Ocoee Theater: Angry Teenagers Storm Florida Theater, Drama Ensues

February 16, 2015 | By Garrett Montgomery More

Ocoee theater in Florida has gone viral, after teens stormed the premises. More than 800 teenagers stormed the West Oaks Mall in Florida and attempted to enter the Ocoee movie theater – during the melee several gunshots were fired and at least one person was robbed.

Ocoee theater

A chaotic scene took place at the Ocoee theater over the weekend. According to Florida police, at around 11 p.m. Saturday, more than 900 middle and high school students tried storming the theater without paying.

Ocoee police stated that despite the fact that the guards managed to push the crowd out, between 200-300 made it inside the theater. It is believed that the teenagers were trying to get inside the AMC Theater to see Fifty Shades of Grey, which was released on Valentine’s Day.

The juveniles and young adults also tried to destroy the food court at the mall. One woman, who was on a romantic date at the Ocoee theater, said that she was scared for her life and the whole thing sounded like hundreds of angry elephants were stampeding the place.

Orange County deputies and police from Winter Garden and Windermere were called to the scene to help the security guards and local police who were overwhelmed by the crowd. The other 600 young adults ran to the parking lot where numerous fights erupted.

The police have also revealed that gunshots were fired during a dispute over drugs and a stolen vehicle. One teenager was arrested at a nearby Taco Bell after the shooting. It is claimed that he also fought with the manager of the restaurant.

Hundreds of the teenagers regrouped at a nearby gas station where they stole numerous items from the eatery. Deputies were able to get the large group of teens under control and call their parents to pick them up. Lt. Paul Hopkins of the Orange County Sheriff’s Office told local media:

“During this time, there was a shot fired and somebody was robbed.But the Ocoee Police Department jumped on that quickly and were able to catch the gunman with the gun and make an arrest out of that.”

Hopkins confirmed that 2 of the 900 teens were arrested, one for battery and resisting an officer without violence, and the second was arrested on misdemeanor drug charges. Hopkins went on to add:

“Our main concern is this: These are middle and high school kids going to a public movie theater, some armed with guns, some firing guns, some fighting in the parking lot, disturbing everyone else there. Not only that, but putting them in danger with the the violence they’re creating.”

No one was seriously hurt in the incident at the Ocoee theater.

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  1. Ed says:

    Death to them all. What’s going to happen is their attorneys will say “Oh, they’re sorry. A scolding will suffice your honor.”

    • Thought dancer says:

      Death sentence? For wait? Raising a ruckus? Is that the way it is done in Dixie if those people act up?

  2. Pulsar says:

    Why the hell would black youth want to see 50 Shades of Grey???

  3. jacob says:

    Were they mostly black teens?

  4. SirLoin says:

    YAY! group child rape is not just for minorities and india any more….

    still waiting on the zombie apokolypse

  5. lotsaroots says:

    Where are the PARENTS of these kids??? Don’t they know what their teens are doing????? Maybe if parents are help responsible for their unruly kids it might stop!!!

  6. Firepwr3 says:

    Uuuuuh, ever notice that when it’s a group of young blacks (s it almost always is) doing the smash mob rioting, suddenly they are described only as “teens” by the media? Just sayin’…

    • Taggart Snyder says:

      Exactly! You beat me to the comment. I’ve read a few articles about this. They never mention race. Much like never mentioning the (D) behind a politician’s name if there’s some sort of scandal.

  7. victor santoy says:

    where is Jesse Jackson and al Sharpton when blacks do these things & even worse??? I don’t want to fear monger, we have not seen anything yet!

  8. Disgusted in Texas says:

    This is just an example of how the devil infiltrates himself through sin. This movie is disgusting & vile & it apparently set off immorality in a very broad spectrum in florida. I don’t care if they are black, white or whatever color! They need to be punished by spending some time in jail & then take them to church for Heavens sake! Yeah, I know I’ll get blasted for being a paranoid Christian. But really, people open your eyes to what’s happening around you & see how basic Christian belief’s are all against these things. Our country would be much better off if more of our young people were exposed to these beliefs on a regular basis. I don’t care what anybody says. That’s the truth!

    • JonesyCHICAGO says:

      1ST: parents 2ND: responsibility 3RD:jail or community service 4TH:fines 5TH: break down of basic common sense 6TH: W.T.F.

      All These kids should at least-disturbing the peace and inciting a riot on there records forever.

      Let Me Guess If They Had Some Signs saying things like STOP THE KILLING they would get off totally free? RIGHT-Such Bullsh*t!!!!!

    • JasonD says:

      So, its the books fault……and guns kill people.

  9. JJ says:

    Nothing but a Bunch of Black Thugs.

  10. Ernie says:

    This is a filthy, perverted and immoral movie, that is part of an agenda to cause mass upheaval, especially against young people. It is proven that movies have gotten more and more seedy and gusty over the years, and when you study what this book and the movie is really about, it is easy to see it is nothing more than brainwashing people into accepting lustful and immoral behavior. Any smart and moral person will avoid this garbage.

