Nehemiah Blessed Fischer Killed By Cops In Oklahoma, Assistant Pastor’s Family Speaks Out

June 4, 2015 | By Garrett Montgomery More

Assistant pastor Nehemiah Blessed Fischer, 35, died after getting shot by Oklahoma state troopers during a failed flood rescue. The police claimed that pastor Nehemiah Blessed Fischer pulled a gun on them and tried to drown an officer, while his wife, Laura Fischer, and brother, Brandon Fischer, said that he would never harm a fly.

Nehemiah Blessed Fischer Pic

Nehemiah Blessed Fischer, a pastor from Oklahoma, was shot and killed last week by state troopers. Despite the fact that the incident was caught on camera, the reason Fischer was shot is a mystery at this point – the police are saying one thing, while the Fischer family is singing a very different tune.

According to Oklahoma state troopers, they received a 911 call late Friday night, about two men, who were stuck in a flooded area with their truck. Troopers – Michael Taylor and Mark Southall – arrived on the scene, they found Nehemiah Blessed Fischer and his brother, Brandon Fischer, who were trying to get Brandon’s truck dislodged from a flooded ditch.

The pair was ordered to leave the area and move to safety on higher ground, but they refused. A dashcam video showed a scuffle between the Fischer brothers and the troopers, which eventually led to several gunshots.

It has been confirmed that Taylor, who has eight years on the force and Southall, who started working last year, fired their weapons. It is not known, who killed Nehemiah Blessed Fischer.

According to Oklahoma Highway Patrol spokesman Lt. John Vincent, the fighting between the four men continued off-camera, and that is when Nehemiah Blessed Fischer pulled a gun on the trooper and pushed him to the ground, prompting them to fatally shoot the religious man.

Brandon Fischer was arrested for assault and public intoxication. Both troopers, who have been placed on administrative leave, did recover a weapon belonging to Nehemiah Fischer at the scene.

Gary James, the attorney for the troopers, claimed that Fischer had a gun and during the struggle and held Trooper Southall’s head underwater. James said:

“They [Fischer brothers] might be great guys, I don’t know, but they’re obviously cursing state troopers and Nehemiah attacked the guy because when he gets up to him, it’s well enough lit that he knows he’s knocking a state trooper to the ground and on top of him. His brother Brandon has admitted that they were taking shots of Crown Royal up unto the time the vehicle is being flooded.”

Nehemiah Blessed Fischer’s father, J.R. Fischer, confirmed that he did receive a .380 handgun for his birthday, but claimed that his son would never hurt anyone.

J.R. Fischer thinks that his son was drunk and did not clearly understand the orders given by the troopers. Laura Fischer, who was supposed to celebrate her one-year wedding anniversary next month, said Nehemiah Blessed Fischer, who was an assistant pastor at Faith Bible Church in Tulsa, was a good man of God. She explained:

“He [Nehemiah] was the nicest person I’ve ever met. He was very giving. He made me want to be a better person.”

One of Nehemiah’s friends, Mike Haesloop, told The Guardian that the pastor is “not the kind of guy that’s going to pull a gun on anybody.”

“He’s more one that’s going to pray for you. I don’t get it. None of this is making any sense. I’ve known Nehemiah for years. Never known him to drink, never known him to do anything ,” the pal added.

What do you think happened in this tragic incident?

Nehemiah Blessed Fischer


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  1. Fg says:

    Maybe he told the cops “Hands up! Don’t shoot!”.

  2. Leonard Johns says:

    The officer was defending himself, why risk your life over a car?

  3. 789Babe says:

    Another case of police brutality, they could have shot him in the legs or arm. Why kill him. He was visibly intoxicated.

  4. Ann Son says:

    Alcohol totally changes the personality, demeanor, morals & conduct of the partaker. I feel sorry for both sides. The police were doing their job & protecting themselves. By his own hand a young man with a family lost his life.

    • Rev. Daniel Joseph McBride says:

      You’re right Ann. Alcohol changes a person’s morals. Jesus shared wine with his men and ended up being crucified.

    • Phe says:

      Such a sad situation for everyone involved. Not sure why the friend who suggest he’s known him for years, stated that he never knew him to drink. The photo above clearly calibrates that he does drink. His hand is gripping a alcoholic beverage and his father confirmed that he does have a gun. Open hand gun laws may cause more of this type of outcome. It doesn’t fit the “Pastor” heading, but that does not change the fact that he represented himself as a man of God. My thoughts and prayers are with the family.

  5. Ann Son says:

    You told me the Email will not be published!

  6. Miss March says:

    Is that really a picture of church pastor at a bar? So why is the friend saying he never drank. And the father gave him a gun, but didn’t expect him to use it.

  7. Hero11007 says:

    Pig should have got off his ass and helped them or called someone to help them, didn’t seem to concerned, except for “get out of the water”! Than when he was shoved, had his pride hurt and settled it with his weapon. Let’s go RIOT and burn that city down for justice.

    • c says:

      you are an idiot. you are the problem and you should be arrested for inciting a riot, thrown in jail for ever. we need to clean our country of evil people like you. You need to accept Jesus as your Savior and the you will have a different behavior and outlook on life. this man shot was not Christian, he was son of satan out raising hell and those who raise hell will go to hell. May God bless the police and watch over them everyday as they deal with evil people like you

  8. DM says:

    IF he would never pull a gun on someone why did he have it? That’s a dumb statement by a friend

  9. Nellie Gray says:

    These police officers were doing their job and very well, I would say. Police officers job is to protect the individual from danger and these people were in danger of that floodwater. What is more important the truck or your life? Well the officer was trying to get them out of that water out of danger. Moreover, being under the influence of Crown Royal and a little pissed about the truck being under water and not able to get it out he went after the officer out of anger. I am not a police officer but I would have shot his ass also. I do not care if he was a pastor. He should act like a God fearing man instead of a damned punk. Theses stories are just not real as far as I am concerned to fishes.

  10. Ken Bachtold says:

    Another example of the cops out of control. No matter what, they didn’t need to use lethal force. And I sure don’t see any cop being held under water in the video. Can’t these “brave and sturdy” officers defend themselves without shooting someone? And, was the victim’s gun recovered at the site? If not, where’s the life threatening excuse coming from? Two burly cops ought to be able to defend themselves without killing anyone. Such a handsome couple – that poor wife!

    • Read Again says:

      The article clearly states that they recovered a firearm belonging to Nehemiah. And by your arguement of not seeing something on video as evidence that it didnt happen is asinine at best.

  11. c says:

    he deserved to be shot, anyone who attacks an officer deserves nothing less then to be shot. police have the right to defend themselves. if this man truly new Jesus as His Savior and Lord he wouldn’t been out drinking. he is mocking Jesus by drinking and swearing. he is obviously is a two faced hypocrite and I am true believer in Jesus Christ and that makes me angry his behaviors. don’t fake it, you either love Jesus or you don’t! and this surely didn’t, he was evil. May God bless the police and protect them

  12. Allen says:

    Uhh..religious man? Taking Crown Royal shots and shoving a OKHP? He’s stupid and shouldn’t be leading others anywhere in life. It’s obvious he didn’t know the right road to go down himself. Ignorant waste of life over what?

  13. Anchor Kedging says:

    Protect me from the floodwaters by shooting me.

  14. Stung Lip says:

    I told you people! You call da’poleez and theyz gonna kill you, the lie, spin the story, and down you go…….yep 6 feet under!

  15. Tim says:

    Sad situation for all involved. But the pastor knows as well as anybody that You reap what You sow. He got drunk and attacked a trooper. Case closed.

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