Leah Costa: Missing Arizona Teen Body Found, Boyfriend Arrested, Linked To Home Invasion

December 30, 2014 | By Garrett Montgomery More

Leah Costa missing after running away on Christmas Eve with her boyfriend, story takes a new turn. A 15 year-old girl from Arizona, who ran away on December 24th, is still missing. The unnamed boyfriend she fled with, has been found, but he has no idea what happened to Leah Costa.

leah costa missing

Leah Costa has been missing since Christmas Eve, after running away with her teen boyfriend. On December 24th, Costa from Arizona, ran away from her home located in Cantilever Street in Buckeye with her 17-year-old boyfriend.

According to the Buckeye Police Department, Leah Costa has not been seen or heard from since Wednesday. Costa’s mother, who contacted the authorities, is said to be worried sick not knowing where her child is.

According to the distraught mom, the day Costa went missing, she was wearing a plaid shirt, black tank top, jeans, black shoes, and black glasses.

On Saturday, December 27th, Costa’s boyfriend was found by members of the Arizona Department of Public Safety. The teenager, who is also from Buckeye, was spotted walking along Interstate 10 at milepost 78.

The young man, who was missing for over three days, was said to be disoriented and dehydrated. His clothes were torn and he was confused as to what happened to him.

According to Buckeye police Sgt. Jason, Leah Costa’s boyfriend had no recollection of his whereabouts. He confessed to seeing Leah the day before Christmas, wearing a red plaid shirt at TA Truck Stop at 339th Avenue and Interstate 10, and later at the Burnt Wells Rest Area off Interstate 10 at Milepost 86.

But he can not remember anything beyond that. The Buckeye Police Department issued a statement, in which they explained that they do not wish to reveal the identity of the boyfriend at the moment. They went on to add:

“We are still following up on some leads. As of right now we have nothing new to report. Please follow the Buckeye AZ Police Department social media as we will have the most up to date information.”

An Arizona resident named Jana Sue, shared the following details about the case via Facebook:

“if this is the same guy i saw walking out of the desert I-10 W… she was not with him and that was 2-3 hours prior to when he was located at 1930… We also stopped at the same rest area, we got there at 5:33 pm…i know im waiting for an officer to call me back, but I want to help. if this is the same guy I saw I can show you where I saw him so that you can search there as well. were there cameras confirming the boyfriends statement that she was with him at the TA?”

Brian Weaver, who is Leah Costa’s neighbor, shared a hopeful message with the girl’s family that read:

“Live right down the street from me. I haven’t seen her but hope she is found safe.”

Another neighbor, who did not wish to be identified, blasted people who claimed that Leah has bad parents or was doing drugs. The person said:

“People need to focus on finding Leah Costa rather than jumping to conclusions, making accusations, or blasting her parent.”

Leah Costa is 5’3″ tall and weighs 187 pounds with brown hair and eyes. Anyone with information on Costa, please contact the Buckeye Police Department at 623-349-6400.

The Leah Costa missing headline has sparked a debate on Facebook, and many people are wondering, when will the government put in place an Amber Alert-like system for missing teens? One person in support of the idea, wrote:

“With some many teenagers and young vanishing, it is time for so some kind of a runaway alert system in the country.”

Leah Costa missing, but a tight community remains hopeful.


Leah Costa’s body was found south of Interstate 10 near 411th Avenue in Tonopah. The boyfriend was arrested Tuesday after the body was found, he is also a suspect in a Tonopah home invasion case that occurred on Friday. Boyfriend’s identity will not be revealed, because he is a minor.


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  1. mike says:

    did I read that correctly, 15 years old and 187 pounds?

    • Brenda Bryant-Perry says:

      That’s the only thing that caught your attention about this story?? Really dude? Have you ever thought of seeing a psychiatrist about your problem with weight? A beautiful teenage girl may possibly be dead and you comment about her weight! Think about what you comment before you comment!

    • ekaresky says:

      You’re a frigging moron. Get a life.

    • Melinda says:

      Mike, you’re a petty, biased moron. Get a life.

  2. Pov huns says:

    You have my sympathy. I have a similar situation. In September 16, 2014, my daughter was drug in Kansas city, Missouri and Than transport to a public park in Kansas city, kansas and rape in broth day light. One young man, who my daughter has press charge, but the police depart refuse to lock up and charge the young man. The young man was release without charge. In October 8, 2014, she was kidnap by the same rapist and I have not heard of my daughter since. Rumor had in this community that the kidnape was sponsor by the young man’ s powerful and very rich brother who work for garmin international as a manager or supervisor in Olathe, Kansas. Current, it was also believe that they hide my daughter in one of the sister resident in the state of Iowa. I have request the fbi to help but the local FBI office told me “FBI does not follow up lead from parent and does not get involved in interstate kidnapping and or rape.”

    Any case, this case get some media help as well as the cooperation of the law. In our case, because I am asian, there is no investigation that I knew of. We can not even get an appointment to see a detective or the police chief.

    We will prayer for your daughter safe return as we are praying and hope to find our daughter

    • Anon Ymous says:

      You are full of sh8t.

    • Danielle says:

      I hope your daughter returns safely. You may need to contact the department within the FBI that specifically deals with human trafficking. Teenage girls are kidnapped in the USA everyday to support the Human Trafficking Industry. Let’s have faith she is still out there waiting to be found.

  3. kim fearon says:

    the police announced tonight they have found a body in the desert close to where they picked up the boyfriend. they have not identified the body publicly as of yet but its not looking good

  4. Diane Mee says:

    I am in Albuquerque and unable to help. Those who are able go help Jana Sue and backtrack. Take water and warm clothing. Go in pairs or a group. Use dogs and horses if available. God bless.

  5. Olivia says:

    This is a really tragic story. This young man will spend a lot of time in prison.

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