Sad Joe Biden Meme: VP’s Memes Take Over The Web

December 9, 2014 | By Garrett Montgomery More

Sad Joe Biden meme takes over Twitter. A picture of Biden looking sad as he stares at a window, has given birth to several hilarious internet memes that will forever be remembered.

Joe Biden

Sad Joe Biden meme has many wondering, what can Obama do to cheer him up? Perhaps asking Hillary Clinton, if she wins in 2016, to make him Secretary of State would make Biden happy.

On September 18th, President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden met with Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko at the White House.

A picture was put out after the meeting by an agency. The photo features a sad Joe Biden looking out of a window. It was revealed that the photo was taken after the meeting.

Over the weekend, the snapshot went viral, prompting several sad Joe Biden memes to surface left and right. One person claimed that Biden is depressed because of the protests caused by non-indictments of the police officers, who killed Mike Brown and Eric Garner. The picture was taken two months before the protests swept the nation.

And the most controversial meme:

One last sad Joe Biden meme for the heck of it:

Here are few hilarious captions stamped on the sad Biden photo:

“Please tell me it is 2016.”
“Here goes my dream, I will never be president.”
“Where the hell did I leave my keys?”
“I wonder what the cafeteria is serving for lunch.”
“I wonder how fast I can run across the White House lawn”

In case you were wondering, here is what Biden told Poroshenko during their most recent phone call:

“Thank you very much. Thank you for welcoming me once again. This is my third trip in the last seven months. You must be getting tired of seeing me as often as you do. And counting your trip to Washington, this is the fourth time we’ve met in person. And if anyone measures importance by the effort America is putting into this relationship on making sure that the Ukrainian government, it’s democratically elected leaders, making sure that you have international support. This is a pretty good place to start.”

Biden went on to add:

“Mr. President, you’ve shown tremendous leadership under extraordinarily difficult conditions. And today, on this day of dignity and remembrance, I want to congratulate all Ukrainians on last month’s successful parliamentary elections — which were overwhelmingly endorsed by Ukrainians as well as the entire international community as being fair and free. And I want to congratulate you again, Mr. President.”

What are your thoughts on the sad Joe Biden meme?


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  1. W.H.Gibbs,jr says:

    He understands that man’s inhumanity to man crosses all boundaries: national ,ethnic, racial, religious, economic, political, etc. And like Jesus Christ said: ‘ The whole world is under Satan’s control and/or influence. Man’s efforts will not improve the conditions. Almighty God himself will remedy the situation, He will soon remove the entire system entirely.

    • beverly says:

      Judging by his comments on…oh, anything, he understands very little about any thing whatsoever.

  2. F Yimai says:

    Ha, talking about taking over the web…it appears even the ‘sad’ Joe Biden has his own website: in case anyone is interested in seeing his latest 100 (yes, that’s one HUNDRED) memes!

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