt.his dumb ass would not have the freedom to say or try to bar the Sgt from his family.

  85. Jan says:

    The wife needs to go to the housing Office on base and check on SC state laws to see if any are violated. She can make a formal complaint with them and if his practices are ‘screwy’ due to an anti-military bias, that complex can be barred from military renting there. Had one in DE that used false excuses to get out of returning deposits. I worked at the Housing Office and even when I won in court, they sent official letters reminding him the limited time to return a deposit or the deposit refund was doubled. Got it the day before the deadline. As for having extra charges, most places charge by how many bedrooms the unit has, and can, if they chose, limit the number of tenants per bedroom or unit, but that wouldn’t apply for a husband. Never heard of a place charging more for 2 people than for 1.

  86. del says:

    the landlord is a commie,he should be sent to where ever he come from to be free, i will bet he was not born here

  87. JRow says:

    I managed apartments for the largest management company in the country for many years, then worked for them as a district manager. This is absolutely ludicrous. Anyone with a brain would realize that this doesn’t fall under the normal lease terms. It’s not like she moved in a person who is going to stay indefinitely Plus, he has the power to make an exception since this man is a soldier serving his country, and is only home on leave. No property management company worth anything would do this type of thing. All he has to do is simply add him to the lease which would only take a few minutes. Even if he ran his credit first, it wouldn’t take any longer than that. The guy obviously is just a miserable human being, or has a problem with the military. His complex should be boycotted. Let’s see how ling it takes him to reverse his decision if people are outside marching and holding signs about this. If he works for a management company, they should be contacted for help with this issue.

  88. JP61 says:

    Chuck has some issues. He must be a very unhappy person. This young man and woman have already made huge sacrifices for ALL OF US including him. She by having to give up her husband for long periods of time and not (I assume, having him there when she gave birth). Also if he was deployed overseas having all the stress of wondering if he WOULD come home. And he obviously serving and being away from his,at the time pregnant wife and the worries that come with that. Now they finaly should have been able to enjoy the short time they have together; and not have to deal with F**k. Uh I mean Chuck. He needs a swift kick in the ass!

  89. Gene says:

    This is not the landlord’s fault. He’s right, if he let’s one tenant violate the terms of the lease then other tenants could use this as a legal argument and the landlord could lose all of his rights to enforce the contract. The landlord could consider modifying her lease or temporarily adding her husband to the lease (requires credit check, etc.) thereby not exposing the landlord to future litigation from other tenants. I add and remove tenants to my lease all the time. It’s tough to be a landlord.

  90. Troy says:

    Merry Christmas? Or is it a Money Christmas?

  91. Eric says:

    Hey Sgt. Sometimes there is no dealing with people like the landlord. He insists on obeying the 7-day rule so do it. Stay just short of 7-days, leave for an hour and then return for another 7-day visit. The first visitation time has been adhered to. A new period should start. See if the Lease speaks to that as a condition–I doubt that it does. It stipulates a visit is 7-days, it probably doesn’t say that visitors have to be different people or non-repeat visitors.

  92. Michael says:

    William Bolt SHOULD be allowed to stay as he is her husband, he IS in the military meaning he is a civil servant, he is more than likely not going to be there all the time and the landlord can put his name on the lease so she would not be in violation.

  93. chrspty says:

    Read the lease, it’s a legal binding document. Rules are rules. Why would her husband NOT be on the lease? There is something fishy going on here. And to use the fact that he is in the Army as an excuse to break the rules is ridiculous (and I am an army spouse). Learn to follow the rules and don’t assume people are going to bend over backwards to make exceptions because of your job. The landlord likely has other tenants and he needs to be certain he is not breaking any fair housing laws. He could get in serious trouble if he provides an exception for someone but didn’t provide the same exception to someone else. There are proper ways to file a complaint and crying to the media isn’t it.

  94. Kyle says:

    Why not just put his name on the lease… would that be too much trouble? A landlord who charges by the occupant isn’t much of a landlord in my opinion.

  95. Patricia Britt says:

    The landlord is totally in the wrong. Regardless of the verbiage in the lease, Sgt. Bolt has been in the service of our country. He should be able to quietly spend time with his wife and new daughter. The landlord is being an unpatriotic bully. If, according to the landlord, the issue is the lack of a signature on the lease……make an addendum to the current lease or sign a new one.

