Joe Biden Stephanie Carter Bidenism: Biden Gets ‘Touchy’ With Ashton Carter Wife

February 17, 2015 | By Garrett Montgomery More

A Joe Biden Stephanie Carter moment captured on camera, has earned the VP, the creepy uncle title. The Vice President of the United States was caught getting very handsy with Stephanie Carter while her husband and newly confirmed Secretary of Defense Ashton Carter spoke at a press conference. The bizarre Joe Biden Stephanie Carter photo is not at all what it seems, for it has been revealed that he was comforting her after she slipped and fell moments before the press conference.

Joe Biden

A photo of Joe Biden and Stephanie Carter is heating up the web and is seriously raising eyebrows. On Tuesday, Vice President Joe Biden was present at a press conference held by Ash Carter, just minutes after he was was sworn in as Barack Obama‘s fourth Defense Secretary.

The ceremony was also attended by Carter’s wife Stephanie. It was hard to focus on what the incoming Defense Secretary was saying for Mr Biden was creating a rather strange scene as he stood in the Roosevelt Room of the White House.

As the cameras were rolling, Joe Biden could be seen standing very close behind Stephanie Carter. At one point, Biden leaned gently on Mrs Carter’s shoulder and whispered into her ear. Few seconds later, Joe Biden had a President Bush/German Chancellor Angela Merkel moment where he massaged Stephanie Carter’s shoulders.

During the massage, Stephanie Carter looked uneasy and some say she was probably thinking “What is this creep doing behind me?” The pictures have gone viral and many are wondering why does the Vice President act so strangely around women. People still remember the infamous Ohio picture with a female biker.

While on the campaign trail in September of 2012, Biden got too comfortable behind a female biker at a bar in Ohio. But the Joe Biden Stephanie Carter moment was not as weird as it appeared to be.

It has been revealed that Biden had only been trying to comfort Carter who was injured. Mrs Carter slipped and fell on ice outside the White House moments before her husband was sworn in.

What are your thoughts on Biden’s latest Bidenism?


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  1. KarenJ503 says:

    Reminds me of what RWNJs tried to do with the screen grab from the video of President Obama at the G8 meeting in 2009.

  2. Eric says:

    Biden is a perverted old letch that can’t keep his hands off another mans wife. I hope he runs for president so stoops like Karen have someone to vote for.

  3. Inspiredone says:

    Please… Biden wife’s is attractive and intelligent . What would Joe want with somebody else’s piece of meat?

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