Nicki Minaj The Pink Print: Minaj Releases Good Album From An Artist In Full Control

December 13, 2014 | By TheSpreadit More

Nicki Minaj’s The Pink Print album is the biggest release of this month. Can the Queen of Hip Hop deliver?

Nicki Minaj The Pink Print

Nicki Minaj’s The Pink Print album is not what people would expect from an artist of her caliber. Instead of embracing the dance-pop sound that turned her into a pop superstar, Minaj opted to go back to her musical roots and reintroduce herself to her audience with The Pink Print on her own terms.

The 32-year-old diva is betting that her rags-to-riches story can still appeal to crossover music fans. The confessional approach worked in 2004 for R&B star Usher when he released Confessions, one of the best selling albums of the last decade.

Usher was able to bring an authentic R&B vibe to a wide pop audience. Minaj is hoping to find some of the success Usher found in 2004. Now, the big question, did she deliver artistically?

Nicki Minaj’s The Pink Print album has interesting moments, but it is not a huge home run. The production is on point and Minaj’s vulnerability on some songs is something that is interesting to hear, but the album lacks this je ne sais quoi that usually turns a release into an instant classic.

The Pink Print is enjoyable, but does not grab the listener in a powerful way. It can even feel at time that the colorful Minaj is just going through the motion.

The material is personal, but the “Anaconda” singer does not always give the impression that she is connecting to what she is singing/rapping about. The distance makes it difficult for those listening to connect to the album in a strong way.

The Pink Print seems to work better when Minaj tackles feminism via her sexually charged lyrics like the Beyoncé-assisted “Feeling Myself” and her collaboration with Ariana Grande on “Get on Your Knees.”

The femcee’s frequent collaborators, Lil Wayne and Chris Brown, also do well on the new single “Only.”

In conclusion, Nicki Minaj’s The Pink Print album is a good album that could have been better with less fillers. It is also a gentle reminder that Minaj is in a league of her own, lyrically and musically, regardless of the gender of the competition.

It is the result of an artist on top of her game and in full control of her craft.


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  1. tony says:

    all i can say is EWWWWW, cant sing, can’t dance and FAKE to the bone!

    • John says:

      She has come a long way. Yes, some songs were bad but she does have some good work out there. She is not! ewwwww… Nicki is absolutely sexy and having fun with her craft.

  2. John says:

    Why do “artists” these days need to portray themselves almost as PROSTITUTES to catch the attention? Seriously. Look at that picture, and imagine that no one called Minaj exists, and then someone shows that picture to you. Would you think that it is the image of a decent artist? This would be like a promo picture for some hidden men’s club, with one of the skanky poledancers that you’ll find there.

  3. D'wannaBuffaloNY says:

    The only part worth listening to is Chris Browns’s. Niki,can we do a bit more “Janelle Monae”; #Electric Lady – Women are more than sex objects, butt injections, boob jobs and weaves. Also, why is the message of this track about Niki, Drake and Wayne having sex…I don’t care about that, there is too much shit going on in the world to be worrying about who Niki is giving it up to.

  4. Taylor Swift says:

    Yeah It’s BIGGG alright…..

  5. DJ says:

    Niki got scared too easy. She don’t need to have guys co-sign her beauty or worth. How sad? I would say to her: Girl, Iggy got you on the run. You acting defensive like Kim when you came for her. The best PR move you can make right now by the way is to perform with Lil Kim. Cash Money should pay her what ever she’s asking for, squash the beef and make it happen. Talking all that sh8t, and you don’t even know your worth. Girl, up your game (educate yourself generally, improve upon your brand, and expand your art and business enterprises for the long-game). Show your competitors your big beautiful ass and keep it moving. Be a leader in the game. Instead of being so nasty, network aggressively on projects with other bad ass female MCs, and define the game, whether than have it define you. That is how you remain relevant. Not by bending over more and having men tell other men that you are attractive. Grow! Also, a little humility actually looks good on you.

  6. Floyd Freeman says:

    “A Show”
    Nicki and her Team represent, in the business……A Great Artist

    Remember, your are being entertained.
    What catches your attention, holds it, makes media stop and stare?
    The greatest artist in the world understand marketing and media exposure.
    Bottom line it equates to MILLIONS of dollars………..
    Regarless of “millions of negative comments” , by the way, comments drive exposure……..
    Nicki is a True Friend of mine, A True Master of The Game
    Floyd Freeman “The Artist”

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