Jerry Jones ‘Blackmail’ Pics Are Not That Explosive

August 7, 2014 | By TheSpreadit More

Jerry Jones Blackmail

Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones’ blackmail rumors are getting stranger by the hour. Over the weekend alleged photos of Jones having a good time with two ladies surfaced online. They have since gone viral.

Alleged suggestive photos of Jerry Jones surfaced online on August 3. They were posted on Twitter by an account that goes by the name #888 121314 (Twitter handle: INFIN8SON). The man later claimed to be Frank Hoover, a person who was said to be quite popular in Dallas night life, few years back.

Hoover gave up partying and now calls himself the son of God. What does this have to do with an alleged Jones blackmail plot?

Well Hoover names few people in a 20-page manifesto posted online who allegedly were planning on blackmailing the owner of the NFL franchise with the three pictures.

So what do those controversial photos show? The first one allegedly shows Jones groping a young blonde woman’s breasts. She is seen smiling and making funny things with her tongue.

The second photo has a young brunette leaning against a man’s groin who is allegedly Jones.

The third pic is just the blonde lady who was in the first image but this time she is alone and seems not to be wearing any pants.

Technically there is nothing really awful about the pictures, even if they turned out to be real. All parties involved seem to be of age and just having some fun. There is only one little problem.

Jerry Jones, 71, has been married to wife Eugenia known as Gene for 50 years and he describes himself as a “family man” in an official bio. If it was not for those little details, the pictures would have been seen as just another really rich guy enjoying the company of way younger women.

Hoover said that for two years he tried to reach out to Jones’ inner circle with no real success, so he decided to do God’s work by releasing the controversial pictures. The end goal of it all, is not really clear, unless it is all about getting his agenda out there.

For example, he is a big follower of Ron Paul’s ideas and also a fan of numerology. Jones’ alleged blackmail may have been part of some libertarian plot to shake things up while bringing religion to the forefront. Anything is possible when the son of God is involved.

The only hole in this plan is that people don’t seem to care that much. Dallas Cowboys fans say the photos are fake and other commentators see in them just another billionaire having a good time.


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