    • JasonD says:

      So the behavior of these teens can be blamed on this filthy, perverted, lustful brainwashing book…..
      The blame couldn’t possibly be put on anything else. It has to be the book!

    • Tim says:

      OK Ernie. Blame it on the movie they didn’t see. Makes perfect sense.

    • JonesyCHICAGO says:

      So IT’s THE BOOK’S Fault + THE MOVIE’S Fault- really??
      What is next- well I Saw It on an ISIS Video and though I could do it too. Acting like a bunch of people FROM a Third World Nation YOU Blame on a BOOK/MOVIE. What Happened to 1600-1800 parents? What Happened to 800-900+ KIDS? The Book THEY Could purchase. The movie is rated “R”- So bring one older friend and you can get in. In FRANCE twelve year old kids can watch this movie!!! Look It UP. NOT THE BOOK OR THE MOVIE-Unless French 12 year olds are smarter than American thirteen to 16 year olds. Like YOU SAID “Any smart and moral person will avoid this” #1 selling “garbage.” You Sound like a parent making excuses for their child.

  11. jaymack says:

    like i have said, things are heating up. when spring gets here, just use your imagination.

  12. Michelle says:

    Two comments….the firs I find it interesting that the “children” were not described. Notice they did not tell you they were a gang of black children. Have to assume because the only time they don’t tell you is when it is blacks. If it is whites/Hispanic/Asians they still tell you but when it is blacks they get very general. The second it bet every parent said “not my little child” cause they are such good parents.

  13. Patrick Meo says:

    This is not the way to get your mommies welfare checks increased!!! Sad to say most of them are already a lost cause and will never do better. Their mommies were likely so nice to them that they let them smoke their crack pipe by age 10 and hit them in the head when they realized they smoked it all! The reason their grandparents would never have done this has nothing to do with social media and everything to do with the fact they knew they would have got shot in the head. It is also very likely that their grand parents are happy they never went this wild. No that is not a call for Jim Crow laws but those kids need to know what life could be like for them because they are doing what it takes to get the civil rights laws reversed.

  14. Shotgun slug says:

    By not reporting the dominant race of the wilding mob, the liberal media wants the rapidly diminishing number of citizens who actually read their crap, and haven’t made up their minds about what must be done to save our country, to feel guilty that they must be racist to asssume that it was blacks or latinos. Do NOT trust the liberal media. Flush them and the politicians they support.

  15. LMAO says:

    Is brawling teens what they call ni88ers now?

  16. Justcurious says:

    How is it that as many as 800 teens gather to do this? It takes a lot to organize a group this size getting together to do something all at the same time. How did this start? WHO started it?

    • JonesyCHICAGO says:

      Must have been an Asian kid to set it all up -they are like really smart. Then the white kids to do all the online stuff-cause they are always online and stuff. Then the hard part, to get all the other shotgun sluggin’ 40’oz guzzling hardcore down ass mutha-f*ckers to show up on the video tapes-do the lootin’ and cussin’ and shootin’ cause like sh!t be gettin’ hot up in there . Was Kanye West their or therrrre. WAIT TIL THEY OPEN UP A 24/7 POLICE STATE WITH A LOCK DOWN AFTER DARK DOWN THERRRRE DOGS…THUGS..AND A THE LITTLE LADIES UP ON THAT VIDEO!!!!!!

  17. Pete daly says:

    Diversity is love and compassion. Diversity is this nations greatest treasure. Celebrate all children black or white

  18. Wisconsin Mom says:

    I am so glad that I don’t own a business any more. If this had happened at my theater I’d be arrested for battery, ’cause I’d go in swinging. My questions are: Who organized this, 800-900 middle school and high school students rushing a theater had to be organzied? What were the rewards? There had to be some incentive to get these kids to do this. Where were the parents? Did they just drop them off and run? This is what happens when you let the thug mentality take hold. These kids know right from wrong, but figure that they aren’t going to get caught or punished if they do get caught.. and one more question. Who is going to pay to have the food court and the theaters repaired after this little stunt? I’ll lay odds it’s not going to be those brats.

  19. jack carter says:

    The cops and citizens for that matter just need to start shooting them. When dozens or hundreads are dead at the next mob event guess what this mob activity won’t happen anymore. Sounds really harsh right, but guess what this is where it is heading if these kids cannot be controled. These kids parents either don’t want to or just don’t care about raising them to be good citizens, and may have to face the fact that they will lose them if they can’t control them. This is exactly why you need to carry a concealed gun on you at all times in this country because it is out of control and you have to protect your self against teens/thugs who live like wild wolves with no supervision.

  20. Red says:

    The theatre was showing:Col. Sanders. The quest for the secret receipt.

  21. K Brewster says:

    The parents were called to pick their children up after this mass violence, destruction, etc.? I am sure everything was just fine after mommy and daddy picked them up, gave them a hug, and said “I love you, baby!” Who is in charge here? Disgusting and insulting, in so many ways!

  22. joe blow says:

    Fuc*in ni88ers…

  23. TEE says:


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