Plainclothes NYPD Punch 12: Cop Appears To Punch Boy, 16, In Viral Video

December 19, 2014 | By Garrett Montgomery More

Plainclothes NYPD officer’s alleged punch on “12-year-old” black boy, has been caught on video. In the controversial clip, a plainclothes NYPD officer appears to punch a “12-year-old” boy, who was being arrested by four other cops in uniform. The video of the incident has gone viral and many are wondering, why did the the NYPD officer punch the child numerous times, if he was not resisting arrest? The answer is not clear, but the boy is actually 16 and has been arrested numerous times in the past.

plainclothes nypd punch 12

A “plainclothes NYPD cop’s punch on a 12-year-old” boy is making headlines, altough it’s barely half of the story. On December, 17, 2014, a woman by the name of Sarah Doneghy, posted a video on YouTube that showed three teenagers being arrested in the streets of Lower East Side of Manhattan in New York.

In the clip, a young man dressed in grey was being restrained, held down by three officers, one female and two males. Out of nowhere, a plainclothes NYPD cop showed up and started to punch the boy multiple times in the side.

Several female bystanders, including Doneghy and another one, who stated that she is lawyer, started yelling at the cops. One could be heard saying, “he is 12, he is 12.” Another person screamed:

“Get off of him, stop, he is not an animal and why are you treating him like that, this not a war, if you want to fight, go to war, WTF? I can’t believe he just did that after everything that’s happened.”

The “12-year-old” could be heard saying that he did not do anything, he was just walking down the streets. The lawyer confronted the female officer by asking her:

“Would you arrest a little blonde kid walking down the road? Or would you wait for the person who made the complaint about being hit with a cane to come by and identify them?”

Sarah Doneghy shared the following description along with the clip:

“This happened today on my way to the post office. The kids were 12. They had supposedly pushed one of their classmates down. However when the victim was asked, he said those weren’t the guys. They were still taken away. 12. Years. Old.”

Things got heated between the bystanders and the NYPD cops, with one them asking her to stop filming and to move from the sidewalk. In a statement issued by the NYPD, it was revealed that the suspect is actually 16, he has been arrested in the past, but he was not the person, who assaulted the classmate. The statement read:

“Officers say the teen has a history of arrests. He and two others were arrested for assaulting someone who walked with a cane. The incident is under review. And the allegations have been referred to our internal affairs bureau.The suspect was arrest was two others for assaulting another identified person with a cane.”

A “plainclothes NYPD cop’s punch on a 12-year-old” video is below.


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  1. mel says:

    i hate to say it, but the cop will get away with it. even with the video, they will make it out to be the boy fault. 12 or 16 is still wrong. lynch will come to protect his city thugs and this piece of crap will end up looking like a rose.

    • Wolf says:

      Looks like he is resisting arrest to me. and every guilty person since the beginning of time has said they didn’t do anything. that being said, I do think the cop went to far.

    • Darrell J Shaver says:

      If you study this video it is clear that the plain clothes officer is making an upward motion and striking the officers arm in an attempt to get the suspects arms behind his back. There are two upward strikes that don’t even make contact with the suspect.

  2. jericho7 says:

    ok we see It here. the plains cop did hit the boy in the side. that lawyer needs to learn her job as well as the policeman’s job before commenting in public about what is hot acceptable. you can plainly see in the video where the boy is resisting being hand cuffed. he resisted arrest. Even if he didn’t do the crime resisting arrest is the problem.
    They could have resolved this after the arrest and the child would have been set free. so before you comment with stupid comments go thru the police academy and learn about their job and put your neck on the line.

  3. John Spurlock says:

    “The poor little angels didn’t do nothin’. Yeah, I’ll bet. Street thugs will from now on be held up as model citizens by “their own”. Listen to their language to the cops! Besides, they are SIXTEEN, not twelve, (like the media keeps saying). Fatherless punks are now getting the whippings from the authorities that their father’s should have administered when they were growing up. I see no other way to handle a wild animal. Subdue them and then throw them in a cage.

  4. MJB says:

    How come you never see the videos of White people being arrested?? There are as many arrest of them than Blacks!!! But NO its all about the Black man and the White man is always the villain. What needs to be done is NO White officers report to any crimes that pertain to Black people, then see who comes begging for help. Look it up how many different races are in jail, prison, and tell me which one is the most popular.

  5. J.B. says:

    The 3rd teen was not manhandled! WHY? Because he acted like a human being. Funny how that works, isn’t it? Quit making excuses for anyone who commits a crime, black, white, pink, or purple. The people who cry and complain are just as guilty as the dirt bag criminals. Take responsibility for your actions.

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