    Were I in Sgt. Bolt’s shoes, I would have contacted the VA, his CO and requested the services of a JAG attorney. Chuckie can spend a fortune in legal bills defending his asinine behavior.

  96. jerry schaghy says:

    from what I am reading the guy is only staying for 2 weeks! why would anyone put him on any lease? and government housing they can shoot you if they want and get away with it!!!

  97. Madhatter says:

    What a GRINCH!! I am a landlord and this guy takes the cake!! This landlord can prepare a new lease that includes the husband when he is on leave. If he gets out of the military and would be there permanently,the rent could be raised a REASONABLE amount. All of this could be written into a new lease.

  98. Madhatter says:

    This landlord is a GRINCH! I am a landlord and this is what I would do: Rewrite the lease effective immediately that includes the husband whenever he is on leave from the military. Also, include in the new lease that the rent will go up (a reasonable amount) when the husband becomes a civilian again. This way, the GRINCH won’t be making a exception so that the other tenants will complain. I am sure in a college area, there are always students who try to become squatters. Good luck to this young couple and thanks for serving our Country.

  99. Howie says:

    Landlord Chuck should be arrested for gross stupidity………..

  100. Beth says:

    As wrong as the landlord is (there would be ways he could make an exception or amend the lease- landlord wanted press coverage), the husband could stay 7 days, sleep 1 night somewhere else and then come back for another 7 days. It would be stupid to even have to do that, but it would be 2 separate stays that way.

    Maybe the family can find a better place because of all this AND then the landlord will loose a reliable solid tenant and learn his lesson.

  101. kered sake says:

    The lease can be ammended with the consent of both parties to the Lease. The Landlord does have the right to do the same background check as was done equally with all other tenants in Leases, unless the area has an ordinance where spouses by Law can take up residence like in Santa monica, CA. The landlord is entitled to the personal information of any party entering a Lease. If the Service man has bad credit, etc. then the Landlord would be within his right to not rent or add someone withEtc. Etc. such to not compromise the property qualifications. The landlord has to treat each person that would like to apply or rent/Lease equally, or they could be sued by others. The service man should have walked down with his wife and talked with the landlord if what they were planning to do was contrary to some type of Non tenant clause! I would like to see the family together. The serviceman with assistance from the Service could have taken the steps to enter that Lease even if deployed, that can be done with the assistance of the base legal people.

  102. Paul says:

    The landlord is a jerk. Sgt. Bolt is serving his country. He deserve’s a hero’s welcome, NOT this B.S.

  103. kered sake says:

    Also how the utilities are paid and by who and possible distribution of costs would have to be shared to further understand the situation!

  104. Itsa Secret says:

    Brandenberg Properties is the property management company in charge of the apartments where Sgt. Bolt, his wife and baby live.

    The Groves at Clemson
    (866) 979-8173 FYI – when you call on an 800# your telephone number shows up even if you have caller ID blocked.
    (864) 419-9655 cell (their voicemail is full, send them an email)
    300 Arrowhead Drive, Central S.C. 29630


    Wow, I just perused the contract lease agreement. It is very heavily favored towards the landlord. Contract law puts the burden and greater responsibility on the author of the document. You folks in South Carolina should ban together and work out more balanced and favorable terms for the tenants. I am in California and there is NO way we would tolerate such an oppressive lease.

    Give this soldier, his wife and newborn a break. Let him stay with his family while home. I’m sure you have a multitude of other occupants in a similar sized dwelling. Show your gratitude towards a man fighting for democracy.

    Merry Christmas, remember? ~ Linda in Sacramento, CA

    • Biff says:

      I just pursued it as well and it looks very boilerplate compared to the contracts for college rentals in Michigan. This is how it works her, and the situations is just how I suspected. She is renting one bedroom with access to “public” space, meaning her kitchen, living room, bath. The other bedrooms are for other renters, even if there are none now. She would have needed to rent all the bedrooms to get the whole apartment to herself. That is why the landlord wants more money for the husband, max occupancy is one person per bedroom, if he is living there then the landlord cannot rent the other bedroom.

    • Itsa Secret says:

      Brandenberg Properties is NOT the property management company. I could not edit the posting after I hit submit.

  105. Tom French says:

    When she signed the lease did she sign it as Mrs.? If so does that negate the landlord’s claim? Also, when two people are married aren’t they considered as one?

