L’Wren Scott Family Rip Jagger: Mick Jagger Wants $12.7m In Girlfriend Suicide

November 12, 2014 | By Garrett Montgomery More

L’Wren Scott family rips Jagger for court battle. Mick Jagger wants $12.7m in insurance payout after his girlfriend’s suicide. The Rolling Stones are engaged in a legal battle with 8 insurance companies that have refused to pay $12.7 million for the cancellation of their On Fire Tour following the suicide of Mick Jagger’s girlfriend, L’Wren Scott.

mick jagger wants $12.7M in girlfriend suicide

L’Wren Scott family rips Jagger for court battle for using her suicide to get insurance money.

Mick Jagger wants $12.7m in payout after his girlfriend’s suicide, insurance underwriters refuse, a very public court battle on two continents follows.

On March 17, Mick Jagger’s girlfriend of 13 years, L’Wren Scott, committed suicide in her New York apartment. The lead singer of the Rolling Stones was traumatized by the death and his doctors diagnosed him with acute traumatic stress disorder, and advised him not to perform for at least 30 days.

It is believed that during this period, Jagger was stressed out, had flashbacks, nightmares, feelings of guilt and emotional numbness. Jagger was forced to cancel the Australia and New Zealand leg of the On Fire Tour.

The Rolling Stones took out a $23,761,500 insurance policy to cover the cost if they were forced to cancel their tour. Mick Jagger listed 18 people on his insurance policy, including Scott, his seven children, son-in-law, former partners and four grandchildren.

But the 8 insurance underwriters including London based Cathedral Capital and Talbot 2002 Underwriting Capital Limited, have refused the $12.7m in payout because they view Scott’s suicide as an intentional act and not a sudden, and unforeseen event beyond her control.

Which prompted the rock band to sue the companies in Her Majesty’s High Court of Justice in England this past July. Documents from the High Court of Justice of England and Wales, revealed:

“Upon learning of Miss Scott’s death, Sir Mick Jagger became stricken with grief.Following examination by his physicians, Sir Mick Jagger was diagnosed as suffering from acute traumatic stress disorder. His physicians advised [him] not to perform for at least 30 days.”

Mick Jagger who has not really spoken publicly about the suicide of his longtime girlfriend testified, saying:

“I will never forget her.I am still struggling to understand how my lover and best friend could end her life in this tragic way.”

In October, the companies filed a lawsuit in New York’s Federal Court, and subpoenaed Adam Glassman, the executor of Scott’s will, the New York City medical examiner, and her assistant Brittany Penebre, in order to obtain emails or messages that revealed details on her general mental health.

A judge in Utah has ruled that the insurers will be allowed to seek documents and testimony from Miss Scott’s brother, Randall Bambrough, to find out more about her mental state prior to her death. Bambrough will testify on December 8th.

Meanwhile, Rolling Stones fans in Australia were hit with another cancellation. The concert scheduled for Saturday at Hanging Rock in Victoria state was postponed because Jagger is suffering with a throat infection. Via Twitter, Jagger told his supporters:

“I am very sorry we had to cancel the show at Hanging Rock and disappoint so many of you that had planned to come…Thank you for all your supportive messages over the last few days, I really appreciate it.”

Mick Jagger wants $12.7m payout in girlfriend’s suicide, but fans wonder if things will ever be the same.


L’Wren Scott family rips Jagger for the ongoing court battle. Miss Scott’s sister, Jan Shane, who resides in Utah is still mourning the designer’s death and was not able to speak the Daily Mail. But her husband, Rob, blasted Jagger for trying to make money off L’Wren Scott’s death.

He said:

“Jan is trying to put it all behind her, it’s a really troubling part of her life losing her sister, and he’s in a legal battle with some insurers.”

Scott’s brother-in-law revealed that Jagger is lying about his emotional state in order to get the payout. He explained:

“The guy [Jagger] doesn’t need the money, I laughed when the insurance company turned down his claim.All the s*** that Mick is claiming about being unstable, it’s ridiculous he’s trying to get his way. In a way, I’m not surprised he’s doing it. The guy is just unbelievable.”

What are thoughts on this battle brewing?


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  1. Sue says:

    I thought he was the reason she committed suicide!!!
    Must not be doing well financially!!!

  2. jose says:

    it’s none of their business, it’s not like he’s trying to get her insurance money. they don’t know how he really feels.

  3. Leihsia says:

    The Stones postponed the rest of their tour due to Mick’s grief over L’Wren’s demise. They had taken out insurance coverage in case something happened to close members of their family, which did occur. The fact that the Stones are trying to recoup some of their losses due to not performing in a period of mourning has nothing to do with Mick’s feelings (or supposed lack thereof) toward his deceased girlfriend. $12 million is a lot of money. The argument should be between the Stones and the insurance company, not between Mick and L’Wren’s family.

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