Lego Slippers For Kids And Adults May Help Parents

November 19, 2015 | By Garrett Montgomery More

Lego slippers for kids and adults will be given away this Christmas, but only if you live in France. In collaboration with the French advertising agency Brand Station, Lego will give away 1,500 pairs of extra-padded slippers for the holidays.

lego slippers for kids

Vive La France for inventing the submarine, aspirin, smokeless gunpowder, camera phone, champagne and now Lego slippers for kids and adults. Danish company, Lego, has teamed up with the French advertising agency Brand Station to create and give away for free 1,500 pairs of extra-padded slippers, which have soles that have a grip in a circular pattern.

In a statement issued by the agency, it explained that it is fully aware of how painful and annoying it can be for parents all around the world to continually step on tiny Lego blocks that have been left lying around the house, which is why they have decided to do something about it. Brand Station went on to add:

“Because your kids love the ‪#‎LEGO‬… But that they love above all share their passion in the entire house… This year, we have imagined for you parents the ultimate gift for ‪#‎Christmas‬: slippers lego to the sole padded which will enable you to walk you in the middle of the night in the house… Without any worries! ‪#‎noellego2015‬”

The company will select 1,500 people randomly. Participants have to fill in a wish list on its website to receive the red and yellow slippers. Brand Station posted a video on its Facebook page, showing how Factory workers in France created the slippers by hand. Most people believe that if the limited-edition slippers are successful, the Lego Group will start selling them online and via retailers. On social media, people are praising the creation. One person said:

“Genius. Parents rejoice, give the inventor.”

Another added:

“Fantastic idea, my household would treasure these Lego slippers, where do I order them?”

A third posted:

“It’s like I’m unfeeling the pain looking at this image. Anti-Lego clippers – if only I had these back in the day.”

However, one person had a solution to the problem and shared:

“How about teaching kids to pick up after themselves instead?”

What are your thoughts on the Lego slippers?


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