Kai Greene Adds Emotional Angle To Big Career Miss; Bodybuilder Cries Over Mr. Olympia Fallout

September 18, 2015 | By Garrett Montgomery More

Kai Greene, a professional bodybuilder, broke down in tears as he explained that he will not take part in this year’s Mr. Olympia competition. While Greene was not clear as to why he was kicked out of the contest, it is being claimed that he had a fight with the organizers that declined to promote one of his companies.

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Did Kai Greene have a fallout with the folks behind the 2015 Joe Weider’s Olympia Fitness & Performance Weekend? A person close to Mr. Greene claimed that the answer is yes.

Earlier this week, Mr. Greene released an emotional video where he explained that he has been booted from the Mr. Olympia contest that is set to take place between September 17th through the 20th in Las Vegas.

The news was very surprising because Greene took the third spot in 2011, the following year, he placed 2nd and the same in 2013, he again placed 2nd in 2014. With tears running down, Greene tried to explain why he will be absent from the international bodybuilding competition by saying that it had to do with the organizers. The 275-pound man confessed:

“Behind the scenes there are far too many things going on that are happening and that are in the process of happening that I am not at liberty to share. I’ve invested 20 years of my life to come to the Olympia and do my absolute best and my resolve has been to respond as a champion and I will come back. You don’t get to this point and just stop. There’s just more going on that I’m able to say.”

Gregg Valentino, a bodybuilder with close ties to the industry, seems to know exactly why the New Yorker was booted from the expo. Mr. Valentino claimed that the two parties had a fallout after the organizers declined to accept to use Dynamik Muscle, Greene’s newly launched supplement and clothing company to promote the entire event. The athlete said:

“Kai wanted to have his own free booth at the event and for his company to be the exclusive sponsor of the event. Kai knows that he’s going to draw in a lot of fans and so held back his contract in the hope the Olympia organisers will panic and give in to his demands. However when he was late in handing in his contract, the Olympia organisers told him to get lost and the plan backfired.”

On September 15, Isolator Fitness, Inc. issued a statement announcing the creation of Dynamik Muscle in partnership with the 2-time Arnold Classic Champion. The statement read:

Within the bodybuilding arena, Kai has been dubbed one of the most inspirational athletes of his time. With a unique, yet well developed vocabulary, Kai has made a seemingly unconscious effort to create a revolutionary approach to bodybuilding.

In recent years, Kai has become the most popular active professional bodybuilder in the world with over 5 million combined fans on his social media platforms. In the past year, Kai has become the voice of ESPN’s NFL Sunday night countdown and launched his own supplement / apparel company: Dynamik Muscle.

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  1. James R. Green. says:

    Stay strong and remember the negative forces that come against us are there to make us stronger and prepares to take the steps necessary stay up my brother PS remember they’re glad you didn’t show up

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