Peter Hamilton Nail Clippers: Canadian Dog Walker Saves Captive Sex Worker

April 12, 2015 | By Garrett Montgomery More

Peter Hamilton’s nail clippers story is comparable to a Hollywood movie. On Easter Sunday, while walking his dog in Toronto, Canada, Peter Hamilton was transformed into a modern-day hero when he rescued a woman, who was kidnapped, tortured, and sexually assaulted for five days. Peter Hamilton’s weapon of choice – nail clippers, he happened to be carrying in his pockets.

Peter Hamilton nail clippers

Peter Hamilton‘s nail clippers story has rightfully earned him the title of hero. On Easter Sunday morning, at around 9 AM, Peter Hamilton from Leslieville, Toronto, decided to take his dog for a walk after going egg hunting with his 12-year-old son and 7-year-old daughter.

He stopped in front of the Leslieville Public School because his Labrador was pooping, and that is when he heard the voice of a woman begging for help coming from a house nearby.

The tech manager for a media company spoke to local reporters and said that he is not a superhero, so the first thing he did was to search for his phone and when he realized that he did not have it, he crossed the fence and went to the home.

Hamilton found a woman lying on the porch floor with several bruises on her body, and her feet and hands were tied with a long piece of cloth.

The victim had her private parts exposed for her kidnapper had pulled down her pants and underwear to her feet. The unnamed woman was crying and shaking in the cold.

She told Hamilton that she was being held against her will for the past five days by a man who had a gun and a knife. She also confessed to being beaten, tortured and raped multiple times by her captor who was sleeping inside the house.

According to the father of two, the woman said:

“Help me, I’ve been kidnapped and held hostage for five days.”

Peter Hamilton found a pair of nail clippers in his pockets and used them to slowly cut the woman loose. Moreover, like an epic Hollywood movie, the villain burst through the door to discover that his prisoner was being freed.

However, the kidnapper did not follow a movie script, so instead of confronting Hamilton, he ran as fast as he could. Peter Hamilton, aka the nail clippers hero, revealed:

“He turned around, I did get a look at his face. But he just ran.”

Hours later, Canadian police arrested 43-year-old Rejean Hermel Perron. Perron, who is currently in jail, has been charged with sex assault with a weapon, kidnapping, forcible confinement, and assault. The police issued a statement explaining that Perron hired the woman who is a prostitute on March 31 and held her captive by threatening her with numerous weapons.

The authorities revealed that they believe that Perron may have other victims outside of Toronto. They explained:

“The suspect threatened her with a black and silver pistol, a black firearm, large knife, and bondage materials. Rejean Perron found the 27-year-old woman, a sex worker, near Sherbourne and Shuter Sts., and they agreed to a business transaction but he refused to let her leave after she performed various sexual acts on him.”

Hamilton, who was unaware that he saved a sex worker, stated:

“The horror of what happened to her, of what she had gone through, hadn’t really sunk into me yet. What sinks into you is the horror you’re seeing right now, which is that there’s a naked woman on the floor in handcuffs who needs help.”

Peter Hamilton said that he has not seen the woman since he saved her and is not aware of her name. Asked what did he do after rescuing the victim, he revealed that he returned home, talked to his wife and kids and went for a little hike.

When quizzed about the headline “Peter Hamilton Nail Clippers Hero,” which has been trending for days, the Canadian man said that he did what was right – help another human being who was suffering in the hands of a monster. The humble man said:

“I feel a little bit humbled that I’m in the limelight for something so tragic. I wish I could have done more. I wish I could have done more to prevent it. She suffered greatly for five days. I honestly don’t think that what I did was anything more than anybody else would do in that situation. I think most people would. There are a lot of good people out there.”

Peter Hamilton concluded the interview by saying that his 4-month-old yellow Labrador is the real hero in this story because it forced him to take the walk that day.


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