  106. rob z says:

    this landlord is a piece of shit, he could amend the lease in a heat beat what an assbag

  107. Jeff Omaha says:

    No, the landlord should have his A$$ kicked and arrested for being a grinchly, unpatriotic, tyrannical jerk. This is no way to treat any family and especially a family of a serveman at a time of war. Chuck, you are a mean one.

  108. Ann C says:

    I bet she is Section 8 housing and the landlord can lose his funding in rent by the state for allowing another tenant. By law, if he lives with her while she is on Section 8, they have to look at his income as part of hers and she probably would not qualify for the state to pay her rent. The landlord cannot say that due to privacy laws. If the husband lives there for longer than a week, the landlord can lose his money for her rent.
    The husband and wife can be living a part, and while she goes to school in another state, the state can’t use his income against her to qualify for state income support aid. Thus allowing her to collect all sorts of aid. I bet that is what is going on.

  109. Deb says:

    what is the Landlord’s name? A real winner… Look out Landlord your greed will do nothing for you but make you broke!!

  110. Evan James says:

    Someone should make the landlord aware that deployed uniformed personnel during a time of conflict have special rights exempting them from many of these issues and providing severe penalties to people who disregard their service. The Sgt is NOT like all his other tenants during this time. The Sgt should contact his nearest JAG or VA.

  111. Joe says:

    I think the landlord needs a reality check. He is the women’s husband and father of the baby not an guest visiting. Thats #1 and #2 he is in the arm forces serving God and country. What is this landlord? Grinch ans Scrooge all rolled into one. If he hates American servicemen that much then get the hell out of America. Let this couple have a Merry Christmas and go find something else to occupy his time.

    I think all military support groups and and all branches of the service need to get involved and help this family out. Start have having building inspectors show up for surprise inspections and any other civil service groups governing rental properties.

  112. insink says:

    This should not be. This man put his life on the line every time he leaves . He never know when he has to be deployed and this other joker will not give him the respect he deserves just as a solder of arms who help keep America safe…. what is this world coming to?

  113. Anthony Blancett says:

    The landlord is violating this soldiers rights. The lease is for the dwelling and the wife signed it. If the husband signed it the wife would be allowed to stay no questions asked. The JAG office should have already issued a warning to the landlord. The Post commander can also ban this apartment complex and all such complexes from all soldiers and their spouses. Do not mess with the military. He is her husband and a veteran not a visitor. If fact if we check with the rules on domestic terrorism this landlord might be looking at a few weeks at GITMO for some water board treatment.

  114. Devansha says:

    Being married, isn’t the apartment “Community Property” or must they own it? If the Landlord gets away with this, others will try the same thing. If the rent is paid, she should be allowed to have her husband there. It is HOME for this soldier!!

  115. Bruce D. Kjeldsen says:

    Draft that evil landlord into the Army and send him to Iraq.

  116. AC Putnam says:

    The landlord Chuck, is a horses a.. And a heartless basta…

    He apparently takes his freedom for granted! This man he is threatening is A US soldier. He has fought to give you freedom! Someone should put Chuck in jail! He is threatening to raise her rent or better yet evict her and a newborn baby for trying to enjoy Christmas with her husband who she hasn’t seen in six months.

    Will some lawyer please step up to the plate and help this couple. Tell Chuck to take a hike and let the Sgt and his family have a nice visit and a wonderful Christmas!

    Then will a nice landlord please offer her a new place to live and the lawyer break the stupid lease she presently has and move in where someone has compassion and cares about family and our military! But you know full well Chuck can’t have a family. Otherwise he wouldn’t be such a jerk about the whole thing. If he does I feel sorry for them!

  117. M DeAsoro says:

    You are all a bunch of idiots just like the landlord….

  118. precious pup says:

    I think the landlord must have bee n picked on as a kid. Now this is his “power play”, to get back at all humanity! Now he is the bully! What a jerk!

  119. DocW says:

    I would ask Alan King at the Groves why he is doing this. Easy to get ahold of him at 1-866-979-8173 or (864) 372-9167 or you can just ask him in writing via

  120. Gil says:

    If the Landlord holds a “SC Property Manager’s License” appeal to the SC Real Estate Commission to have it taken away thus the income stream to this individual ends. Appeal for a substitute Manager to be appointed by the Court. I am sure in the cause of the proper administration of this property a Judge would be much more amenable to appointing a competant person to manage the property.If the Landlord was the owner then he would get paid but without having any control over the situation as the Judge would have ultimate authority for a period of time which would be longer than the Soldier’s visit home. Emergency Hearing to request Judge’s Order and appeal to SC Real Estate Commission.

