Most Expensive Home US: Pricey Home In America Hits Market At $195 Million

November 10, 2014 | By Garrett Montgomery More

The most expensive home in the US is up for grabs for the small price of $195 million. The fancy home dubbed the Palazzo di Amore is located in California and belongs to Jeff Greene.

Palazzo di Amore

The most expensive home in the US has hit the the market. The Palazzo di Amore, which is Italian for Palace of Love is valued at $195 million and is located in sunny Beverly Hills, California.

The Palace of Love took the title of the most expensive home in America from a stunning Florida home that was listed for $139 million in September.

The 25-acre property has a 53,000 square feet residence that is equipped with 12 bedrooms and 23 bathrooms. The master suite alone is more than 5,000 square feet.

Other features include a 128-foot long reflecting pool, formal gardens and a spa. For the hefty price of $195 million, the new owner will also inherit their private vineyard that produces about 500 cases of delicious wines such as syrah, cabernet and sauvignon blanc per year.

The U.S. most expensive home has its own wine cellar and tasting room, which can hold up to 3,500 bottles of wine. During the vineyard’s most productive year, the utilitarian wine vault located underneath the home can hold up to 10,000.

The mansion has some amenities for the owners to party in style. A ballroom with laser lights, a DJ booth and a revolving dance floor are all built in the home.

The owners can invite as many people as they can because the estate has a 27-car garage and 150 additional parking spaces. Like Mitt Romney‘s California mansion, this house has an elevator.

The main residence has marble floors, classical revival pilasters and a double staircase of marble and ornamental metalwork. The beautiful home currently belongs to real estate mogul, Jeff Greene, who bought the place as an investment and rents it out for $475,000 a month.

Greene who purchased the home as an investment property, is rarely in California. The wealthy businessman prefers to be in his mansion located in Palm Beach, Florida or at his summer house in the Hamptons, Connecticut.

Despite the fact that many people showed interest in the Palazzo di Amore while it was being rented, many experts say they do not believe that it will go for $195 million because many other homes in the area have been sold for less than $100 million.

Below are few pictures of the most expensive home in the US.


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  1. elizabeth says:

    With all that money I sure hope this person who owns that house supports a child at compassion inernational

  2. Jefferson Edds says:

    I bought it.

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