Alan Knight: UK Man Faked Coma For Two Years

October 21, 2014 | By Garrett Montgomery More

A man faked a coma for two years in order to stay out of prison. A British man by the name of Alan Knight, pretended to be in a coma for more than two years to avoid going to prison after being found guilty of stealing $65,000 from Ivor Richards, who is 85 years old.

Man Faked Coma For Two Years

Man faked coma for two years and almost got away with it. Alan Knight, was supposed to go to trial over two years ago, after being charged with 19 counts of theft and forgery.

But the 47-year-old man suddenly fell, snapped his neck as he was fixing the garage door and slipped into a coma. Well, that is what Knight and his wife, Helen, 33, made British police believe anyway.

The man who had managed to con his elderly neighbor out of almost $65,000, had his wife provide pictures to the authorities where he could be seen in “comatose” state.

His wife told law enforcers that Knight who is from Swansea, Wales could not appear in court because he was having seizures due to his head trauma.

The one time, he did show up to court, he was in a wheelchair and was rapidly rushed to the hospital after becoming unconscious. Believe it or not, Alan Knight was even able to fool the doctors who cared for him.

So, how did police finally discover that the man had faked his coma for two years? A trip to the grocery store ended the quadriplegic charade.

Mr Knight was caught on surveillance cameras at a Tesco store, walking and shopping with his wife, and three kids. South Wales Police Detective Constable Harry Paul who is the lead investigator on the case, started following the man around.

Paul said:

“In my entire career this is the most calculated, long-term deception of a vulnerable, elderly neighbor I have ever seen.”

He was caught driving and eating at restaurants with his family. Doctors who were monitoring Knight, started spying on him and he was busted sitting up, wiping his face and even writing a note for his lady love.

Next month, the conman will finally be sentenced for his crimes. Knight stole about $65,000 from Ivor Richards, his 85-year-old neighbor.

He accessed the elderly man’s retirement funds on three occasions and took money in order to go on vacation, and buy a caravan. Knight who faced 19 charges of forgery, fraud, and theft will spend more years behind bars than previously thought because he lied to the police and cost the government, thousands of dollars by prolonging the trial.

Richards has been reimbursed by his bank.

Below is a report on the man who faked a coma for two years.


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