Stabbed Over Last Rib: Sabrina A. Davis BBQ Fight Ends In Stabbing Over Rib

May 30, 2015 | By Garrett Montgomery More

Stabbed over the last rib at a barbecue, a woman from Indiana is said to be doing better. Sabrina A. Davis’ rib obsession, pushed her to stab Angela Watkins, a family friend during a backyard barbecue. Sabrina Davis, who used a fork to stab her friend in the eye, is currently in an Indiana jail pending a $5,000 bail.

Sabrina A. Davis

Sabrina A. Davis loves rib more than anything else, and if anyone tries to prevent her from eating it, she will stab them.

Sunday night, Indiana police were called to a home located on North Turner Street in Muncie for a stabbing incident. According to officers from Delaware County, several witnesses revealed that Sabrina A. Davis, who was attending a barbecue, had many pieces of ribs.

Angela Watkins, a close friend of Davis, and the hostess of the event noticed that there was only one rib remaining, she made the horrible mistake of hiding it.

When Sabrina A. Davis discovered what her pal did, she grabbed a fork and stabbed her several times in the eye. Watkins was taken to the hospital for lacerations and a swollen eye and later released.

The 256-pound rib lover confessed to the crime but claimed that she was using the fork to defend herself. The woman stated that the hostess was about to attack her with a knife. The police report read:

“She was upset that Davis was taking the last rib from the kitchen.(She) then confronted Davis about taking all the food. Davis states she stabbed (the victim) in the eye so she wouldn’t stab her with the knife.”

Sabrina Davis was arrested and charged with criminal recklessness and is being held on a $5,000 bail. Davis had been previously convicted of theft and conversion. Sabrina A. Davis’ rib drama has made her a celebrity in the neighborhood. One person, who wanted to remain anonymous, said:

“I usually get the paper to read it but today was special, so I thought I’d go out and buy one.”

She added:

“It was just so ridiculous. Barbecue’s good and all that, but it’s not worth sticking somebody in the eye with a fork, you know?”

What are your thoughts on the BBQ fight over rib?


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  1. James says:

    This is the food police. Step back from the buffet table. Slowly but carefully place the rib on the ground. Now, slowly walk toward the fruits and vegetables.

  2. Althea says:

    She wanted a rib, she was hungry, give it to her damn it, a woman’s gotta eat.
    Do they serve rib in Indiana jail? For Davis I hope they do otherwise the guards are so screwed.

  3. keith goodman says:

    courts have mercy on this poor woman. can’t you tell by her pic that she hasn’t ate in over a year.

    • ja ribjoin says:

      I think it’s been a couple years since this fat biatch has had any food. Put her in a dark hole, and let her starve for about a year. She will be a better person afterwards.

      • keith goodman says:

        oh please have mercy, the woman is hungry. going to dry up and blow away ifin can’t gnaw on a measely rib.

  4. Necey says:

    She stabbed this woman in the eye, grabbed the last rib and ate it before the cops arrived. This big fat woman should have brought ribs from home instead of eating the last one at a barbeque. No one will ever invite this fat slob to another barbeque.

    • keith goodman says:

      let her be. can’t you tell she be starving? glad it wasn’t the last piece of fried chicken or there would of been hell to pay.

  5. Karla says:

    Prince says: “what you wanna eat? Ribs, girl I don’t serve ribs, you better be happy that dress is still on, I heard the rip when you sat down”. Get off! Sorry this is stuck in my head

  6. Russ Foster says:

    What a sad commentary on people with no respect! Maximum sentence please with her duties serving food at the jail cafeteria!

    • Bill Webb says:

      No don’t do that, the other inmates would starve to death. She’d deliver a piece of white bread with her cheeks de puffed out like a hamster. Inmate: Is that all I get, a piece of bread? Ms. Davis would try talking to them whff daaf all ehrrf ffrrhrt, yes!

  7. P38L5 says:

    Black on Black Crime AGAIN? Is there something in the weaves or hair straighteners they use? Please someone, do a ‘Hood intervention. This is pathetic.

    • Oh please says:

      As if few red necks in Alabama never fought, stabbed or even run over a friend or family member with their pick up truck for a beer or a bag of potato chips.Black, white, Asian or even Martians- people sometimes climb back up on the evolution tree and cat like wild animals.

      • Joe Ford says:

        “Oh Please”, I agree with you 110%, there are no racial, gender, or any other kind of barriers when it comes to greed and stupidity. I am so disgusted with the way society is headed. If we cannot live together as a common people, on common ground, and agree to disagree with each other then Lord take me now !

      • sam beau says:

        link? or you just protecting the negroes by saying ‘whites do it too.”

  8. Eileen Beyer says:

    Since they don’t serve ribs in jail that will be the last one she has for awhile….How ridiculous to harm another person for food. She doesn’t look like she’s starving to me.

  9. dale says:

    if it was a steak woulda been a ribeye

  10. GodVox says:

    Typical NLA

  11. Kevin Gregs says:

    Too bad Memorial Day is over, because those ribs look juicy.
    She will shed few pounds in jail, because I don’t see how she will pay 5k.

  12. James says:


  13. jonathan says:

    Why has no one commented on the paper stealing neighbor? Normally “gets” a paper, but today decided to buy one. WTF?

  14. ArticSource says:

    Please… 256 Lbs???

  15. italian stallion says:

    A big ol buffalo gal , at 256 pounds im wondering how much food did she bring to the BBQ cookout ? Most greedy fat chicks and guys to, will bring an empty stomache and empty hands ! If every single person invited to the BBQ cookout would bring a nice sizeable dish and a burgers/hotdogs then you wont run out of food! Its always the big fat lazy cheap heffers who think they are intitled to all tings in front of them , i hope she gets a $500.00 fine , pay for medical bills , 200 hours of community service [ working on side of the road cleaning up trash and dead animals ] , enroll in weight watchers then after all that spend 3 straight weekends holding a sign on the corner hwy saying ” i am a fat hog nasty heffer that needs help” !!!

  16. the wizard of OZ says:

    they need to keep that wild gorilla off the streets.!

  17. Hoss says:

    I wonder if she took off her wig before she went all cray cray.

  18. Bryan says:

    Exactly how does a person who is “stabbed” several times “in the eye” simply walk out of the hospital with just a swollen eye? Maybe this is a bit blown out of proportion? (I’ll skip the obvious joke about the stabber)

  19. frank says:

    That ain’t workin’ ,that’s the way you do it,.. you get your chicken and your ribs for free !

  20. Rich says:

    Only in Niggerville. Disgusting pos.

  21. wing ding says:

    just another example of TNB

  22. Nam Marine says:

    Does she play tennis ?

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