  121. Charlotte says:

    Where’s the ACLU when you need it?

  122. Kenneth Sp E-4 says:

    Obtain a permit for a march & protest in front of the apartment building. Start a crowd fund for the family to pay the college expenses and rent for the remaining years of her husband’s army service or until she graduates.

    I was in the US Army 72-74,E-4 pay wasn’t enough for rent & food for two, our baby was born on last day of military service. So I know that family is in hard times.

  123. mona says:

    This is a simple fix. If it is her husband so proof to landlord and see if he is up for signing a new lease with the husbands name on it. It may cost more for 2 adults but shouldn’t be much, mostly to cover water bill and any potential wear and tear. If the landlord agrees to this he could even call it a new lease and lock them in for another full year(though they may not want to stay another year). People get added and dropped and changed from leases all the time they should look into that option. The landlord is probably doing this cause he has had big problems in the past. The “my cousin is staying for a little while” that turns in to 6 months and likes long showers and has a 100 gallon aquarium. I get what the landlords issues might be but he can work with them through this. It didn’t even need to make the press.

  124. Megan says:

    This is outrageous. To me, the landlord seems crazy; who would deny a man on leave, a two week visit with his wife and newborn child? Chuck must have a massive grudge against military men.

  125. DJ says:

    Some of you people are missing the point. He is serving our country and all I see is people talking who can be or sign a lease. You people are WHACKED!!!!!!!!!!!!! You got WAY to much time on your hands.

  126. elvis says:

    according to the religious right, he should be allowed to stay. according to the law any soldier on deployment, an exception must be made. all is required is the addition of his name to the lease, else discrimination lawsuit on basis of his military background, an he would own the complex. see how that sits with landlord.

  127. dh says:

    Use the system against the Landlord…find out what the lease designates in detail as to what a ‘seven day rule’ is. Then stay for seven days, with a friend on day 8, then another seven consecutive days. Then he can stay nearly a month with only three days elsewhere and still be legal according to the lease agreement. This of course would be where a decent lawyer could intervene on behalf of Sergeant Bolt.

    My guess is the Landlord is not a fan of military or has some other motive. If military service members can provide documentation and its not abused, there should be room for special treatment. Why not adapt to the needs of those who are loyal ‘customers’? I highly doubt it will hinder his ability to remain in business if he caters to military tenants, who are more likely to actually pay rent and not be up too late partying and otherwise a risk as a tenant any how.

  128. Nomad says:

    The landlord could amend the current contract or sign a new contract.
    I am sure a good portion of the rent if not all is being paid by her husband. Landlord has no problem cashing check.

  129. Annabell says:

    That Landlord is nothing short of Mr. Grinch. And a Mr. Scrooge. All he care is MONEY MONEY. SHAME ON HIM.

  130. Pam Roylance says:

    I say she should call the landlord’s bluff, and do nothing. What agency or law enforcement official would even respond to this mean-spirited landlord? Especially, now, after all this great publicity, everybody knows that the husband is military and just wants to spend Christmas with his wife and new baby.

  131. French says:

    This has been left out ,? is he black, white, was he even born in this country?? my Dad was in the Air force 25+years,in 63’we were stationed in Goldsboro, NC. Seymour Johnson AFB. We lived off base in a little house attached to the Mitchell Farm next to the Noose river, kindergarten/1st grade(watched my mother cry for no reason the date 11/22/63 I understood this later in my life) Anyway when your of the “Miltary” you were looked down on even when you went to school by your classmates, but that was nothing compared to being kicked out of a house when you lived on base because your Dad was a “NCO” and your friend was an “Officer’s” son, and was told that No “NCO” classmates were ever allowed in an “Officer’s” Quarter’s and what was worse is said classmate would then lable you “NCO” to his friends after that! Bottom line Chucky mite very well be White, divorced, and his wife left him for a black man, he lives in SC.(so he hate’s everybody)SC. is a very black state with a very “White raciest” ideal. probly the last vestige of the KKK, it is a very small white run state that is very black. here’s the twist, I’m am white, my dad was a bigot, I learned to NOT see color thru my life as it is, pissed my dad off, but I don’t see color in a man or woman! Now when you drop your “RACE” card by saying something to the affect “your charging me that cause I’m(whatever color you like)” then I have no recourse but ask them to leave. Fortunately it doesn’t happen that much at all(best one is when a very good customer/friend of mine who is black escorted out from my shop a black man that used his “race” card and then Keith educated him about how he didn’t like how lowered himself to resort a raciest level of conversation! Keith is someone you Don’t talk back to. I know I got off topic but I’m illustrating what some of “OUR” military men & women have to deal with because I experienced first hand from both sides of the fence! The “Chuck” is a tool and should not be managing anything but his own lonely life, and yes SGT. Bolt, fire up those military lawyers, make his life and the property management co. a living hell! P.S. my Father was responsible for the 357th FMS till he retired in 73′ R.A.Lajoie/ret. to me he is the greatest man I know.

