Dawg Death Propels Coach Mark Richt To Action

July 15, 2014 | By Garrett Montgomery More

Mark Richt Dawg Death

Mark Richt takes action after Dawg death. Mark Richt is more than a coach which is why after the suicide of former Dawg player Paul Oliver he gathered a group of powerful people to launch the Paul Oliver Network in order to help retired players who are depressed or need better work skills to provide for their families.

Mark Richt’s remarkable move after Dawg death is touching.

In September of 2013, the football world was rocked by the horrible news that the Georgia Bulldogs had lost one their owns.

At the age of 29, Paul Oliver committed suicide in front of his young children and wife Chelsea Oliver.

Oliver was said to be depressed since ending his football career in 2011 and was intoxicated the day he died.

Mark Richt the head football coach at the University of Georgia attended the funeral, wept and tried to comfort the family.

But deep in his heart he felt it was not enough and told himself he heard too many stories like Oliver’s and something needed to be done.

Few months after the passing of his Dawg, he called on a group of businessmen (they prefer to remain anonymous) and created the Paul Oliver Network because he did not want this happening to his athletes anymore.

The program was put together to help former college football stars who retired, who never made it pro, who are injured or who just need someone to talk to and guide them in life.

Paul Oliver Network provide counseling for those who are depressed or just lost after their careers have ended and they have to face reality.

It also provides work opportunity and job training. Thus far 22 players have joined the network including Darius Dewberry, who used to play for the University of Georgia.

When his career ended he became a landscaper, not that there is anything wrong with mowing lawns for a living but Dewberry was hoping for something else.

With the help of Mark Richt, he became an assistant strength coach for NASCAR team’s Hendrick Motorsports.

Mark Richt is not the bragging type, asked why is he doing this, he replied by saying he loves his players and just want to help.


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