Prior Lake Brad Knudson: Caring Dad Stands Up To Daughter’s Racist Bullies In Touching Video

January 23, 2015 | By Garrett Montgomery More

Prior Lake’s Brad Knudson is making headlines for defending his daughter from bullying. Brad Knudson, of Prior Lake, Minnesota, shared a video that has gone viral, where he is seen confronting the father of the twin boys who have been harassing his African-American adoptive daughter. Knudson’s clip has almost one million views and he is being called a hero for defending his child.

Prior Lake Brad Knudson

Prior Lake’s Brad Knudson is a bully’s nightmare. Earlier this week, a man by the name of Brad Knudson, decided to share a very interesting video on YouTube, according to The Inquisitr. Mr Knudson, who is from Prior Lake, Minnesota entitled the clip “Racism and bullying in Prior Lake Brad Knudson.”

In the almost 6-minute video, Knudson explained that he decided to take action out of fear that the beautiful African-American daughter that he and his wife adopted 11 years ago might harm herself because of tormentors.

Knudson revealed that close family friends recently had their young son commit suicide after he was bullied. The Prior Lake man confessed that his multiracial family has been subjected to long stares and mild racism, but what his daughter went through on New Year’s Day was so violent that he needed to speak about it.

He said that his child and a friend were at home on January 1st, goofing around and posting selfies, when twin boys from her school decided to send her a boatload of racist and sexually explicit messages via Snapchat.

In one of the messages that Brad Knudson filmed on his phone, one of the twin boys could be heard saying the N-word numerous times along with slut, fat and bitch.

Brad Knudson contacted the boys’ father, Deron Puro, who insulted him and told him that there is nothing wrong with using the N-word. Puro left two messages where he said:

“I guess you’re a n***** lover.”

As stated above, nearly one million people have watched Brad Knudson’s clip, which prompted Puro’s employer, financial firm Roy E. Abbott Futures, Inc., to fire him. Examiner reports that Puro and his wife have spent time in prison for wire fraud.

Prior Lake Assistant Superintendent Jeff Holmberg has also announced that he has knowledge of the matter and is currently investigating the claims.

Brad Knudson gave an update on the situation where he explained that he has learned that his daughter was caught twice using the N-word. He said:

“I would like to thank everyone for their support. I just found out our daughter did not take this issue as seriously as Wendy and I. The n word is something I was taught at a very young age was not appropriate. You hear nowadays a lot of songs by People of all color use this word. You also see videos that they use this word. I have never liked it I’ve always thought it was inappropriate that they used it. I have now found out that my daughter during the WCCO interview decide…d to use Snapchat and send people videos of her thinking that this was a game and it was funny and she actually uses the N-word twice. Regardless of your skin color I and my wife do not tolerate this word our daughter is going to be reprimanded in an appropriate manner. I am extremely saddened and disappointed because of this video she has discredited the message that we wanted to convey. I hope that this does not stop our efforts to highlight the issues that still remain regarding bully and the effects it has on children. It is still truly an epidemic and social media has allowed us to bully individuals 24 hours a day seven days a week no matter where that person lives. Wendy and I are still dedicated to highlighting this issue and help educate our young people on the effects of bullying and how to deal with bullying. Again I want to thank everyone for their support getting this message out.”

The “Prior Lake Brad Knudson” story has mainly gotten positive comments, but few are wondering why did the family choose all-white Prior Lake to raise a black child?


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  1. JOJO says:

    The school should have “0” tolerance for bulling and if it doesn’t you need to get it in place. The twins should be expelled from that school. At last look, this is still American and you should be able to adopt any shape, color or age child you want. The father is a stupid ignorant person and that’s how he was taught by his parents. So the circle of racism and hatred and ignorance are perpetuated from generation to generation. Oh, in case he doesn’t understand perpetuated it means continued.

  2. Pam says:

    I am glad there are still parents who will stick up for their kids.

    to the one who asked why these parents would raise a black child in a white neighborhood, what relevance does that even have. it should not matter where you live, in this country you should be able to live anywhere and not be bullied or singled out due to your color or any other reason. maybe if we still had God in our everyday lives and did not let the few who do not believe tell us the majority who do believe in Jesus Chirst what to do, this country would not be in the shape it is. Our children do not even know the pledge of allegience because our founding fathers were believers and put God in the pledge. how many children do you know who know the pledge, do you??? it is all connected.

  3. Mark says:


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