  132. Kelly says:

    All I know is that I am a landlord. There is absolutely no excuse for this. I would never do this to someone. It will not harm this landlord in any way to allow this soldier to stay. What an evil person. I just don’t know how he sleeps at night. Things like this makes me want to just shake the person and ask them just what is wrong with them? Dark empty soul.

  133. Mike Rush says:

    I have to agree with the attorney who has looked at the least. He says the landlord does not have much room to exclude him. Since the Sargent is the husband of the lease holder he does not fall under the same clause as someone who was just visiting for an extended period of time. it is a totally different situation and I am sure there is a past situation that backs him up.

  134. Terry says:

    Are you kidding me? they should have free rent! that landlord is a un-American as can be. he should be fired for treating a American Vet and his family that way. this is a sad story for Americans to read….Fire the Landlord!!!!!

  135. Gary says:

    Any one that inflexible must have several skeletons in his closet, Local Media find out what it is an expose it.

  136. T says:

    Having been a landlord for many years, I can say with certainty that this landlord is overstepping his bounds. If he is this picky about how people live on his property then people should stay away. The rule that he is trying to apply is meant to deter multiple families from living in one domicile. There are also regulations on how many people can live in 1br, 2br, 3 br, units. His lease may say that if additional people are living in the unit then the rent will go up. Usually an nominal fee. If it is Husband and Wife and Child then this landlord needs to back off and understand that tenancy is a fluid thing. If he pushes too hard they will bolt. Most likely leaving him with a huge mess. He can try to get money out of them through the courts but good luck. There is a point when people feel like they are being pushed too far. Keeping a man away from his wife and newborn child is unacceptable. I hope he changes his mind and works with the couple. They look like they pay their rent on time.(isn’t this the most important thing)

  137. jenn says:

    wish i had a house for them to move in to…i sure wouldn’t be this kind of tool this landlord is being. the nerve of some people. i can understand not wanting to have “guests” staying for a long time, but this is her HUSBAND and he was overseas fighting for the freedoms we have and some people take for granted. if the landlord wants to make it right, add him to the lease and apologize and apologize some more. what’s the landlord going to do if the soldier gets deployed again – punish her or say he “abandoned” the property?? hope for the couple’s and baby’s sake they get everything worked out or find a new place to live. best of luck to them.

  138. aviator says:

    South Carolina a common law(community property)state? If so, what’s his is hers and what’s hers is his: Common debt-common assets. Construed as she can sign for both. her ‘lease’ is an obligation, theoretically, he could be liable for her obligation. Therefore, a competent lawyer could tear the ‘landlord’ a new one.

  139. Debbie says:

    All they have to do is add his name to the lease… duh!!!!

  140. GailyC says:

    Add the guy to the lease! Be a real good doobie, Mr. Mean Landlord! My son moved from MI to MN and in with me for a year. My landlord added him to the lease with no rent increase; only a $20 application fee. You can save your face and they can be together.

  141. jeanie says:

    I wish the news would report the story more nuetral and not so biased. I little research and you find the grove to be privatized student housing. In other words the wife rented a bedroom at a per person charge and shares the living spaces with others. The rent would double because the husband would need to rent for himself. I also question if a roommate complained. Studying for finals with a new baby around would be hard enough to also have a strange man in the common areas would be difficult. This couple know what type of housing they were in they knew the rules they could have been more courteous to the others in the apartment. The fact is that it ia not designed for a family. They wife will probably have to move anyway due to the child. While I understand it happens at 20 in college I would not want to have to room with a newborn.

  142. lorie says:

    All the best. this looks like a tought siuation.

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