Aaliyah Movie To Tackle R. Kelly Marriage

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r. kelly aaliyah movie

R. Kelly Aaliyah movie will throw light on the secret marriage that changed R&B music in the 1990s.

The life of R&B star Aaliyah is coming to the small screen very soon in the form of a biopic. The multifaceted artist who was at the peak of her career, died in 2001 at age 22 in a plane crash.

Objections from her parents and fans be damned, the Lifetime network is moving ahead with the filming of its Aaliyah biopic that will premiere this fall.

The television movie titled Aaliyah: Princess of R&B, will be based on Christopher John Farley’s book “Aaliyah: More Than a Woman.”

The filming will begin in the upcoming weeks and the premiere date is scheduled for later this year. Details about the contentious project are slowly coming to the surface.

For instance we have learned that it will focus on her life from age 10 to her tragic death. Observers were wondering if her controversial relationship to R&B superstar R. Kelly would be included, well the answer is yes.

Kelly who wrote and produced Aaliyah’s debut album Age Ain’t Nothing but a Number wed his protégée in 1994 when she was just 15 and him being 27.

At the time, Vibe magazine published the marriage license that the two artists obtained illegally. The shocking cover story almost ended R. Kelly’s career while Aaliyah’s parents quickly ran to get the unlawful union annulled.

They succeeded and the music stars cut all ties at least publicly. To this day the R. Kelly-Aaliyah relation remains a mystery even a taboo subject in some circles. Debra Martin Chase, the executive producer behind Aaliyah: Princess of R&B wants to shed some light on the matter and will use the movie to do so.

Chase who spoke with the New York Post explained:

“Aaliyah’s personal and professional relationship with R. Kelly will be explored with care in the film as we set out to depict her life with the utmost respect. Above all else, it’s our hope to inspire an entirely new generation with her music and larger-than-life talent.”

Chase’s heart might be in the right place but Aaliyah’s family that’s very protective when it comes to her legacy is not buying it. The family has been trying to block the movie from moving forward. The Haughton family put out a statement to blast the idea of telling her story on television. It read:

“Aaliyah was more than a singer, she was – and is still – an American music icon whose legacy continues to live on and influence today’s music culture, just as Ray Charles, Notorious B.I.G., Selena and Johnny Cash.

Considering the magnitude of her fans’ affection alone, she deserves to have a tribute much more grand than a television network debut that won’t even consider the perspectives of those who were closest to Aaliyah. Disregarding the families and dishonoring the legacies of celebrated figures who have passed on, big networks want to exploit their stories for a buck. We’re here to make it clear that it’s not okay!”

Aaliyah’s relatives are not the only ones displeased with the Lifetime biopic venture, her fans are also protesting against it especially after finding out that Disney star Zendaya Coleman who is just 17 was cast to portray their favorite artist. Some find that Zendaya is too young for the part, others suggest that her charisma is lacking to fully embody the role.

After the Aaliyah movie news broke, Zendaya took to Twitter to share her joy and emotions on the opportunity of a lifetime. She wrote:

“She’s been an inspiration and influence in my whole career, her talent still shines brighter then ever, all I wanna do is honor her. Show how much she accomplished in only 22 years….she’s beautiful inside and there will never be another Aaliyah, I just hope to share her beautiful story, and make her proud up in heaven #babygirl #forever #OneInAMillion. I’m just a 17 year old girl who got cast to play one of her biggest inspirations #positive.”

The actor cast to play R. Kelly is not yet known.



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